Disaster Preparedness

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the catastrophic devastation the storm left on the Gulf Coast, many, many people are left homeless and without resource. All week, we’ve seen news reports of the complete devastation that has occurred and those of us who are not directly affected find ourselves reflecting on our blessings.

When told to evacuate, most people never considered they would not be going back to their homes or even back to their home states for months as is the case with this disaster. Most took the bare necessities to survive for a few days – water, clothing, food, etc. Now these individuals will be resettled in other areas of the country where they will have to gain new employment, new housing, and new schools. The thought of it is incomprehensible in our country. We watch the news coverage coming out of New Orleans and think “That could be Somalia, or Ethiopia, or the Sudan, but not America!”

How many of the evacuees left prepared to relocate completely? Probably none. That means they probably left key documents such as marriage certificates, Social Security cards, financial statements, and birth certificates behind. They probably all left their resumes at home, too.

If you are a disaster evacuee who has had your resume prepared by Career-Resumes®, feel free to contact us. We have your resume on file. Most professional resume writers keep their clients’ resumes in some electronic format. If you have had your resume professionally prepared, contact the firm with which you did business and ask if they have a file of your resume.

If you have been fortunate to avoid this catastrophe, you should prepare your documents now in order to be ready for the future. Purchase a ring-binder and page protectors; place all your valuable documents in this ring binder where it is ready to “grab and go”. Keep the ring binder in a fire-proof box or safe at home. Keep that locked and the key on your main key ring. Keep copies of each document in the ring binder in addition to the originals to have them handy in case you need them.

We should all be ready to leave our homes on a moment’s notice simply due to the state of terror that exists in the world. We never know when or where the next event will occur and it is vital to be prepared. Even if the event is a house fire where you have to get out quickly, you can grab your binder and go. Having your resume and all your other documents in one, easy, portable binder might not save your life, but it might save your livelihood.

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