Hi Dan,

Thanks a lot. I do not foresee any more changes.

I really appreciate all the great work done in this regard. I will be applying for jobs now with the updated resume.

I will keep you posted when I change.

Happy Holidays and a great new year to you and your family and friends.

Ramesh N.

Thank you Pierre,

I think it looks beautiful.

The same security firm just hired me to do a coaching class for their trainers, so I’m excited about that.

I did work with Peter for the LinkedIin Profile – do you know when I’ll get instructions on how to do that?

I really love what you did, thank you so much!

Kimber H.


Looks like good progress with my daughters resume.

I am thinking that mine might need an update.

What would be the price to also refine mine?


Joe C.

Thanks Peter!

I think I’m going to be finishing out my career here ……. But you never know in my field of business.

I’ll get back to you after the holidays.

Thanks again for the fine work on Michael’s resume.

He’s working now and has received many compliments on his resume…..Well done!!

Brian B.


Thanks again to both of you for your excellent services.

I will do my best to send business in your direction.

Have a wonderful Holiday season!

Tyler R.


Very pleased,

Thank you very much!

Victor V.


This looks great; thanks for all your good work.


How do I get access to and be able to upload the resume to the jobs database and hopefully, begin getting interviews?

Please let me know.


Erik S.

Hi Peter (Jeanie),

Thank you very much for your assistance. Jeanie is currently putting the final touches on the resume, which looks great.

I was thinking about getting a cover letter from you. How would that work?

Have a good day.

Kind regards,
Christian C.

Hi Pierre

Thanks fro the resume which I think looks really great!

I did some minor change please see in red and have ONE more question for you to think of a different wording with regards to ‘award-winning’ which I can not identify myself with:-)

Award-winning to me sounds more related to a product…not sure but maybe I am looking for something more catchy that describes my personality?

Flavia B.

Pierre – this looks great.
Thank you very much for the feedback and the nice work on the resume.

Have a great day.

Joey C.

Hi, Greg,

Nice work!

I made a few comments and a few edits. Naturally, I’m interested in your professional opinion on what is best.

From a market perspective, my defense experience and system background is relevant for that industry. With 22 years there as an officer and a sailor, I don’t want to give that much detail but I’d like to have enough ‘hooks’ there for them to ask me for the details. Might that be best done in a cover letter?


Joe S.

Dear Jeanie,

Thank you so very much! It looks great!

I think i do not require further changes to the resume so you can get started with the cover letter & LinkedIn.

I am truly satisfied with the outcome and your effectiveness.

Have a great week end.

Alex N.


You and Dan were able to produce a great resume and cover letter for me in August that has landed me a very nice position here in Houston.

Allow me to introduce you to John McK. as he has interest in your services. I also spoke highly of your email marketing campaign to recruiters and PE groups.

Good luck to both of you,

David B.


I am pleased to inform you that my resume and Linkedin profile are done and I am ready to discuss your other services.

I will call you this week to discuss as you requested below.

Also, Tammy Chisholm did a great job!

Thank you,

Craig M.

Thank you Dan,

Everything looks great!

Received cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile.

Antoinette J.,

Hi Jeanie,

Wow!!! You did an amazing job! I will make some edits and get back to you.

My business partner was so impressed with it, he wants you to do his as well.

Do I go through the same process for him as far as paying through the website?

Thanks for making me look good!

Brent B.

Thanks Greg!

It looks great! One minor change which I made in red and I’m good with it.

Chris L.

Dear Greg,

To begin with, my apologies for the delay as I had a personal issue that I needed to take care of. The CV looks awesome! Your reputation was stellar to begin with but this is better than my expectations (they were high).

There is one minor edit that I am attaching.

Thanks so much!

Very respectfully,

Adil R.

Hey Dan I am really impressed with your work. Can you please give me a price on a cover letter?

Thank You

Darren R.

Thanks Peter!

My CV and LinkedIn profile always draws comments, thanks to all your good work !

I hope all is well!

Robert R.

Greg, good afternoon.

Thank you for my updated resume and cover letter.

I thought you did a great job with both conveying my career experiences and core competencies. I had a few edits and corrections on the resume to follow up with you on.

I have attached the draft resume and highlighted the edits and corrections in YELLOW for you. I did not make any other changes to the resume regarding format and or spacing I will leave that to you as you instructed.

Please let me know if you have any questions and or comments regarding the edits and corrections.

Best regards

Jeffrey S.


Looks very good I didn’t want to make any real changes as most is covered. Attaching the edited version.


Michael W.


This looks great!

Yes, please proceed with the LinkedIn profile and then the Exec Bio.

Brian G.

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the education and the finalized document. I appreciate your work.

Thanks again,

Saana H.

Hi Pierre,

Please see my updates & responses in the attached. Let me know if you have any questions.

I really like how you’ve captured the essence of my strengths – I have trouble articulating that at times 🙂

Please feel free to ask any leading question to the recent achievements to help make stronger.


Maria H.

Hi Greg,

I printed out the resume and read it through thoroughly.

WOW! I would hire me

Seriously, this update to my resume is spectacular and it gives me great confidence to be successful in my career search.

Attached is my revision. Please let me know if there is anything else you need to finalize my awesome resume!


Barbara S.


Jean finished my resume and she did a great job.

Couple of questions:

How is the ATS formatted resume different from the resume Jean completed for me?

Can you give some insight on your resume distribution service?


Jim B.

Hi Pierre,

Thank you soo much for all the help you have provided, I feel satisfied with the work at this point including the LinkedIn Profile.

I hope that I will email you soon updating you that I got the job I want (fingers crossed).

Thank you again and wish you all the best 🙂

We will stay in touch

Best Regards

Hala Al O.


Just touching base to make sure you saw those few edits sent over mid day Tuesday. Your work was outstanding and the edits were fine tunes at the most.

When do you think we can conclude everything w/Linkedin and final resume package? I sent you the linkedin URL info.

Again, my thanks and just looking for a completion date.

The resume work – did what Peter said it would.

These days, I think there are few out there that deliver as promised. It’s been great to have your help. I’m eager to get underway with it.

Susan D.


The resume looks great.

Now can we move on to the cover letter and linkedIn profile as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Joe K.

Mr. Newfield/Jeanie,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and Jean Oscarson for your services.

I am very satisfied with the final product and I believe that she did a tremendous job top to bottom.

During our initial conversation you had mentioned, that your organization also provides services that assist with gaining greater visibility.

I would be interested in pursuing these options at this time, with.

Please let me know how I can help with this.

Best Regards,

Ryan J.

Hello Greg:
Thank you the resume looks good.

I am looking forward to the linkedin profile.

Kamesh A.


Greg did a great job with my resume, so I’d like you to write my cover letter.

Jonathan H.

Hi Peter,

Dan has completed my resume and it looks great!

I am also interested in the email distribution service and would like some more info about it such as cost, frequency of emails, etc…

Do you also offer any interview skills or salary negotiations coaching?

Thank you,

Henry V.

Hello Pierre,

I wanted to catch up with and thank you again for the resume.

I appreciate all your hard work.

The resume truly was eloquently done, and was a production of someone who knows and respects their craft.


Danielle C.


You have managed to sum up my career frustrations in a couple of sentences.

You are absolutely correct. My background has exposed me to nearly every HR discipline there is, but in a support role.

Your typical HR Generalist lacks the technical and financial skills that I have obtained along the way, but when given the opportunity, I have easily slipped into his/her role quite easily.

I have had to learn the details of the discipline in order to configure the applications accordingly. The opposite would not be required of the Generalist.

Thank you for your help thus far,

Vin D.

Perfect, thank you so much Pierre.

I appreciate your help and turning this around so quickly this week. It’s 100% better than before.

Again thank you and look forward to speaking with you next week!

Thanks for getting a jump on the cover letter and LI profile.

I need all the help I can get!

Enjoy your weekend!

Best regards,

Joanne S.

Hello Peter,

Pierre Daunic prepared a very good resume for me as well as a cover letter,

I am very pleased with the work.

Would you be able to tell me more about what you can do to improve my linked in page and profile?

Alex F.

Hi Jeanie –

This looks amazing!

I really think this sets a great foot forward and engages the reader.

I have a few, mostly minor, edits. Once you incorporate these, please consider the resume final!

Edward J.


This is perfect. I don’t see a need for any further revisions.

Are you the person that I need to speak to about a cover letter?

Charles L.


Your work on the resume is great overall. I made one change which has been marked in the attached copy.


Jon H.


Thank you for the quick turnaround.

The style and setup are dramatically different. It’s almost like reading someone else’s work history?

Overall, it seems to be more fluid, represents the position well and is much more clear and precise.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

This is very impressive and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Jonathan P.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the profile. I have pasted the new profile into LinkedIn.

I am very pleased with the results.

I have also recommended you and Peter and passed your name to a colleague.

Thanks and kind regards,

Steve S.


I think the resumes look great and I appreciate all your hard work!

I agree with you that this is a great stand alone resume but I am going to look at this tonight and see where I would to make changes or additions

Thank you for everything and speak with you soon – and thank you for your expediency


Danielle C.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for reply. My resume looks good then, you can go forward with a revision of my LinkedIn Profile.

Thanks and kind regards,

Steve S.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for writing this. Just had a few comments which I noted in the document.

Otherwise it looks great.

Murali S.

Peter (Dan),

Just a quick note.

Dan (Cc’d here) has provided excellent results for my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. (I have not edited my online profile yet, but I will soon.)

Many thanks to you both, and I will report to you when I land my next position.

Frank P.


This looks very good except I’d remove the high lighted statement about fluency in Spanish. I’m not fluent, but can pick up most of what I hear in Spanish. It’s probably best just to delete the statement.

On another matter, would I work with you (or could you direct me to) who I would work with to re do my linked in page?

Thank you for your help.

Steve F.

Hello Jeanie.

Wonderful work!

This is condensed, creative, and an articulate approach to presenting my experience and offering.

I have attached some minor adjustments (tracked changes) for you to finalize.

Please verify the LinkedIn hyperlink works for you.

Ben D.


I love my resume and letters Jeanie wrote..

Now with my LinkedIn, do you think I should take my resume off it?

Thank you!!

Laura G.


“Wow”. You did a great job.

The highlighted words were errors on my part. I’ve made the corrections in track changes.

James F.

Hello Jeanie,

Thank you. The revisions are good.

I’m now interested in having my LinkedIn profile done.

Is this something I need to discuss with Peter?

Bonnie M.

Peter (re Jeanie),

I wanted to say I have had a great experience working with Jean –

I think she really helped with the resume and its in great shape.

After consideration I would also like to do a profile update for linked in.

Can we talk about the best way to do that – I think would be a good investment.

Amy D.

Hello Jeanie,

I’m just dropping you a note to let you know my schedule last week was crazy and I apologize for the delay in getting this to you. I am now making progress on my worksheet this week in the evenings. I hope to have this to you in the next couple days, but no later than this coming weekend.

I look forward to seeing your work and an objective summary (resume) of my experiences in a way that markets me for my next career move.

I’m enjoying the worksheet process and can already see how this will yield a more complete image of who I am and what I offer.

Kind Regards,

Ben D.


Thanks for all your help making me look so good. You do great work!

Best regards –

Cindy L.


Thanks for the expedited turnaround.

The resume definitely feels more assertive and powerful now. I don’t have major things to address.

Because my PC has the latest version of Word, I decided to use highlighting rather than track changes because I wasn’t sure how track changes would come through in MS Word 1997-2003.

Again, thanks,

Barry R.

Greg –

It looks fantastic.

I have attached the draft with corrections. If you have any questions please let me know. I do have one area of concern.

I found my positions with ABC Company and XYZ Company through Automotive Consulting & Management. Should “(ACM)” be included before the names of these two companies so that it flows more evenly?

Further, do you feel the specifics under ACM are specific enough?

Please advise.

Thank you,

Shawn C.


I want to thank you for your assistance in updating my resume and Jeanie was wonderful to work with throughout the process.

You had mentioned a discount code with BlueSteps and I was wondering how to take advantage of that offer.


Rob P.


This looks great! I assume I can just go copy and paste this in. While I have not crossed this with my resume, I assume you did ensure accuracy.

I will review both one more time together as a side by side and if I have any other questions will circle back.

Erik S.

Hello Greg,

I reviewed your first draft of my resume and cover letter.

I am very pleased with them except some minors errors.

Please check and update the changes in RED.

Any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Hugh B.


Ok looks good to me then. LinkedIn is all we got left.

I appreciate the hard work you put into this.

I was skeptical about paying to write a resume, but feel you’ve earned your money on this!

Gerrick W.


See attached redline to your ‘outstanding’ first draft.

Call with questions.


Pat B.

Dear Pierre,

Thank you very much for all your help with my resume.

Appreciate your thoughtful insights and knack to write crisp descriptions.

God bless you.

With best regards,


Hi Jeanie,

I hope you are doing well. Great job again on my resume! I do not have any remaining edits to the document.

I now need your assistance to draft a cover letter and revise my LinkedIn profile.

Please let me know the next steps.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Greetings Dan and Good Morning,

How else can I best describe how one person has finally clearly understood who I really am as a complete person and the value I am able to deliver “WOW”.

I will now look at it on my laptop to see what it looks like.

Attached is what I see on my new Apple laptop. Per the first attachment I’m not sure if it is reconfiguring your original font layout and uncertain if it is changing anything what you are seeing from your end. if you could send me a print screen of what you see or advise to see exactly as you see it.

This is my first new Apple product and I hate it.

Overall, I love it but I want to be certain silicon Sally hasn’t chosen to change/reconfigure your original masterpiece.

If the attachment I have resent you is what it should look like then I would say we can continue to move forward with the cover letter and whatever else needs to be completed for LINKEDIN.

Thank you,

Maurice G.


Thank you, it looks great.

Is this the final format you are recommending including bolds, yellow highlights, etc?

Also I did sign up for the LinkedIn option as well, what do you need from me to start that process too?

Again thank you.

Brian C.

Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for getting back to me and for sending me the version of the resume’ with details of what was going on, in your previous e-mail.

I definitely appreciate the transparency and the hard work that you have put into this project. Much appreciated.

I’d like to apologize for my e-mail yesterday, if I came across as too confrontational, I just wanted to start my job search as soon as I can.

Thanks for your understanding, your help is much appreciated!

I will review the 2 page version with the addendum, and I will most probably send it to you over the weekend.


Michel S.

Hi Peter (Pierre),

My husband is interested in having his resume professionally revised.

Pierre Daunic provided such great services revising my resume, and we would like to have his resume reviewed and revised.

Please let me know what the next steps would be to have this service provided?

Thank you


Demi G.


This looks awesome!!

I am on LinkedIn. Do you need my Url?

Jeffrey R.

I have to use this!! Can I have the pdf version??

Sent from my iPad

Peter (Jeanie)-

I wanted you to know I shared edits with Jeanie yesterday and think she did a wonderful job!

Looking forward to the revision, LinkedIn copy and cover now.

Stellar work as promised.

Dave S.

Peter (Jeanie)

Wonderful! I’m glad to hear it.

Jeanie did such a great job with my resume,

I often had multiple interviews in a day.

I recommend your company to anyone I know who is job hunting. 🙂

Elizabeth B.


First, thank you for the great work and I am quite pleased with the formatting and verbiage.

Secondly, I don’t require any changes at this time.

Finally, I am grateful for your support and wish you continued success.


Greg S.

Hello Peter (Tammy).

My resume has been completed and I am very happy with how it turned out. She did a great job I would like my Linkedin profile updated.

Please let me know how we can proceed.

Thank you.

Paul F.


That is an awesome cover letter! I wish I could say I am a change agent for the Medical School and Health Systems. It should read … change agent for the School of Dentistry … I can make that change.

I am completely satisfied! By the way, I am interviewing for the Assistant VP of Human Resources at XYZ State University located in XXXXXXXX. Up early, I have a big day tomorrow.

Thank you so much for the resume and cover letter, they are both awesome!

Tina P.

Hi Greg,

This looks great.

Made a few edits and they are highlighted via track changes in the attached doc.

Let me know if we should talk this week to get to final.

Tom L.


Not sure if you remember me but you updated my resume a year ago.

Great job by the way. I’m needing another update to reflect my current role as CMO.


Trent S.

Hey Peter (Jeanie),

Thanks for all the help. Only one more thing to go and that is the LinkedIn profile.

I just sent a note to Jeanie to get things going on that.

Good thing is the new resume helped me find a new job within Microsoft! So all goodness!

I appreciate the work Jeanie did

Gus G.

Hi Greg,

I made the final corrections in RED type and left the original with strikethrough/red.

Thank you very much for your hard work on this,

I will await your final corrections to approve.

Joey H.

Hi Pierre:

Hope you are well.

Thanks for sending both documents.

I am happy with the results.

I will go through both documents carefully and and make sure that I haven’y missed anything. I was wondering if you can spare a few minutes for a phone call as I have a couple of questions regarding LinkedIn.

Thanks again for all the hard work, especially in the such a short time frame.

I will let you know how things go, although everything takes forever at this company !

Best Regards.

Rupa P.

Hi Peter

I have the resume, and it looks great. Am still reviewing. And adjusting a bit. It is a different perspective on my career. I think a good one, but I have to shift my self marketing, I think.

Regardless, could please remind me, did I order the LinkedIn page assistance? And could I get the details again on your recruiter database?


Ron McC.

Many thanks

Dan, appreciate.

Will sit down and update over the weekend. I am happy with this. Will try and recruit some clients for you 🙂

Chada B.

Hi Greg

I updated the resume and also added a few questions.

Please take a look and then we can either talk quickly or trade email.

Thanks for setting it up – looks good.

Tim K.


I wanted to say thank you so much for such a great, professional resume on my son’s resume!!!

Really nice job – we’re all very pleased!

Please thank Jeanie for doing such an excellent job!

Will recommend your services highly in the future!

Brian B.


I am sending someone to you who wants to get their resume up to date, given I was happy with my resume.

By the way, I did get a new job internal to IBM as a result to help get a startup internally going, which is quite exciting.

I’ve sent her all your contact information.

Sharon C.


Just wanted to drop you a note.

I’ll be starting a new job as Director of Technology for Orange Regional Medical Center up by me in Middletown, NY.

This is a huge IT operation that I will be heading up. Kudos on the resume work Greg; you did a fantastic job.

Thanks for everything guys.

Best regards,

Craig F.


Jeanie finished my resume and it looks awesome.

I am looking for recruiters in the Technology area as that is where a majority of my experience is based.

I would also be interested in recruiters that specialize in a job such a Procurement/Purchasing.

Let me know how to proceed?


Robert H.

Hey Peter,

The resume’ that Greg did for me looks great.

Did you mention that you could do an Executive Bio?


Mike B.

Dear Dan

Thank you very much for your efforts and cooperation. what do you feel about the CV does it have some

i feel ok and hope this cv must give good results. let me use it and see the response. and i will give
feed back in due course.


Sundar B.

Hi, Peter/(Jeanie).

I hope you had a great holiday break. I just received my resume draft from Jeanie, and it’s looking great. I’ve sent over some minor edits, but I think we are very close.

I would like to go ahead and move forward with a LinkedIn profile as well, but I was wondering if your team does that in Word and then I copy and paste or how that works exactly?

I’m assuming Jeanie would be doing my LinkedIn profile as well, but I’m not positive. I just realized I never connected with you on LinkedIn, so I’ll do that now – sorry about that.

If you still have my cc on file, please proceed with that same card for the LinkedIn profile charges as well. Just let me know what else I need to do on my end.

Thank you!
Randa M.

Hi Peter/ (Jeanie),

Just wanted to give you a heads up that Jeanie completed my resume, much to my satisfaction.

I’ve asked her to send the LinkedIn/ Bio/ Cover letters as well as I believe she’s handling that also. Is my assumption correct?

Hope you have an awesome holiday and a great 2016. Separately, I passed along your contact information to two of my friends for consideration.


Dev P.

Hi Jane,

Jeanie has been doing a fantastic job on my resume, we’re almost done. I would like to add on the LinkedIn and Cover letter work. I’m sitting on the fence for the Exec Bio a lot of money especially at Christmas which I may just hold off on.

If I add the Bio on? How best to proceed?

I also gave Jeanie a heads up, she gave me Peter N. email if needed but I remembered you had mentioned these services also.

Happy Holidays 🙂
Mick W.


Excellent work! I like it as is.

Thank you so much,

Take care and wish me luck!

Mike E.


This looks great. I am ready to finalize it and move onto the LinkedIn profile.

Also I would like to expand the work being done to include a cover letter and a one page executive bio.

Would you be able to coordinate that or should I ask Peter about it?


Cindy K.

Hi Jeanie,

This looks great,

I have no other edits or changes required. I consider this version the final version of the Resume, I know I will create some variations of this.

Now we need to move on to the cover letter and linkedin profile docs right? I found a position that is a bit different than what I was planning to apply for, I’d love for the cover letter to be positioned for this job, I’ll modify the resume to accommodate and I’m working on the other documents they are requesting:


Meika D.

Hi Jeanie,

First draft looks great.

I made a couple of small changes/additions per your questions on the draft resume. I have a couple of associates reviewing the resume as well.

Peter – what are your thoughts? It has been A LONG TIME since I interviewed and I need your expertise as to what works in today’s market.

What are next steps?


Kevin H.


I had a chance to proof read the document for accuracy and attached is the updated resume highlighted in red.

Overall it looks good on depth and message and I am very satisfied with how you could manage to compress it 2 pages.

Let me know if you need any additional information.




Thank you for your work!

I have made some minor changes via track changes.

I look forward to seeing your final revisions.

Doug B.

Hi Greg,

I reviewed and made some corrections which I typed in red, I did a strikethrough/red on the original info.

Thank you for your hard work on this for me.

Joey H.

Hello Greg,

The resume and cover letter look amazing.

I made one last change to fix a double comma issue.

As requested I have made the requested changes using Microsoft Word’s Track change option.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this resume.


Chuck H.

Hi Greg,

Wow, it looks GREAT!! Thank you.

I made some changes and listed in RED as you requested.

I have some data that may be beneficial to showing my performance at my current store.

Joey H.


I thing these look really good, not sure what next step is,

I think I was getting something for my linkedin profile.

Brooke B.


I’ve forwarded your email to Veronica, she’s currently deployed and may be hard to reach.

You’re welcome on the referrals-I always remember and recommend those who have provided an excellent product or service to my friends and coworkers.

Just imagine how much work you’d have if I had more friends! J

I’ll certainly recommend your services to others when I hear them considering retirement from the military or switching companies.


Tony W.


Thank you very much, it looks fantastic.

I have one question and one change:

I have been in automotive for 30 years; why do you just say 18 years?

I do not like the word “Spear headed” in my Company highlight section, can we change that?

Otherwise it looks great. Now

if I want a cover letter and update to my linkend profile, do I do that thru you?

Thank you

Paul B.

Hi Tammy,

This looks great!

I think you higlight my achievements very well and a very concise way, definitely very pleased.

I have made a couple minor changes in red. I do want to add one career highlight but not sure how to frame it well. Since I am looking for both small to medium size company CFO roles as well as VP finance in companies, I want to add a highligh that point out my strengthy in business partnership or financial managment… I have throw in some thoughts in the revised draft, hope you can help me out on that.

Much appreciated!.

I am also interested to have you help me with a cover letter.

Maggie Y.


Thank you very much for your hard work!

I an ecstatic how this came out! It would never have been as powerful if I had written it myself.

A few proposed edits and questions included within the attached document.

I am surprised submitting resumes in PDF format is no longer appropriate. I thought this was standard practice, or at least it used to be. Do you suggest protecting the Word document is any way to maintain its integrity?

I would also like to have a cover letter written. Do you write that as well?

Thanks again.


Steve S.


I will continue to refer friends to your company, so far everyone has been very pleased and become very marketable after hiring you.

I have some picky friends and co-workers —we have high standards and we’re not great at creating our own resumes.

Happy to hear good companies prosper.

Donnetta B.

Greetings Peter/Jeanie,

Let me first start off by saying that I am a pleased client from five years ago.

I’ve gotten several interviews and jobs since we last spoke. I am sure this is not a surprise to you.

As a result, I am reaching out because I would like to utilize your services once again to update my resume, create a Marketing Bio for Linkedin and possibly an Executive Bio as well.

Shazzma C.

Peter, Jeanie,

I want to come back to the resume Jeanie did for me some time ago.

You will be pleased to hear that I was offered and accepted recently a very senior legal role starting January 1 2016.

So this was a good exercise. The resume worked really well !

There is one thing left to do: I paid also to update the LinkedIn description. Can you still propose something there? The text need not be “aggressive” or too much fishing for new opportunities since I just scored what I think could be a dream job!

Let me know if you need something still from me.

With thanks!!

So happy I met you guys and put in the money.

Johan H.


Thank you that provides me some direction.

Pierre is providing excellent work and great insight to me.

Thank you,

Marc S.

Dear Pierre,

I would never been able to write such an introduction letter as you wrote and to me sounds perfect.

I thank you so much, that allows me to send it tomorrow.

I will write you next week with other information that I would like to add on my linkedin profile.

Have a nice weekend

Massimo B.


Thank you for your work!

I have made some minor changes via track changes. I look forward to seeing your final revisions.

Doug B.

Good morning, Tammy.

I have gone through the draft thoroughly and have made some very minor changes.

I used the “Track Change” feature in Word as you recommended and highlighted those changes in yellow as well.

I appreciate all your help and guidance through this process.

I’m very pleased with what you have pulled together.

Thank you,

Larry D.

Good Morning Peter,

Dan has finished my resume. I like it.

Does it have enough numbers in it?

Also, how do I get my Linkedin profile synced up to my resume?

Do you have someone else do that or does Dan handle.


Andrew F.


Jeanie has been a true joy to work with, and the first draft she sent me this week looks terrific—she has done a great job!

I sent the draft back to her this morning with just a few tweaks, but wanted to ask you what I need to do next to have the resume included in the executive job search board you had mentioned to me when we spoke?

I am also interested in looking for positions overseas.

Please let me know next steps and what the additional cost for that service
would be.

Thank you again for sending me Jeanie–she is awesome, and I appreciate your help throughout..

Robin V.


Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn are all great. Thank you.

What is your feeling about Blue Steps and its success rate in generating placements?

If I proceed, I think I should be asking you for a discount code for them.

Please let me know your opinions.

I’m happy to have a quick call if that’s easier than email.


Tim B.


Well done! I have made some minor adjustments, to numbers within the resume.

A quick question, I know the last 5-10 years are the relevant years for experience, but it does not state the overall number of years of experience I have or the companies I worked for,

Just wanted to know the rational behind that.

The cover letter is perfect.

After these are complete, you can start working on my linked in profile.

Thanks Again,

Jim H.

Thank you, Peter/Jeanie,
I am very satisfied with my new CV.

Good job!

Marcin C.

Good morning, Pierre,

This looks great with the condensed format.

Thanks for making the changes, as I’m happy with what you’ve done.


Demi G.


Thanks again Peter. I have had some really great feedback on the Resume’.

I actually was on a site called “Glassdoor”.. They have a free Resume’ feed-back service.

Well, I of course submitted mine..They came back almost immediately.

They told me I was the exception, because I have an outstanding resume’ !!!

Scott P.


I like a lot of things you did to help me see the situation better.

I made some changes to ensure accuracy and to highlight important key words.

Debra C.

Good morning Peter,

i received my resume back from Jeanie and it looks great.

I’m ready to talk about getting it into recruiter’s hands.

If you are free in the next hour or so please give me a call. Otherwise, I will try you later this afternoon.

Jerry D.

Thanks Greg.

I have been looking at this document, it is fantastic. That is my problem. I had forgot to add “DOCSIS 3.1” modem specification for Century Link.

I was going to just “add it” right?

Not on this, it is too nice and awesome, I’ll mess it up.

Are we done and will it cost me more money to add the DOCSIS 3.1 info? Where would you recommend I add it if a cost is associated with your effort at this point?

Scott P.


I was just going to check in with you.

I must say, this is just great. It’s just what Peter promised!

I do have a couple questions. Would it be possible to speak on the phone or should we just do it via email?

Hanan F.

Good morning Gregory.

Thank you for the quick turn-around. I did see the missing City and state and have changed it with tracking on.

Otherwise I believe we have an awesome document!!

Thanks Budddy!!

Scott P.


Attached please find my edits… just 3 things…. name, email and amount of revenues…

Look forward to the remaining item.

I am very pleased with the presentation and it sees concise and representative.

Now if you can send me some 7 figure jobs I can quality for , I will be very happy…. Just kidding.




This looks wonderful! There are just a couple of very minor corrections, and I can’t access “Track Changes” from the computer I am currently using:

Change the word “public” to K-12; most of my experience below college level was at a Catholic school. I did teach at a public school for a year and have substituted in public schools, but that is not the bulk of my experience.

Under core competencies, take off “counseling.”

Thanks again for a wonderful job.

This looks SO much better than what I had before.

Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth W.


Looks great!

A few modifications in the attached.

Thank you,

Alexis P.


The resume look very good.

Attached is a “redlined” scan copy for you to review. There are few minor adjustment to reflect more on what is real happening on each achievement.

Please let me know or just call me to discuss if you have any question.


Henry W.

Hello Dan,

I just had a chance to read your email.

Thank you very much for the good job.

I will go ahead and complete the job application and will let you know.

I will definitively recommend friends to you.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

Oumar D.

Hi Peter,

Jeanie Oscarson did an outstanding job with my resume.

Have a question for you: do you have any contacts at Northwestern University Chicago, who tutor for GMATS?

I recall that you work with the MBA students with resumes.

Any information would be appreciated.


Christa S.


The resume looks great.

It’s night an day compared to the one I wrote.

I am curious as to why some of the 2011 accomplishments were not included.

Jeff B.

Jane and Dan:

Thank you for your diligence and professionalism in preparing my marketing documents, CV and LinkedIN.

Although I am still in the search, I have had a phone interview and two very positive responses from professional recruiters on how my presentation, keywords and style now reflect a modern and experienced executive.

Special thanks to Dan for willing me through the process when I got stuck and being creative in packaging the great with the good and the other.

If you have use for a sound-bite referral please feel free to ask.

Best regards,

Paul C.

Hello Greg,

Thank you for your effort and the draft.

Here are my edits for your review.


Petty H.


You have taken my resume to a different level and I am grateful. Thank you.

Could you or Peter Newfield please also do the cover letter he mentioned to me?

Thank you again.

Peter B.


Thanks Pierre,

This is great work.

I really appreciate your help.

Attached is the final version.

I made a few more tweaks myself.

Ross L.


Thanks again for the help with my resume. The finished product was great!

My wife is also interested in updating her resume and I was hoping you wouldn’t mind reaching out to her to talk through the steps, etc.

Thanks again!

Dana T.


Thanks for your diligent efforts on my behalf.

The documents look great !!

I’m ready to put them on the street.

Brent E.


My pleasure referring another person to you.

The feedback I got from Egon Zehnder on how the CV was written was very positive.

To the point that i landed an interview for a Chief Of Strategy position – direct report to the CEO – of a company on the Milan stock exchange.

Clearly a position well above what I’m targeting (VP level)

I didn’t land a job for other reasons, but the CV was a key door opener.

Now I’m on the consideration set of Egon Zehnder for similar assignments – which is great!!!

So I was very comfortable recommending your services to Rodolphe.

Hopefully it won’t be the only refererral you’ll get from me.

Alberto M.

Hi Peter,

My pleasure to recommend you. I’ve given your name out to a number of friends. I hope they’re all contacting you.

BTW, after updating my linkedin profile with your resume update, my phone was ringing off the hook. I recently left and took a job as head of IR at XXXXXXXX.

Thanks for your help!

Brian S.

Hi Peter,

The resume that you and Wendy Haylett developed for me just over 2 years ago worked wonders (I’ve been a VP of Engineering ever since), but I think it’s time for another go-around.

How do we begin the process of updating what we built back in 2013?

Would I still be working with Wendy?

Mathew W.


I really like it. The one question I have is where do you think I should indicate a willingness to relocate?


Michael S.

Hi Jeannie –

You reviewed my resume for me last year and did a fabulous job –

I received many compliments! I am in the process of updating it now.

I added my newest position and listed trainings, but it needs to be cleaned up and tweaked.

I can also send you my official “job description” in the am.

How much do you charge to update?


Audrey A.


Thanks, this looks good. I made some minor clarifications, see attached.

Sean T.


OK – Here’s a few changes under selected Accomplishments. Increased Sales Volume 23% Yr. over Yr. since inception.

Now under Professional Experience eliminated $750,000 in losses.

*Grew used car department to Top 5 level and then to number #1 in county for registrations. also there is no mention of increased monthly sales volume from 30 units per month to 150 units per month within a 3 year period.

I think that’s it?

Great Job!!

Michael K.

Hi Pierre,

Now we’re talking!! 🙂

It looks much, much better and much more robust!

I only have a couple of tweaks

I would like you to make: please see notes on the document attached.

I think we’re finally there!

Will you make revisions to the cover letter as well?

At the very least I would like you to include the header with my name and address in the cover letter as well if possible.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Gabriele D.

Hi Greg:

Overall, the resume looks great.

I made a couple changes which I tracked in the attached document.

Please review and let me know your thoughts.

Tom B.


This resume is great,

We should move forward with the linked in profile.

Lisa T.

Hi Greg,

Very good work; I have three small edits.

Please see the attached word documents.


Valerie B.


Thank you so much for your efforts, expertise, and professionalism to help me move a couple levels up on my job search.

I greatly appreciated you doing the resume and cover letter in such a timely manner.

I apologize for not getting back to you on the 16th of April. I am working night shift and is hard sometimes when catching up on sleep.

I will let you and Jane know when I land my new job.

Thank you again for all of your expertise and professionalism,


Paul L.


They [resume and cover letter] both look great. Thank you so much for your help.

Have a great weekend,

Frank O.


It looks great with the changes. Please finalize both.

Lets now update LinkedIn Profile.

What information do you need to do this?

Thank you,

Paul L.


I received your email with attachments yesterday. I was at work not able to review it until this morning. I am following your directions regarding proofreading, editing, and procedures to finalize.

I need about 24 -36 hours to check and make any minor changes. I will have it back to you before noon on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

FYI: I appreciate your hard work in getting it to its current state.

I know this task was a challenge.

Thank you very much for an outstanding job! I am very excited.

Thank you again,

Paul L.


We are almost there. The cover letter is perfect. The resume just has a couple of strikethroughs that were missed:

On line 3 the word SAP should be taken out
On line 10, after the word BW the comma and word and should be removed.

Everything else is perfect.

Thanks and regards,

Jorge L.


I reviewed both the resume and cover letter documents and indeed I am very pleased and excited about the results.

I followed the editing instructions in your e-mail and used Track Changes in MS Word so you can easily identify them. The cover letter just has one minor change while the resume has several changes or additions that may require formatting changes as well.

Attached are the revised documents. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and best regards,

Jorge L.


I have completed the resume writing process with Tammy Chisholm and attached the results. I believe it is a much stronger resume.

Per our prior conversations, I would like to explore headhunting services. Do you have contacts that you can introduce me to?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Quin E.

Hello Peter,

The job is done, and I guess perfectly.

Please find attached the final outcome.

As per your vast experience did Jeanie or myself miss anything?

Thanks again,

Rabih H.

Hi Peter,

I am very pleased with the resume done by Tammy.

I shared with some of my associates and received positive feedback.

I would like to work on my LinkedIn profile.

Abraham S.


Looks great. I just had a few changes,

I attach the marked up version.

The cover letter looks terrific thanks.

Joe G.

Dan and Jane,

I wanted to reach out and say thank you,

The new resume got me an interview, offer and now job acceptance and in a few weeks I will be moving onto a new career.

I am the new Proposal Compliance Manager for Sierra Nevada Corporation in Sparks, NV.

Thank you again for all of your help and support.


Jack B.

Hello Greg,

Thank you for your incredible, truly amazing assistance.

The final format, except for a typo, is great!

Could I request perhaps the bio and linked in bio etc?

Saju J.

Hey Pierre,

The new resume looks fantastic!

I really appreciate it.

I’ll likely do a few minor tweaks to it, but all in all an outstanding job.

Thank you very much for the help!

Matt McC.

Greg and Peter,

I needed to utilize the resume ‘as is’ for my interview on 3 March 2015.

The interview process was lengthy; though I did receive feedback yesterday that I am the preferred candidate; compensation may be the issue.

I will now complete the review.

I am hopeful that we will also be able to complete the update for LinkedIn.


Francis L.

Thank you Peter/Dan,

Jessica’s resume looks amazing.

Hopefully that will get her where she needs to be,

Thanks again for the great work.

Rue K.

Dear Tammy,

Thank you very much for the update.

The CV is looking great!

I am happy with it.

Raed K.


Re: Tammy Chisholm

In today’s job market, having a well-written, concise and clearly articulated resume including a summary of one’s job strengths and skill-set, with enough metrics to highlight achievements, is paramount to having your phone ring or email box filled for job interviews.

Having chosen Career-Resumes.com to help me recraft and rewrite my resume, I was fortunate enough to have been paired with Tammy Chisholm to achieve this undertaking.

I was amazed at how easily and swiftly Tammy was able to take my information and provide me with a resume with the right content, with the right tone, and the right emphasis for the type of work I am seeking.

I think that no matter your field of endeavor, Tammy has an uncanny ability to quickly decipher and understand your job or career aspirations as well as your skills and experiences and merge them to create a long-lasting document of which you can be proud.

Any one looking to have their resume professionally written should look to Career-Resumes.com

You won’t be disappointed!

Lee C.


This looks good.

I think I’ll need to have another version done to reflect the skills I’ve learned in school as this mainly highlights sales and customer service achievements.

I’m guessing this is common practice, more than one version? I’ve already used this to apply for a management position within my parent company, STERIS.

They emailed me within a couple days of submitting it and I have an initial phone interview scheduled tomorrow afternoon.

I think this effectively speaks to your skills!

Thank you,

Paul R.

Hi Greg,

Some minimal changes, mostly in the order of the bullet points, and few typo mistakes (from my side).

All changes were highlighted in red, as per your kind request.

Pls consider the one attached as the final draft on my side.

Thanks for your effort and great job.

Waiting for your final feedback.


Alex Di N.


Here are my changes. The first draft already got rave reviews?

Is there the possibility of converting an alternate version to a serif font such as

Garamond for use in more formal submissions? Fonts without serif are considered more casual?.


Karen F.

Hi Greg,

Pls find enclosed the revised CV (version 2) with changed highlighted in red.

Some of the changes are due to the verification of some data I’ve sent to you and that proved to be wrong afterwards.

There is still one info that I need to verify

Unfortunately, all these changes jeopardized the 2 pages Word format .. hope you can fix this small issue.

Waiting for your next draft of my CV ..

Thanks again for your GREAT JOB!!

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Alex D.


I am very pleased with both of these. Thank you for the patience and extraordinary work.

My first reaction when I initially read these was ‘WOW’ and that has not changed. Some small tweaks were needed but overall a great experience.

I have only made a few very minor tweaks to the attached documents. In my opinion, they are ready to rock and roll.

Let’s move on to the final step and get my profile updated. What do I need to provide you with? Is email the best way to do that?


Nick A.

Hi Dan & Jane,

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m very happy with the resumé and it appears to be working.

I applied to the position I sent you on Friday and had a preliminary phone interview yesterday.

Thank you and I’ll be in touch.

Best Regards,

Miguel V.

Pierre, good day again.

Moments after receiving the completed CV and cover letter from yourself, I applied for the position I was looking at (Projects Director, 25K/Month Tax free).

That was yesterday.

I have just received a call from the agency saying that my credentials and skill set match what is required.

They also commented on the excellent application presentation !

First hurdle over and crossed with ease.

Thanks for the great work.

Stuart D.

Good day, Pierre.

Many thanks for the work you have put into creating my CV.

99% there, I think.

I have attached the copy with comments and added in blue.

In the overview I prefer to not steer towards XXXXX (unless I am looking to approach a xxxxx firm), so I prefer to be more generic.

Apart from that, and the notes I made, it looks very good.

Thanks also for forwarding over the weekend, much appreciated (my weekend is Friday !)


Stuart A.

Good Morning Peter,

I just wanted to let you know Jeanie reworked some items on my resume and it is great! – I asked Jeanie if I could replace the LinkIn summary with a cover letter-however after thinking it through I would like to keep the LinkIn summary and pay additional for the cover letter – so please let me know what I need to do.

Even though this process has taken a little longer than expected I see the value in Jeanie’s writing. She is wonderful.

Best Regards,

Jeaneen S.


I have updated my LinkedIn with the information that you sent,

It works great and I feel pretty sure that a lot of people on my network will go and recheck the information on my page, so simple and looks completely different because of language usage.

Thanks, also I reviewed the cover letter and is great for me,

I have shown to my sisters and close friends and they liked and were impressed for the way the message flows.

Thanks again.

David O.

Dear Jane,

First, I would like to thank you for the excellent CV, Cover Letter, and Linkedin Summary service. I am very much pleased and appreciate!!!! what Jeanie did.

From the CV distribution, I have got so much responses and still must make a summary for myself and send it to you. It seems will be working!!!!

With the year end, it was very overwhelming in the office, as usual 🙂 and I felt a bit behind plus my PC has died and now I am writing to you on the new one – a Christmas Gift and believe it should help me to land NEW Job in the New 2015.

I am so delighted to wishing you and your family Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, and most Fascinating New 2015 Year and lets all your personal and professional come true in the new year.

With All MY Most Warmest Regards,

Margarita L.


The resume and cover letter looks PERFECT AND VERY PROFESSIONAL I AM IMPRESSED.

Gregory, I did pay for the linked in as well.

Thank you very much for the great cover-letter and resume

James L.


I only made two minor revisions. See attached – changes are tracked.

Looks good to me!

Thank you Gregory.

Sergey K.

Thank you Greg.

Great job.

I just had several questions/comments that I added using Track Changes.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Best regards,

Jeremy H.


I like both cover letter and resume. Thank you very much!

I will send it now to the recruiter.

Question- I have not gone on my linkedin page, but Peter advised that the linkedin page mirror the resume.

I suppose that will be our next effort?

Again, good job!

I will keep you posted as to outcome on the opportunity mentioned above.


Guillermo G.