It’s not my dream job, but it’s worth it!

Are you working at your dream job? No? Don’t feel too bad, most of us aren’t.

The reality is that if your career is just starting you almost never land your dream job at first. You have to pay you dues, gain experience, and work your way up. Some of us have no idea what are dream job even is or would look like. That’s ok too.

A real disappointment is thinking you found your dream job and it turns out to be more of a nightmare.

The good news is that every job can be a stepping stone to the job you really want. You have to play the long game in your career and keep your goals in mind. Don’t get discouraged along the way. Learn everything you possibly can at each job. Meet as many people as you can and make connections. Network. Who you meet today could help you career down the road.

How to get the most out of you current job (on the way to your dream job)

If you take a job knowing it won’t be forever, don’t treat it as such. Approach this job just like you would your dream job. Take is seriously, do your best, and learn everything you can. The way you do one thing indicates how you would do anything. Managers, bosses, and owners are watching and will be either great or terrible references for you in the future-it’s up to you.

Keep the following best practices in mind in any job:

  1. Arrive early (or on time) EVERY DAY! Don’t start slacking off after a few months. Stay the course.
  2. Set Goals. Break them down by daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
  3. Take pride in what you are doing. Be happy about your accomplishments. Also, dress nice and keep a neat work space.
  4. Get noticed. Get involved. Be social. Be outgoing. Help others. Make people notice you for your engagement and hard work.
  5. Keep Learning. Ask questions. Do research. Take classes. Just keep improving on your way to your dream job.
  6. Communicate Effectively. This is so important in advancing your career. If you can’t tell people what you want, how can they help you get it?
  7. Help new employees. Go out of your way to help new hires. You were new once and you will be again at your next job.
  8. Volunteer for projects.  Go above and beyond your daily duties and show initiative. This will keep you engaged and avoid boredom. It will also give you great things to talk about in your next job interview.
  9. Have a great attitude. Stay optimistic. Take advantage of everything your current job has to offer. Don’t complain to your co-workers or commiserate with them when they complain.  Be grateful for the opportunities you have.
  10. Work Life Balance. Don’t forget to have fun outside of work.

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