Can You Enhance Your Relationship With Recruiters?

I read a post on Recruiting Blogs by Maisha Cannon titled Three Ways I Will Improve the Candidate Experience.  It’s a really good read, and has nice ideas for her (a recruiter) to make the job seeker’s experience better.  Read her post here… here three points are:

  1. Value the candidate’s time,
  2. Keep my word (like, getting back to the job seeker when she says she would),
  3. Be transparent (what all job seekers want).

My first thought was to say YEAH, ALL RECRUITERS SHOULD DO THAT!!

But that’s already been said, too many times, and many recruiters can’t or won’t change.  For various reasons.

Instead, I want to write about something else… what are three things YOU could do to improve the recruiter experience, when they work with you?

Change the focus from “what’s wrong with them” to “what can I do to enhance our relationship, and become more valuable to the recruiter?”

If you are more valuable to your recruiters, do you think they’ll treat you differently?

Ask yourself: what CAN you do to provide more value to the recruiters you work with?

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