Job Search Tip: Finding an Industry-Specific Job

A couple of years ago I went to an industry association conference for (get this) assocation professionals.  I had no idea there were thousands and thousands of associations, and there were tons of people who have dedicated their careers to running these associations.

One session was dedicated to talking about employment and job search, presented by Peter Weddle.  Peter Weddle founded an assocation for job board owners and has been a thought-leader in the job search space for a long time.  There are two major things I took away from Peter, one of which was an ideal (or a good) job board strategy in a job search.  The other thing I learned was to really incorporate associations into a job search.

Regarding the association thing, I’ll give you the best resource you can find: Weddle’s Association Directory.  This is THE resource every job search needs to include because you can do a job search by industry.

How cool is that?

Not every association has abundant job search resources, but many associations have enough to get you started.  So hop on over to Weddle’s Association Directory and get started.  Don’t limit yourself to just one industry, either.

Bonus idea: Take some of the terminology you find in the Association Directory and apply them to LinkedIn research.  Use those terms in the Advanced LinkedIn search page and see who you find – hopefully you’ll find some new keywords that will help you expand your job search.

Good luck!

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