Followup on LinkedIn Webinar

Wednesday we did the LinkedIn and Facebook for Executives webinar – it was almost 90 minutes of material but there was room for questions throughout and at the end of the webinar.  It was cool – the only thing that I dislike is not having enough time for questions.

Here is a bonus followup thought on getting value from LinkedIn – remember, I say LinkedIn is NOT optional if you are a professional… you must be on LinkedIn and you should create a LinkedIn strategy.

Use your email signature

When someone invites you to connect on LinkedIn, or if they ask for an Introduction, or if you answer a question in Answers, etc., you should copy-and-paste your email signature into your message.

Why?  They can click on the link and see your Profile, but that takes effort, and your Profile is long.  Your email signature is probably just a few lines, concisely sharing your value prop (or whatever the most important information is that you want to share).

Here’s my email signature:

Jason Alba
:: CEO, Author, Speaker
::  ** check out the second edition of my LinkedIn book:
:: **

I know it’s a pain to open up a new message, copy-and-paste it, but I think it’s worth it and I try and do it about 80% of the time I communicate through LinkedIn.

As I mentioned in the webinar, you can get a LinkedIn Profile Makeover from Career-Resumes for just $200.  Click here to get started.

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