Job Search: Look Somewhere Else

Most job seekers look in the same places for jobs.  This is probably because (a) we assume we know what we are doing, and (b) other job seekers who give us advice, because of their assumptions, are misinformed.

The problem with looking for a job in the same place as everyone else is that… well, everyone else is already there looking, too.

Go anywhere where a large “target market” is (you, as a job seeker, are a target market to some company) and you’ll find stuff to buy (which is okay), and perhaps jobs that don’t exist (which isn’t okay).  You might also find people who are waiting to prey on you (not pray for you!).

In a workshop I attended I learned that there are inherent problems with job boards, which is where most job seekers go.  One problem is that some jobs posted there are just posted for internal corporate compliance reasons… perhaps the hiring manager already has someone in mind but they HAVE TO have it publicly posted.  That means you don’t have a snowballs chance to get that job.

Another inherent problem with job boards is that many people apply for posted jobs, which means your application might be one of hundreds, or one of thousands, and you don’t stand out, you don’t come recommended, etc.  You are just a number.  Wouldn’t it be better if you had someone from inside the company walk your resume over to a hiring manager?

It’s EASY to apply online, it’s much harder to get to the point where an insider is taking your resume to the right person.

But which do you think is more effective?

Think about where you are looking for a job, and figure out where else you should be looking… maybe the hidden job market?

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