Is the American Dream Fading? #JobSearch

I came across a headline on CNN that said the American Dream is fading.  How discouraging.

The full title was about home ownership: American dream fades for more as homeownership falls

Okay, good … I thought the article was going to be about what I think the American Dream is…

Wait, exactly what is the American Dream?

I think it might be different for people who were born in the U.S. than it is for people who have migrated here than it is for people who want to migrate here.

The American Dream, I think, can be summed up in one word: HOPE

Or is it something else?  Is the American Dream more than HOPE?  Perhaps the American Dream is something like this:

If I work hard enough I can own.  I can own my income. I can own my idea.  I can own property. I can own my future.

If I work hard enough I can drive the direction I’m headed.  I don’t have to let corruption or prejudice dictate what I become.

My American Dream is that I am in charge, and it’s my responsibility to get to where I want to be.  There will be obstacles, but in the U. S. of A. I can overcome those obstacles and achieve.

Is that the American Dream?

I’m not too concerned about “home ownership” because, let’s face it, most people who “own” a home don’t own a home.  The bank owns a home and they are stuck with a six figure debt, mostly paying down interest.  That isn’t home ownership – that is simply the ability to qualify for credit.

I hope the American Dream is more about our will power, creativity, stick-to-it-ivness to get out of bed every day and be ready to conquer–to acheive–to move forward with optimism and hope!

Some of you are dying to get anther job.  That’s fine!  Others are fed up with being beat up in a career and want to do something else – something that might pay more but is more fulfilling.  That’s fine, too!

Whatever your American Dream is, don’t let the news tell you that it is dead or not – it is UP TO YOU to keep YOUR dream alive!

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