Does Your Social Job Search Strategy Not Work?

I recently read an job search + social media expert say that you should write more status updates.

That, my friends, is NOT a job search strategy.  That is a “throw mud on the wall and see what sticks, and hope someone will read it and be interested in me.”

I hope you are not spending your time on this weak, watered-down strategy.

Check out Becky Northrup’s post: Social is more than status updates

Becky says:

“I’ve been using social media to recruit for a long time but only recently came to the realization that it’s not just about updating my status with the hottest open positions. And I wondered why I wasn’t getting any response!”

Her post is really good.  Even though it is written to recruiters, every point is something job seekers should take to heart.

One warning: social media is NOT a silver bullet in your job search. You should do certain things, you can do more (and proactive) things. But don’t think you can ignore other strategies and tactics in your job search.

There never has been a silver bullet in the job search.  Social is just one part of your overall strategy.  If you spend most of your time on social, you are making the same mistake that I made when I spent most of my time on job boards (probably over 90% of my time).

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