Job Search Business Cards

I found a blog post that talks about business cards for job seekers.  It correctly says that a job seeker needs to have business cards, and that you should not use the business cards from your previous employer.  It’s super-easy to get your own.

In the post it says that you should include “Your job function or title, or 2-3 core competencies.”  I would actually NOT put 2 – 3 core competencies.  The only time I see a list of “core competencies” is when someone is pitching themselves… and I quickly (mentally) disregard the list.  Not sure why, but it just doesn’t mean much.  Usually, they sound cliche.

Cliche, in this context, means something that I would expect from any professional.  Things like “great worker, smart, high achiever,” etc. don’t do it for me.

I remember hearing that in sales you sell the benefit, not the features.  Maybe the core competencies are “features,” and you aren’t selling a benefit?

Anyway, I love the business card idea, but I would make it look like “I’m a professional ________,” as opposed to “I’m a professional in a job search.”



  1. Paul on April 13, 2009 at 11:19 am

    I agree it’s generally a good idea NOT to list core competencies on a business card. But for a different reason. My premise is that core competencies should not be cliched, but rather actual, specific differentiators. For example, as a business analyst, I might list my core competencies as UML, ER-modeling and project management. If a business card could be as easily customized as a digital resume, this would pose no problem as I could change the card immediately when applying for a position requiring as core competencies, say, SAP, SQL and Test Director. The problem is that, given its physical embodiment in card stock, the thing just can’t be changed all that quickly or easily. For myself, what I have done over the years is to use a graphic image/logo to fill a small portion of the space on the card and appeal directly to the reader’s
    right brain.

  2. Jack Goldenberg on April 13, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    The second strangest thing I ever saw on a business card said “Former Disney Employee.” I know how stupid it sounds, but the guy who had it was successful and always landed on his feet.

  3. Susan Walls on April 13, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    I would not list “core competencies” but would include “specialties”. There should be enough information on the card of a job seeker such that when looked at later, the recipient can remember what the person does and what he is looking for. In other words, it makes the person memorable.

    I use my cards for networking, and do want those I meet to remember what I do and what my strengths (specialties) are.

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