Five Ways Your Work Space Can Make You Healthier and More Productive

Ever look around your work space and wish you were anyplace but? Consider these tips for making even a tiny cubicle feel like home, sweet home.

Face it, being at work can be draining, but sprucing up your personal work space can energize you on tough days and even keep you healthier.

How to make your work space more inviting

Where to begin? Think about these for starters:
• Clutter
• Clean work surfaces
• The right lighting
• Wearin’ of the green
• A touch of home

Clutter – This enemy of all things productive can undermine even our best efforts. It can distract us, derail us, and even depress us. Consider coming to work a little early or staying a little late to remove everything you can from your desktop.  Put things where it will do the most good or be more easily accessible when you need it. File what can be filed, pitch what can be pitched and stack what can be stacked.

work space clutter

Clean work surfaces – While you’re at it, wipe things down. You might be surprised at the dust and grime you see – neither of which is good for your health. Use a disinfectant and clean your keyboard, desktop, and phone.

work space

The right lighting – Lighting makes a huge difference in reducing eyestrain, avoiding headaches, and lifting your spirits. Make sure you have enough task lighting so that you can comfortably see to work. Consider bringing in a small desk lamp to provide warmer light. If you prefer, go for bulbs that provide something more natural-looking. You can even check into light therapy devices.

work space lighting

Wearin’ of the green – Unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I’m talking about your personal space at work. Buy a plant and put it in a planter that’s pleasing to your eye. Bringing the outdoors in, as decorators say, can lift your mood. Certain plants, including pothos, philodendrons and rubber plants are said to be great for keeping air clean.

work space

A touch of home – A great way to keep yourself moving through your day is a picture of your spouse, kids, or significant other; or maybe there’s room to include a pic of yourself doing something you love such as playing softball. Pictures of loved ones help us to remember who’s waiting at the end of our day. Pictures of ourselves at play remind us of other things we have to look forward to. As with planters, frames are important, so choose some you really like.

work space

Being at work isn’t always everybody’s favorite thing, but making it more like home can help.


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