Are your emails even being read?

I’m a nut for communication.  The 2012 JibberJobber theme was all about communication.

Check out this post from Recruitment Dad titled How to Write Emails That Sell – In 5 Easy Steps

I recognize you are not a recruiter, but you can learn a lot from recruiters.  Recruiters do a lot of the same things that job seekers do.  And we ALL write emails that “sell.”

What?  Not in sales?

If you are a job seeker you ARE in sales.  You are the Chief Sales Officer of your company, Me, Inc.

The post is kind of long but it’s critical that you write better emails.  The first thing I do when I get into my email is delete based on sender + subject.  Are you writing messages with subject lines that are getting you deleted?

Is your “FROM” address/name bad enough that people think you are a spammer?

The Recruitment Dad’s five points are (make sure you read his article to get all the info you need to write better emails):

  1. Get the subject line right, 
  2. Start the first line with the reason for the email,
  3. Tell them what you mean (consicely, which he defines),
  4. Prove it to them (use a story?)
  5. Close them on something.

These are key points to any email.  I have a video series on writing effective emails.  Today, no matter what our role or capacity, we must get better at this essential communication medium.

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