Executive Traits – want to become an Executive?

Rita Ashley wrote a blog post for JobMob, a popular job search blog, that we wanted to share with you.  Want to Become and Executive?  These are Traits You’ll Need is a great piece where she shares thoughts and experiences on executive traits. Here’s an excerpt:

EI is a senior director who manages a technology team of over 65 people from QA to Architecture.

He watches how his direct reports manage their relationships with those who help define the products.  Do they encourage their people to question, to push back, to challenge to ensure the instructions are clear and meaningful?  This sort of management is key to EI because he knows the importance of the internal sell for any executive.

He also places a high value on those direct reports who come to him with solutions rather than problems.  In his eyes, anyone can whine or complain and point out problems, but only a true leader acknowledges and accepts challenges  by proposing solutions for discussion.  The proposal need not even be right; to EI it is the approach that defines the prospective executive from the manager.

One of the toughest bars, in EI’s opinion, is… read the entire post here :)

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