Do Recruiters Talk About You? YES. Hear What They Say.

Check out this interesting discussion from a recruiter about a candidate.  It was written by Amber, and titled My client is now my candidate? She talks about a client she had (hiring manager), who was terminated, and is now asking for her help in his job search.

The problem, though, is that he wasn’t a very good client.  He was unprofessional, and didn’t respond to many of her emails.  She even emailed him about his unresponsiveness and got… well, no response.

So she takes it to the blogosphere to share her frustrations.

What do you think about this? The job seeker remains anonymous, so it’s not a question of her talking bad about him.

But it shows us what recruiters think, and what they get frustrated with.

This person allegedly has a history of not responding to emails… I wonder if that had something to do with him getting terminated?

The problem with this is that now that he needs her help, she isn’t inclined to help.  As if he burned a bridge.  Perhaps he did.

Check out the comments on the post … one recruiter wisely says “Evaluate him as a candidate. Not the guy who didn’t return my calls.” But that’s hard to do, especially if you want to maintain a reputation of sending only the best candidates (not the ones with poor interpersonal/communication skills).

Do recruiters talk about you?


If you are a rotten, they’ll talk about you to their peers and colleagues, even in different firms.  They might share your name or initials on an elist, warning others about you.  The more rotten you are, the more they’ll talk about you.

Be careful how you treat others.  This is an emotional time, but that doesn’t give you a ticket to be a jerk.  If you do/are, your reputation (or, brand) might precede you.

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