Building a Top-Grade Resume for a Career with Pets

Do you need a resume for a career with pets? 

The United States boasts almost 80,000 dedicated veterinarians.  However, there are many other professions that also work with pets.

Here are just a few:

  • animal therapyResume for a Career with Pets
  • veterinary nurses
  • dog walkers
  • trainers
  • working with rescue and police dogs

Countless professionals are making our lives with our pets easier, safer, and of course, more professional.

Are your passionate about animals?

Have you recently completed a degree or course in this industry?

How can you ensure your resume will land you your dream job?

Matching Your Skills to the Job Posting 

Drafting a quality resume involves matching your education and experience with the job description. Research indicates that most HR professionals spend only seconds on each Resume or CV.

So your skills section should ‘jump out’ enough to land you an interview. The first place to start is the skills section of the job posting; think of how your past experience can demonstrate that you have these skills. Mention them briefly but in a detailed enough manner to attract the recruiter’s interest. These days, most interviews are competency-based. Be prepared for recruiters to ask you about specific instances in which you demonstrated the relevant core competencies.

Defining Typical Core Skills in Animal-Related Professions

Animal-related jobs each require different core skills or competencies.

If you are applying to be a dog walker, for instance:Resume for a Career with Pets

A person working with rescue dogs or as part of an animal-assisted therapy team, on the other hand, will also have to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, as well as patience, self-motivation, and teamwork.

Core competencies for a veterinarian, meanwhile, include:Resume for a Career with Pets

  • flexibility (since pets won’t always need you within standard working hours),
  • the ability to work under high stress (i.e. on emergency cases),
  • strong people skills (since being a good vet also involves communicating well with pet owners.)

Designing Your Resume for a Career with Pets

When applying for a job in an animal-related profession, ensure your resume is simply and clearly designed. Your job will most involve dealing directly with animals, so presenting your resume in an overly flashy manner will most likely wrest from the seriousness of your application. Use headings, shading, and bullet points as required, but keep your layout simple. Your recruiter should be able to easily find your skills, past experience, and education. Finally, use a simple, easy-to-read font like Calibri, Garamond, or Cambria,; these are considered to be ‘universally readable’.

Upskilling if Required

If you find that you are missing out on one or more core competencies that consistently appear in the job posts you are interested in, consider studying further or applying for volunteer positions that will enable you to develop this skill. Consider offering your free time to your company of choice. This will demonstrate your commitment and interest in working in this company, but also teach you new skills that might come in handy if you apply to work at another clinic or business. Think outside the box; the competency you need may be only indirectly related to your profession. For instance, you may require further honing of computer or language skills.

The Recap

If you have always wanted to dedicate your life to an animal-centered profession, increase your chances of doing so with a professional looking resume. Opt for simple design, use simple English, and ensure you address all core competencies required. Finally, be honest in your self-appraisal, and consider updating current skills or adding new ones that will make you more attractive to your target company.

Once your resume is drafted, contact us for a FREE resume critique!

Good luck, and we are here to help!

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