Alternative Ideas to Video Resumes

So someone hyped video resumes and you want to know more. I am not big on the concept… as a hiring manager I’m not sure I’m going to watch a 2 minute low-quality, poorly done “video resume.”

Are there alternatives?


If you are hoping to send a video instead of a resume (or Profile), I think you are trying to do it wrong.

But if you are sending a video to complement your resume/Profile, go for it.  If you can do it right, and if it conveys the right message.

Do it right: you need to have the right quality.  This is recording quality, light, audio, etc. as well as what you say and how you say it.  Come across as uneducated, too playful, etc. and your video might be the laughing stock of the internet (it happens).

To get an idea of what “do it right” produces, check out the examples on

Convey the right message: This is where it can get fun, tricky and creative at the same time.  Regurgitating your resume, or the same message from your resume, might be wrong.

In a video you have the ability to take advantage of audio clips, music (watch out for copyright violation), video clips (you in action, on stage, presenting to people, or something like that), images, graphs, colors, etc.

Instead of trying to explain your professional breadth and depth in 2 – 4 minutes, what if you take that time and drill down on just one thing?  If you are a CEO, for example, do three videos. One on strategy, one on management and one on company growth.

Now you are presenting a portfolio of videos that show different parts of you.

I think this sounds hard and overwhelming.  If you think the same, start with powerpoints.  Can you make a powerpoint of 15 slides for something you specialize in?  Can you make three powerpoints?

Much easier than video, and maybe a great place to start.

The point is, video resumes are not what you should be after, but you can use video (or powerpoint) in your marketing material.  Just don’t think of it as a replacement to a traditional resume.

Now, what can you do with this information?  Do something, today!

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