How To Work A Room (Networking Help/Tips)

I saw a link to this article from one of my LinkedIn Groups… it’s really good.  The author says:

We tagged along with Diane Darling, expert networker and author of The Networking Survival Guide, to observe her as she demonstrates the art of the schmooze.

Some of my favorites (the entire article is worth your time – even print it out and refer to it before you go to networking events!):

1. Don’t go in cold.  Diane got a list of attendees and was able to see who was going to be there (and perhaps star some that she wanted to meet in person) BEFORE the event.

3. Walk the walk. Good points in this one but the last bit is invaluable: “Don’t fold your arms. Look like you’re having a good time.”  Pay attention to your body language!

8. “And you are?”  Check out her killer opening line.  MUCH better than the typical 30 second elevator pitch!

13. Card exchange. I really can’t imagine the day when business cards go away.  There’s nothing outdated about giving someone a business card.

14. That’s a wrap.  This point talks about follow-up, which can be overwhelming!  But you have to do it.

What do you think?  Have you ever strategically worked a room?  When I did this in my job search I was in the room, but never strategically worked it – I just didn’t know how.

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