Executive Resumes

Executive resumes are not the same as entry-level resumes, recent college graduate resumes, or even a mid-level professional resume.  Executive resumes go in front of a different audience (who reads the resume), and they are usually more complex.  The amount of information you have to put into an executive resume is significantly more involved because usually the executive will have more years of experience with varying experiences and a bigger job history.

There’s more content which has to come across in that market document (aka, the executive resume).

Don’t expect to write your executive resume the same way you wrote a mid-level professional resume.  If you are doing it on your own you must study up on what the current executive resume professionals are saying. I’d recommend finding a seasoned executive resume writer, obviously (the amount of money you spend should be tax deductible, and the cost is nominal compared with what you lose as you are out of work).

Here are some executive resume samples you can check out:

Check those out and use them as a guide to create your own.  Then, send your draft to Career Resumes for a free resume critique.

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