Career Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Now

We have curated a list of our favorite Career Podcasts to help you advance your career, step up your job search, improve your skills, and of course give you something else to do while you are driving, working out, eating lunch, or avoiding people on your commute.

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Let us know what your favorite ones are or ones that we should include on our list.

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#1. Safe for Work

Life at work can be funny, challenging, ridiculous, and — yes, even satisfying. Here at Safe For Work, we’re all about helping you find balance and happiness in your career. After all, many of us spend more time with our co-workers and clients than with our friends and family. Hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano give advice on everything from how to avoid burnout on the job to how to fake an illness when you’re calling in sick.

#2.  CareerCloud

This show is downloaded more than 2,500 times per day. Guests include resume writers, career coaches, recruiters and job seekers. Topics include resumes, interviewing, job resources & leveraging social media to job hunt.

#3. Being Boss

This is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and side-hustlers. Join Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon as they dig into the mindset habits, routines, and boundaries that help you make money doing what you love.

#4. Pivot

What’s next for your career and creative projects? Embrace fear, insecurity, imperfection and intuition as the superpowers they are while Pivoting. Join Jenny Blake, author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, for intimate conversations with authors and friends on finding opportunity in unexpected places through practical tips and tools.

#5. The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan

A weekly show where Jacob has in-depth discussions with senior executives and business leaders around the world on the future of work.

#6. This Working Life with Lisa Leong

This Working Life looks at how people work and why we work. It explores ideas that are shaping changes in workplaces from practices to culture and leadership, and introduces you to people who have interesting and remarkable stories to tell.

#7. How to Be Awesome at Your Job

This Podcast Will Help You Flourish At Work. Each week, Pete Mockaitis grills thought-leaders and results-getters to discover specific, actionable insights that boost work performance.

#8. Find Your Dream Job

Build a career that matters to you with job search strategies and career advice from Find Your Dream Job. Every week, we share insider secrets and job search tips on how to get a great job and develop a purposeful career. Looking for your first job, searching for direction in your career, or just need tools to find a job? Join Mac Prichard, the Mac’s List team, and our expert guests every week for job search inspiration, empathy, and actionable advice to help you find work that matters!

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