Current Jobs that May be Replaced by Technology

Is your job in danger of being replaced by technology?

Business Insider recently released a video on 5 jobs that may be eliminated between now and 2026 due to technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes the 5 industries listed below will lose the most jobs.

If your current job is on this list, it may be time to update your resume and come up with a plan B. Many of the skills you are currently using can be transferred to other industries. It’s time to start looking.

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5 Jobs that May be Replaced by Technology

1. CashiersJobs that May be Replaced by Technology

Online shopping, self-checkout and delivery options are reducing the need for cashiers.

Some of the skills cashiers have that will help in other jobs:

  • Customer Service
  • People Skills
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Product Knowledge

2.  Bank TellersJobs that May be Replaced by Technology

Most bank teller duties can be done by online banking.

Some skills bank tellers bring to the table:

  • Money Management
  • Budgeting
  • Customer Service
  • Investing
  • Loans

3. Postal Service Workersjobs that may be replaced by technology

Machines now sort and categorize most mail. Skills that postal workers have that other jobs will want include:

  • Organizational Skills
  • Route Planning & Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Physical Stamina

4. Assembly Line WorkersJobs that May be Replaced by Technology

Assembly jobs are expected to decline with the rise of robotics and 3D printing.

Skills that will be useful:

  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Other Trade Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Work and Leadership

5. Administrative Assistants

Technology has made it easier for office workers to do their own administrative work. However, technology has not figured out to create more hours in the day. Even though they CAN, it doesn’t mean they will have TIME to do it.

Administrative assistants have a great skill set, including:

  • Computer Skills
  • Time Management
  • People Management
  • Efficiency
  • Organization
  • Problem Solving
  • Patience and Diplomacy
  • Phone Skills

In Summary

If you are currently working in one of the targeted industries, don’t worry. You have very valuable skills that you have culminated over the years that will be useful in other industries. The first step is to create a fantastic resume. We can help!

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