Create a Perfectly Detailed Event Planner Resume

Do you need to create an Event Planner resume?

If you’re thinking of a career in Event Planning, you’ll be pleased to learn that 89 percent of planners love their career. Furthermore, the US events industry provides more than 5.9 million jobs. This can equate to a flourishing career providing you’ve created an impressive resume to land the job in the first place. Competition can be tough, so one of the key objectives for any job application is to distinguish yourself from the other applicants. Make sure you are using the best words in your resume. This will help you outline your skills and experience effectively. If you’re struggling to write your Event Planner resume or need to improve it, here’s some tips and advice to get you started.

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Highlight your experience on your Event Planner Resume

In order to get the attention of a prospective employer you will need to outline your past experiences. Preferably in a way that portrays you as a valued player of any previous events that have been a success. Do not give vague information about planning events but rather, provide detailed experiences that are relevant to the unique skill-set of your chosen career path. Event planning covers a broad spectrum of party themes for weddings, meetings, corporate parties, festivals and other events. Think about specific event concepts and ideas that you’ve worked with and how your talents have inspired the event. List your working achievements to ensure your area of expertise is highlighted. Be sure you are selling yourself as an superstar in this area.

Sell your skills

Being an Event Organizer demands meticulous planning and organizational skills to make sure that an event goes off without any problems. List in detail as many aspects of the skills required to make you stand out from the crowd. You are also a manager of people. You coordinate the services of others and take command accordingly, so be sure to list strong communication qualities. Additionally, you should include your marketing skills and how you have incorporated them into social media platforms.

Show off your qualifications

In addition to your education, include other certifications and industry training starting with the most recent. If you don’t have a degree in hospitality, marketing or public relations you can emphasize your relevant work experience to make you a stronger candidate. Are you a member of any planner associations? If so, mention them in your resume.

Technology plays a large part in the career of an Event Planner. Provide detailed descriptions of any software and programs that you use.

As with any resume, proofread everything to make sure spelling and grammar is impeccable. Also consider the format is appropriate to show off all the information in a clear and concise way. Creating a captivating resume is not so indifferent to organizing the perfect event whereby everything should be in its proper place and on the way to being a success.

Happy Career Hunting! We are here for you!

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