LinkedIn for Executives Webinar

In two weeks I’ll deliver another webinar specifically for executives called LinkedIn Essentials for Executives.  This is sponsored by Career Resumes and hosted by Experts Connection.  This is the first time I can do a LinkedIn webinar for Experts Connection that is 90 minutes long, instead of sharing time talking about Facebook or other tools – I’m really jazzed about this!

I realize that executives need to get in, get value, and get out!  My webinar will focus on actionable, strategic and tactical things you need to know to get value out of LinkedIn.

We’ll specifically cover issues regarding your LinkedIn Profile as well as how to identify and network into your target companies… there is a lot we’ll cover in the 90 minutes, so come prepared to take notes.

Cost, time and registration information can be found at Experts Connection.

Career Resumes does LinkedIn Makeovers – if you are not happy with your LinkedIn Profile, contact Career Resumes.

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