Career Developer? Or Recruiter? Which one do you need?

Guest blog Daneil Shinaver, expert career developer with Drake Shinaver Employment Services, LLC

Do you know if you need a career developer or a recruiter? Find out! 

Whether you are unemployed and looking for work or presently employed and looking for a career change it can often be confusing to find a professional that can help you. With so many different terms out there and so many similar fields is it any wonder people often give up or cannot seem to find what can best help them achieve their goals? 

As an employment specialist I often hear the term ‘career developer’ and ‘recruiter’ used interchangeably when people ask what I do for a living. Which is completely understandable of course as the two terms often overlap in services rendered. But what exactly is a career developer and how does it differ from a recruiter? 

What is a Career Developer?

Career Developers typically take an interest in the skill development of their clients while helping them work towards gainful employment or educational goals. There are many types of career developers and these range from High School Counselors helping students on their pathway all the way up to Executive Level professionals helping take their clients towards the peak of their career. A good Career Developer sees potential in everyone’s hopes, dreams, and goals and will help find a pathway that best fits their client’s personalities. They do this while analyzing their clients, looking for areas of guidance and improvement, and often take a mid to long range approach to success for them.

What is a Recruiter?

Recruiters, on the other hand, are there to find candidates for immediate placement and consideration. They tend to screen candidates first, interview second and then work towards placement thirdly. They often do not have time for long term development of their clients and are a great fit for those seeking immediate employment in their particular fields. This can be a great option for those candidates who do not necessarily feel they need development or who need to find employment that suits their career goals right away. 

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A great recruiter is someone who has developed contacts in a specialized field, can ascertain your personality and the company culture and who fits well with you as an individual and professional.

A great Career Developer takes an active interest in your life, your goals and your career. They mesh well with your personality and take the time to explain multiple pathways, options and obstacles you may face. 

Which one do you need?

In either case when deciding what you want it is very important to know yourself first. Are you looking for immediate employment in your chosen profession or are you looking to go further than that? Are you the type that is patient with learning, exploring and being guided? Or do you prefer to do this on your own and need someone to place you right away? 

Whatever your situation happens to be just remember that personality strongly matters. If you are not comfortable with the person you are talking with or you are not feeling that they are interested in you as an individual then it may be time to look elsewhere. After all whether you need a Career Developer or a Recruiter you first and foremost always need someone who understands you, makes time for you, and treats you like the professional you have worked so hard to become.  

Happy Career Hunting! We are here for you!

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