Job Search Pause

For a few days I’m in Eden, Utah, taking a break.  From life.

This morning my wife remarked it’s nice to take a “pause,” which really made me think about what we’re doing.  We wanted to get away from the kids, renew our marriage, etc.  But we’ve been running so hard that we find ourselves just chilling in a condo, watching movies, and enjoying a slow, quiet pace.

We’re pausing.

I’m not sure we’re renewing or rejuvenating, and we certainly aren’t going out doing exciting stuff like hiking around the beautiful mountains… we actually feel kind of boring as we do … nothing.

But there is power in pausing.

After my wife said that, I thought about the job search – you run so hard, for so long, with no break.  You have to see the forrest and the trees… you are in charge, you hold yourself accountable to yourself… there is an immense amount of emotional stress.  You have lost your identity, and you aren’t sure if you are doing things right.  You have to learn to network on a totally different level, and you swear you never want to do this again.

Sometimes what you really need to do is PAUSE.  If you have been running hard for a long time, you need to pause.  I give you permission.

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