3 Trending Skills: Which ones do you have?

It’s weird to think of skills as things that would be trending. However, trending skills is a thing for certain industries and the overall job market. Blacksmith skills and the ability to hammer horseshoes into existence is not trending in today’s digital age.  No doubt it was once a very sought after skill in villages throughout Europe and America.

So what are some currently trending skills? More importantly, do you have them and how can you apply them to your current job search?

Three Currently Trending Skills

Curiositytrending skills. Young man with finger to his mouth thinking hard

Curiously, CURIOSITY is a trending skill. It does make sense if you think about it. A recent article published by LinkedIn explains, “While curiosity may have led to some important moments in our careers, most of us do not necessarily think of it as a must-have skill. It’s time to think again. Curiosity, used strategically, can not only improve the way we work, it can also transform the way we think by allowing us to see creative solutions that may be missed by others, make wiser decisions and increase our influence.”

How often does curiosity get included in resumes or brought up in interviews? More now than ever before.

Possible Interview Question: “Tell me about a time when you were curious about something that led to learning something new.”

Talking about your curiosity and ability to learn can show a potential employer your drive to learn.

Teamwork and Collaborationpromotion

According to LinkedIn, teamwork and collaboration are also top skills listed in active job postings on LinkedIn. Approximately two million job postings from a breadth of industries highlight this as a required skill.

Possible Interview Question: “What makes someone a great team player or collaborator?”

Can you list some examples that show your teamwork and collaboration skills?

Giving and Receiving Feedback

LinkedIn reports a rise since February 2020 in the number of people who are taking online courses to get better at giving and receiving feedback. The increased need for this is due, in part, by the increase in online and virtual work. Working from home does not provide some of the natural interactions and feedback loops that tend to happen in the office. Therefore, giving and receiving both positive and constructive feedback in the right way can go a long way towards keeping people engaged and motivated.

Possible Interview Question: “Describe a time when you had to give a colleague constructive feedback. What was the result?”

Have you been on the giving and/or receiving end of constructive criticism, performance reviews, or evaluations? How can you discuss these situations in a way that shows your ability to give and receive feedback appropriately?

trending skills feedback. Silhouette of professional man and woman have a discussion

The Wrap Up

Take some time to review your resume and see where you may be able to add examples of how you have demonstrated curiosity, teamwork, collaboration, and giving and receiving feedback. A good fit with company culture and a willingness to learn have become extremely important to business owners and hiring managers in recent years. Do you have it what it takes to stand out and get hired?

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