Job Search Thought: Confidence

I hosted a webinar with Job Bait’s Mark Hovind where we talked about the recession, what it means to you, etc.  It was really insightful… you can check out the video here.

One of the words that was mentioned on the webinar that I’ve been thinking about since that webinar is “CONFIDENCE.”  Mark talked about the confidence of CEOs (decision-makers) on hiring, expanding, growth, investing, etc.

In an economy that is scary, you might see less confidence from CEOs.  Less growth, less hiring, etc.

Confidence is a critical word that has a significant impact on YOUR career.  I bet you’ve felt the lack of confidence in this economy.

What’s been on my mind, though, is less about what these CEOs who don’t know you have to do with confidence, and more to do with what we have to do with confidence.

Are you confident in your capabilities? I was, until my job search went so far south I questioned whether I was really as good as I thought I was.

Are you confident that you’ll be okay? I was at first, but the longer the job search went on, the less confident I was.

Are you confident you have a role anymore? I started feeling less and less important as my job search continued with no “yeses” (that is, people who said yes).

Confidence. CEOs might not have it, but you must.  Do you?

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