Holidays are here. Shut down the job search. Or not!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the job search and networking during the holiday season.  Fourth of July is pretty easy, as it’s only one day (sometimes a long holiday), but in the United States, from Oct 30 through the beginning of January it’s a little more tricky.

Some people say to not do anything in a job search:

  • no one is in the office as this is a time people have to use their vacation before they lose it,
  • no one is making hiring decisions, partly because the boss isn’t around,
  • people are going to office parties and other things for the fun of it, not for business networking,
  • the budget is just about spent, and new expenses can’t get picked up until January (or whenever the fiscal year starts),
  • January is really when people are making these decisions, right?

The list goes on.  What does this mean for you, in your job search… should you just put the brakes on, “enjoy” the holiday season, and wait until there is activity?  No sense in going fishing in an empty pond, right?

First of all, if you need a job (if you are an active job seeker), you aren’t going to enjoy the holiday season much if you have NO idea what 2009 will bring, especially wondering when you will get that steady paycheck again.

Second, it may be harder to get to the right person, be on their radar, and get their attention, but if many job seekers aren’t doing it during this month then maybe this is the month you can get the most relationship building done!

Third, hiring decisions ARE made this month.  They are made every day (even weekends, holidays, etc.).  Perhaps things do slow down but it doesn’t mean you should.

Fourth, if you find you are doing what you think you should and are getting no results, take the time to do something else (in your job search).  It might be going back and organizing all of the notes you have, and sifting through previous contacts to see if there is someone you should follow up with.  It might be restrategizing and figuring out another tactic.  Maybe it’s picking up a copy of Dave Perry’s Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters book, to get some fresh ideas.  Whatever you do, don’t slow down and lose momentum.

Mike Thomas at The Daily Machete a great great post suggesting what you could do, and when, in a holiday job search… check out the Holiday Season Job Search Calendar.

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