How to prioritize your tasks as a job seeker

My last post was about networking too much… at the end I talked about the IMPORTANT and URGENT tasks.

Recently I read an awesome idea on how to ensure you are moving forward (not just doing *stuff* but really moving forward with your goals/objectives).

The idea is the simplest I’ve heard but it makes a lot of sense.  Here’s what you do:

Every day make a list of three urgent things and three important things (that should/could be done that day).  Then, make sure you do all of the important things.

It’s that simple.  And because you are always working on important things, you’ll always be moving forward.

I think the urgent things will have a way of getting done, don’t you think?

Brilliant.  Try it… I have and it has provided a piece of mind that I didn’t have before.

(If you know where this idea comes from, leave a note in the comments… I can’t remember where I read it)

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