Get Things Done In The Job Search: Do The Hard Things First!

On Monday I talked about getting a coach to help you get things done.

Today I want to share another tactic I’ve heard: Do the hard things, or things you don’t want to do, FIRST.

Here’s a scenerio:

I typically have about 10 – 15 things I need to do each day.  If I list them by how much I want to do them, I’ll have the easy or fun things at the top of the list, and the boring or hard things at the bottom.

During the day I work hard through the list and get about 8 things done… those were the fun and easy things…

And the hard things still sit there.

By closing time I inevitably have a few hard/boring things left to do.  I’ll save it until tomorrow, I tell myself.

Tomorrow, I make my new list with another 10 – 15 things.  Guess where the hard/boring things from the day before end up?


And I don’ t get to them tomorrow, either.

This happens day after day, week after week, month after month, and they simply don’t get done.

What would happen if I attacked them first thing in the morning, when I was full of energy and had more thinking capacity?

I’d get them done, and then they wouldn’t NAG at me.

DONE is awesome.

NAGGING is not awesome. It’s debilitating.

Try it – today (or tomorrow morning) do one of the lame boring hard things that has been nagging at you, and see how that changes how you feel about all the work you have left to do!

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