Best Job Search Tips from Job Search Experts

alison_doyleAlison Doyle, the Job Search expert at, has a post up with tips from job search experts.  Many have to do with their particular product, which is understandable, but they all have good things to say, like:

Networking is the Key to Success – Gautam Godhwani, co-founder and chief executive officer,

Know What You’re the Best At – Vickie Elmer, freelance careers / workplace writer for the Washington Post Capital Business, Fortune magazine and others, and at

Job Search Efficiently – Paul Forster, CEO and Co-Founder,

Stay Focused on Your Job Search – Margaret Riley Dikel, author,

Why Did You Fail to Make the Sale? – Rita Ashley, Career Coach,

Establish Goals – Penny Loretto, Associate Director, Skidmore College and the Guide to Internships.

Indentify Companies That Are a Fit – Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Branding and Job Search Coach, and CEO of Executive Career Brand

Get Current Job Listings – GL Hoffman, CEO, and

Know What Makes You Stand Out – William Arruda, founder of Reach, author of Career Distinction and curator at

Research the Company – Avram Piltch, Online Editorial Director at LAPTOP Magazine

Stalk the Company (Almost) – William Fischer, co-founder of

Follow Up – Todd Lempicke, President, Optimal Resume

Relocate For a New Job – Jay Martin, Chairman, JobSerf

Give Seasonal Work a Try – The Team at CoolWorks

Work on a Promotion – Lee E. Miller, co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Successful Negotiating

Read Alison’s post to get more information from these job search folks.

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