Job Seekers: Laugh and Smile

Depression sucks.  Ever been depressed?

Job seekers are in a situation and environment where it’s easy to be depressed. Unchecked, this can lead to serious problems which can affect your health, your family, your job search, etc.

In my job search I set myself up for depression.  I secluded myself, and didn’t talk much to people. I didn’t go out much since it was easier to apply to jobs on job boards than it was to network with unemployed people.

What can you do?  You know what to do…. exercise, eat better, etc. You just need to do it, right?

Yeah, right.

Exercising and eating right for the depressed job seeker is like me, with bad eye sight, trying to find my glasses!  The irony…

Here are two easy things to try:

Laugh. (more reasons to laugh here)

Smile. (more reasons to smile here)

Sounds simple enough, right?

Fake it.  I swear this works (it did for me). Fake a smile for a while, and after a while you’ll either feel better, or smile without faking it.

Find it.  Find a reason to smile and laugh.  Find pleasure in the really small things.  Look for the good to smile at.  Stay away from the bad stuff (daily news, negative people).

There’s plenty of stuff to see on YouTube… here are two of my favorites that get me to literally laugh out loud every time:

Jack Vale Pranks: How to Make People Paranoid

Jack Vale Pranks: Holding Hands Prank 2

The dude is hillarous.  You can see his entire channel here.

Look, this is not just about having fun and wasting time – this is critical for your health, and even a successful job search.

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