Can you network with busy people? Maybe they aren’t too busy!

Thom Singer has another great idea in a very short post titled Reach out to people.  Go read it… it will take 45 seconds.

When I read it I thought about the many people who sit at home thinking they can’t call or email someone because… probably because they are too busy.

I am “too busy.”  People tell me that all the time.  They say “I know you are really busy, so I won’t take much of your time.”

Before they say that, I’m thinking “I need a break from what I’m doing, and this next call is going to be a great break.”

Don’t assume you know what my schedule is.  Respect it, but don’t apologize right away.  Are you not important enough to talk to?

Don’t assume you know what my interests are.  That’s the point of the call – to find out.

Don’t apologize up front. I’ve already made the decision to talk to you.  Respect my time (which means, we’re not taking an hour on the phone to talk about nothing), but if I agree to a call, or respond to an email, I’ve decided to engage.

Yes, I’m busy, but I am responsible enough to decide what I can give to you.  Don’t set a negative tone right away.

Get it?

What does this mean for you, today, right now?  MAKE THAT CALL to the busy person.  EMAIL THAT MESSAGE to the busy person!

Don’t disqualify them because YOU THINK they are busy.  Maybe they have been thinking about you, too!

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