Budget Resumes, Cheap Resumes, and Your Resume

photo credits sxc.hu

photo credits sxc.hu

Yesterday I got an email from Career Resumes (Peter’s staff) that had the following text: 

Nothing we do is canned. We are very labor intensive and do custom work ONLY. We are not a budget resume service. 

I grinned as I realized I would not want to write for this blog if they did canned resumes, or sent me the same thing I’d find in a resume template, or offered cheap resumes that I could do on my own.  I browsed through the Career Resumes staff page and recognized many of them as leaders in the resume field… people I’ve met at conferences or heard from on email forums.  These are people who are passionate about what they do, which is exactly what you want from the resume writer who writes your resume.

That is critical.  If I’m going to pay to get my resume done by a professional, I want it to be a personalized resume, not a canned resume.  

I used a cheap resume when I was in my job search.  It was so cheap, it cost me nothing.  I have a strong DIY (do it yourself) mentality, and I figured I could write my own.  Shoot, I got two degrees in college, and am fairly smart… I could certainly put together a one or two page document, couldn’t I?

I certainly could.  And I did.  I ended up with a very, very nice looking resume.

I had about a 2% success rate with my budget resume… that is, for every 100 resumes I sent out, I got called into interviews twice.  It was pathetic and stressful, and I was confused.  

So much for budget resumes.

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