Career Management Essentials

A few days ago I blogged about my job search, and that it turned out dramatically different than I had planned.

One thing I’ve learned since that job search, and since I started my own company, is there is one thing more important than almost any other thing you’ll have, find or prepare for your job search.

Your network.

(I didn’t like the idea of ‘networking’ when I first heard of it, as I thought it was quite superficial… but as I learned about it more I embraced it and soon saw the value in it.)

I was told I would find my next job through my network (this was bad news, as my network was quite depleted)…

I’ve learned in my own business that my company’s success can be found through my network.

You cannot neglect networking in the job search – if you have, do yourself a favor and pick up Never Eat Alone – this is the book that changed the way I thought about professional relationships forever, and for the better!

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