Are all job search (aka, unemployment or posting) sites the same?

Check out the comments in this post: Unemployment Sites – Is there an easy answer?

The post is about the frustration of going through state unemployment sites to post openings.

Both comments say “don’t bother.”

If recruiters think state unemployment sites are not worth their time, what does this mean for you?

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get help from state unemployment offices.  They might have some great resources or training for you.  In California, for example, I heard an announcement before I spoke there that you could get state-sponsored training for a project manager certification, which is actually quite intensive and expensive.  And I know that sometimes they bring in high-value speakers.  I’ve spoken in many states at the unemployment offices… usually to packed rooms.

What it means is perhaps you shouldn’t use everything a state unemployment office offers.  Like the postings.

There are plenty of other excellent options to find job postings online, like  It is much more user friendly, and probably a lot more comprehensive.

Make sense?

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