How Recruiters Use LinkedIn

Brad, the partner of one of my favorite bloggers at Impact Hiring Solutions, wrote a must read post titled How Recruiters Search Using LinkedIn & What We Look For.

This is required reading… here are some excerpts:

So much has been written on the importance of a complete and compelling LinkedIn profile.  I am currently working on two searches for which I am extensively using LinkedIn to source candidates. From what I have seen, one would think that LinkedIn is either a new or non-essential tool. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the last two weeks, I have looked at well over three hundred profiles on LinkedIn. Only one thought comes to mind and I hope I speak for most recruiters (internal and external) when I say, “What a major disappointment!” or “Now I understand exactly why so many candidates are in transition so much longer than necessary.”

I firmly believe that most profiles are viewed, and then passed over time and time again. Most  LinkedIn members who are looking for a position don’t even know how many times someone has reviewed their profile and never contacted them simply because their profile completely, “SUCKS.”


Here is how I search for candidates on LinkedIn. I hope this will help you as well as help recruiters help you.

  1. I start out using the advanced search feature for people.


Take away nothing else from this article but this one thing: In today’s market, companies (right or wrong) are looking for the kings and queens in their field, not the jack of all trades. If your profile doesn’t… (read the whole thing here)

This is a terrific perspective, and I appreciate Brad sharing his step-by-step actions.

How’s your Profile?  Here are some resources:

What is a recruiter going to say when he/she looks at YOUR LinkedIn Profile?

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