LinkedIn Week: Tip 1 – Join Groups

Let’s make that Join RELEVANT Groups.

I have been doing a lot of work on LinkedIn lately and have really gotten value out of joining appropriate and relevant LinkedIn Groups.

When I join a LinkedIn Group I think about two things:

  1. Can I find new, relevant contacts that I should be in touch with?
  2. Will I want to communicate with any members of the Group?

If the answer to either is YES, then I’ll join a Group.  You can only join up to 50 LinkedIn Groups (sounds like a lot, and it is), so my recommendation is to only join Groups that will help you in your networking and prospecting.

Here are three tips to finding relevant Groups:

  1. Look at the Profile of someone who is your perfect contact … what Groups are they members of?  If you should/could join any of those Groups legitimately, try it and see if there are other perfect contacts there for you.
  2. In LinkedIn Answers, ask your contacts what Groups they recommend?
  3. Search in the Groups page for words or phrases that are industry or profession specific.  Search for school or association acronyms.

I DO NOT recommend spamming Groups in the Group Discussions… keep all of your messaging on-brand and clean… but do go beyond just sitting there and actually reach out to other Group members.

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