Google+ for Job Search?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Google+, which is Google’s attempt at getting their fair share of the social networking space.

I probably have 150 invites in my email inbox… and I’m not quite sure what to do with them.

You see, I’m already quite overwhelmed by my “friends” and “contacts,” even to the point where I’ve started to find joy in unfriending from at least a dozen “friends” each day on Facebook.

Is Google+ just going to be another thing like that?  It’s exciting at first, and then it gets to be overwhelming, and worse, irrelevent.

I don’t want another tool to have to manage… do you?

These are all concerns I think about, and hear from others.

Should we stay away, then?

A report on Mashable says Google+ almost has 18 million signups, which happened in just the last few weeks.

Apparently, people are going there.  The reviews are mixed (from “I’m getting out of Facebook now!” to “there’s nothing to Google+ except hype”).

I’d say it’s too early to say for most people… if you want to be an early adopter, that’s fine, but expect to see major changes in the next year or two.

My guess is it will be a place to be, and participate, but for now we should focus first on LinkedIn.

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