How Squeaky Should a Wheel Be?

I read somewhere that a job seeker should contact a recruiter multiple times – even up to 10 times.  The article said that 3 or 4 times wasn’t enough.

What do you think?

I remember when I was an IT Manager I had this annoying salesperson call me all the time.  I could count on at least a weekly call… and I never really had time for her.  I was busy doing my job, and never really in the market for IT stuff when she called.  In fact, I had my preferred vendor set up, and her calls got annoying.

However, my “preferred vendor” wasn’t giving me any special deals… and they weren’t good at maintaining the relationship.  Long story short, when it was time to buy my next round of stuff, I went with the new salesperson, to see how she did.

She did great – the prices were great, her service was great.  And from then on I put all my purchases through her.

She was the squeaky wheel.  Annoying at first, but in the end she got what she wanted, and in reality, I got what I deserved.

How does this apply to your job search?  Unfortunately, most of us in a job search aren’t trained in sales techniques… and the idea of calling more than once is weird (aren’t we harassing people??).  But in reality, maybe we need to call more. Maybe we aren’t squeaky enough.

Don’t shortchange yourself by assuming you know how a decision-maker will react to your 30 second pitch, or resume, or business card, or phone call, or email.

Make the contact, and make it regularly.  Don’t stalk or harass, but don’t give up at the first “no.”

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