Greg, I really, really liked the work you did on my resume. Much better than I could have done and worth every penny. Many thanks. I made a collection of changes to your excellent work. I used MS Word, 2007 and used track changes. I also used the “Add Comment” feature to elaborate on why I made the changes I did. I hope you’ll be able to use my work and that my comments will make sense. Many thanks again. Peer B.

Dear Jeanie,

Hope you are doing fine.

Well I trust I can say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !!!

There were very few additional amendments (mostly on the presentation) that I have managed myself and I’m now quite happy with the end result.

I thank you for your time and cooperation and congratulation on a Job well done.

Best regards,

Christophe E.

Hi Peter

Greg completed my resume. It turned out good.


Ram P.

Hey Wendy,

This looks great! It shows what I have done in a much clearer manner w/o adding any fluff.

I really appreciate the effort.

I have attached the draft with a few comments inline.


Vidur G.


The resume looks great, thanks for all your hard work.

I’ve made a few changes, let me know if they are ok or not.

Also, what is the price for a short cover letter and what would the turnaround time be on that?

Chuck N.


I wanted to let you know that Tom Albano just completed my Resume, LinkedIn bio and did a fantastic job!.

I’ve recently updated my LinkedIn profile and doing the same on BlueSteps.

When we spoke a few weeks back, you also mentioned a few other Recruiting websites that I should also make sure my profile is on and up to date.

Can you provide them to me again?

Thanks again.


Spencer H.


Looks great. Thank you for your help.

I have no further edits on either the cover letters or the resume.

Rich H.


The new resume and cover letter look great!!

I would not change anything on the resume, except possible to change the job preferences from:

‘Chief Technology Officer · Technology Executive · Technology Management · Department Head’ to ‘Staff Member · Technology Executive · Technology Management · Department Head’

What do you think?!?! Is ‘Chief Technology Officer’ restricting my options too much?!?!

The only thing to change in the cover letter is a slight misunderstanding.

Everything else looks fantastic!

Do you post the updates when complete on my Ladders account or do I do that?!

Thanks again,

Charlie F.

Dear Jean,

A few years back I had got my CV created by CAREER RÉSUMÉS.

You had personally worked on my CV and the results were indeed great!

I am looking at updating my current CV with the other developments that have taken place along with a new direction that am pursuing towards my career.

In this regard could you kindly guide me as to how to proceed if I need the service from career resumes (personally I would request if the CV could be worked upon my you again)?

Best regards,

Pinaki A.


I do not recall seeing the email that contained my cover letter. I am not sure if it came through and I accidentally deleted or if I never received???

The Cover Letter looks good and so does my resume. Please consider this final and complete.

I want to thank you for all you have done for me! This was an interesting experience, but I am very glad I hired you to do this for me as everything turned out very well and I am happy with the end result.

Thanks for all your work and assistance in this process!!!


Lyn S.

Hi Donna

I wanted to send you an update. A very good firm in town contacted me and asked me to apply for a not-posted opening they had.

The attorney who called had been on numerous cases I had prosecuted in recent years, and was familiar with my work. He said that he noticed I had moved to the other branch office where I am now, wondered what happened, and wondered if I was interested in applying there.

I promptly sent the resume you had crafted with me. He was impressed, so I am interviewing there Friday.

The position would be for criminal defense, and civil litigation. I will be interviewing with 4 individuals : the partner who recommended me, an of counsel who is chair of the local political party in power, an of counsel who is our state representative, and the head of the firm’s board of directors.

I am a little nervous, as that is quite a stellar line-up. I have been thinking through potential answers to the typical interview questions so that I sound confident and ready.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Jessica R.

Dear Kathy,

I’m very pleased with the Resume you prepared.

I just made few corrections.

Thank you.

Rodrigo De.


Attached should be the final edits (minor grammar, font issues only).

The resume is the most effective one that I have ever had! I am glad that I met you through ExecuNet!

I am very impressed with the thoroughness and level of detail on the resume!

The resume is packed with information which portrays my experience in a very positive way.

I am excited about how the resume highlights my skills and experience.

Larry P.

Hi Wendy,

Thanks very much for the quick turnaround. There are just three more changes I’d suggest (please see attached document).

Other than those minor corrections, I’m very happy with the result and am anxious to send it out into the wild.

Despite my original caution about hiring a professional resume writer, I’m now firmly convinced it was the right move.

William D.


Thanks very much for all the work. I have spent a lot of time reviewing the final products now and I am very happy with them.

I consider the order delivered and final, and am looking forward to putting my best foot forward using your handiwork.


Bill D.


The interview went well. Very relaxed. The interviewers were two woman, one was new to the FDA and the other had worked at the FDA for over 30 years.

There were a few questions we covered like what was a frustrating situation at work and how did you handle it?

And how do you feel about relocating to Rockville, MD. General questions, mostly.

They said at the end of the interview that they were really charged with accessing my interpersonal communication skills and whether I would be a good fit or not. They said they were going to give their recommendations to the Director who was in charge of hiring for the Center and I should hear back from him/her whether I will have another interview.

I thought it was a positive interview and I hope to hear from them soon.

The work we did on the phone on Tuesday will greatly assist me in another interview, be it the FDA or some other agency.

Thanks very much.

Madeline M.


The resume looks terrific! Thank you so much for combining all of my professional history in such an articulate and concise manner.

I had a couple of comments on the resume; please find the attached resume with revisions.

If you could please respond to ensure that you have rec’d the document with revisions , please.

Thank you for all of your help; you are an incredible writer.

Tiffany P.


Just a quick update and thank you note. I recently accepted a position as CFO, and we have moved to Idaho.

My family and I are off on a new adventure!

Thanks to all for your help and support in this transition.

Jeff S.


I appreciate the follow up. The resume looks great. It was worth every penny.

I did make a few small modifications.

Let me know if they need further discussion.

Thank you.

Charles McA.

Hi Jane, Dan,

A great thank you for helping me revised and rewritte my CV and Cover letter.

I have been using the new format for about 3 weeks now and have already received invitations for interviews!

Kindest Regards,

Liliane A.

Jeanie –

Reading the cover letter that you prepared for me brought tears to Jackie’s eyes. We are delighted with my letter. It so describes me and my abilities on one page!

Thank you so much for translating ‘me’ into words, that we now hope will capture the attention of a company that we believe and know will be very happy they hired me.

We are very pleased and very proud of your understanding, commitment and professionalism – we gave you the information – just not sure how you do what you do, but you have done it superbly.

We shall always be very grateful to you.

Many thanks,

Arthur and Jackie C.

Outstanding Dan!

Thanks a bunch.

Arin R.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for your prompt reply and feedback. I wasn’t sure what to put in and where to put the LinkedIn info.

I have made the final edit as requested, we should be good to go now.

Look forward to my LinkedIn profile.

Cheers and

Best Regards

Michael McM.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your excellent draft.

I have made some minor amendments for you. Hopefully you agree they are good enhancements.

Apologies for upsetting the format as I made the changes.

Look forward to your next version.

Cheers and Best Regards,

Michael McM.


Good afternoon. Hope you are well.

I wanted to let you know that the resume you wrote was a big asset in my job search. First, the resume did generate more responses from HR and hiring managers.

Second, I just accepted a position that starts next Monday.

Thank you for everything and I will contact you in the future when I need to update my resume.

Have a great day!


Bo K.

Hi, Dan,

I looked over your draft resume and everything was fine. I have attached the resume with comments not tracked changes from me.

You composed an excellent resume and addendum.

Dan, and I thank you very much.


Bill B.


Thanks. I thought I was up late sending emails, you win.

Your work blew me away.

I am very glad I had the chance to work with you.

I have no changes at this time. Look forward to getting your cover letter.

Mark A.

Dear Donna,

As I mentioned, I do not have changes for you, due to your excellent advises and recommendations.

Do you have any additional suggestions or advise for me?


Teresa L.


Good afternoon. Hope you are well.

I wanted to let you know that the resume you wrote was a big asset in my job search.

First, the resume did generate more responses from HR and hiring managers.

Second, I just accepted a position that starts next Monday.

Thank you for everything and I will contact you in the future when I need to update my resume.

Have a great day!


Bo K.


I am in negotiations with 3 companies so far because of your reworking my resume.


Ann J.

Great work, Greg.

Attached are my requested edits.

1. I re-ordered the positions right under my contact information to put the ones I am most interested in at the front.

2. I re-ordered the AREAS OF EXPERTISE to emphasize what I think is most important (putting those at the front of the list). I may have messed up the dot point formats, however.

3. I added an S to the end of “applications” under Technical Skills.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, I look forward to getting the final version.

Thank you,

Bill L.

Hi Wendy.

I’ve gone through the resume this evening and have marked it up and answered your questions. I am going to read it one more time tomorrow before sending it along. I will also try to find a few sample job postings.

I’ve also set up a new email address and applied it to the document. I’m working on obtaining another phone number as well.

I’ll explain my markup semantics tomorrow in the email containing the revisions. There aren’t many changes.

I remain impressed with your work – it’s definitely as compelling as I’d hoped it would be.

Before I send the response back I’d like to ask a question about the additional services you offer.

What’s the difference between the Executive Bio, Executive Profile, and the Online Bio? What’s generally included within?

Thanks very much,

John T.


Fabulous, thank you !

I don’t see any edits or corrections that need to be made.

Thank you !

Cathy B.

Hi Donna,

Just thought I’d fill ya in.

Talked to the hiring manager last Tues for about 45 minutes and I think it went really well.

He said the resume was really good especially the way it showed career history , he said he is surprised how many he gets that don’t have this.

Thanks again for the killer work .

Have a great 4th

Don H.

Hi Peter:

I just reviewed my resume from Kathy and I am quite happy with it. Just a few minor changes and I think it will be good to go.

Can you advise status about the linked in page?

Thank you,

Janet B.

Mr. Newfield,

I took you up on your offer of a free consultation regarding resume writing services from your company.

I spoke with Ms. Jane Quick this morning who spent all the time I needed looking at my resume and giving me basic advice on how it should and could be better.

She did a great job explaining the rewrite process of your company. Her experience and description of her service and the writers there put me at ease about the organization.

I am considering the offer and found that Jane Quick is an asset to Career Resumes.

Thanks you so much for her and your service.

Brian E.



I never would have thought you could get all that into two pages with out losing something

I only made a slight change to the resume and you’ll see I added IT Architecture as a skill set,

I did not know how to add it without missing up your formatting so as you’ll see I put it in place of another item (Change Management which should be a given). If you can fit both great but IT Architecture is one I want to get in there.

Frank DeA.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

I really appreciate your expertise. Now that I have seen what a true craftsman can do with so much data, and present it with clarity?

Well, I not only appreciate it, but also understand why my previous efforts proved less than optimal.

I have made just a few modifications.

The additional Work Experience was added only because of the names of the company and some of the other ‘skills’ that would have suggested.

I will of course defer to your judgment.

Very Gratefully yours,

Harald G. S.

Hello Greg,

Thank you for the inputs. I agree with your inputs on the 3 items listed below – I defer to your expertise in this matter.

Please see attached documents for minor revisions and edits I made.

Let me know your thoughts on these.


Ramesh S.


Hi, It looks great. Ive updated LinkedIn and it looks SO MUCH BETTER.

Thanks so much for all you’ve done!!

Bonnie W.


I really appreciate your assistance throughout this process.

I was surprised how different my resume looks and flows compared to the previous version.

The previous version was also written by a resume writer, but back in 2007.

It’s amazing how quickly even resume writing has changed.

Thank you again.

Heather W.


This is great work! Thanks!

I changed about three words (see highlights).

If you agree, we are good to go.

Ted E.


This is good.

I made the necessary changes including adding the examples you suggested.


Mike P.


Thank you for the documents. All of them great – better than I ever could have done!

I would like to talk to you about your resume distribution services.

Let’s set up a time next week.

Thank you again.

Edward H.


Sorry for the delay in responding.

I have lots of irons in the fire that are hot right now thanks to your help.

The final products are terrific and I am very satisfied with the results.

Wishing you much success,

Gordon D.


Attached you will find my changes and clarifications to the documents. Any questions, please let me know.

The documents are looking good and I appreicate your expertise.

I hope this will begin to open doors…


Greg C.


This is great work! Thanks!

I changed about three words (see highlights).

If you agree, we are good to go.

Ted E.

Hi Jeanie,

I would like to thank you once again for the job you have done for me.

People to whom I wrote so far are really impressed about the skills and experience because you summarized it too the best.

They like to read the cover letter and highly appreciate to continue with the Resume to find out more.

Target achieved.

Thank you…

Thorsten V.


Thank you for assisting me with this process.

If you have any further questions, or would like to make additional edits, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Greg P.


I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about going down this route before I contacted Peter.

I’ve now seen the end result and I’m really pleased with the outcome.

I should have done it years ago!


Dave K.

Hi Greg,

Overall the resume looks great. See attached my comments and changes (all tracked in MS word).

Most of the edits are to align the actual work performed and my experience, or questions around presentation and how/what to put in the document.

I am also sending back the one question on the Cover Letter.

I am expecting a linkedin profile as part of my contract as well. Will that be coming from you?

Thanks for all your help.

David L.

Hi Dan,

It looks good.

Also what are the next steps. I think I needed a cover letter and this document converted to txt format.

Is that something you do or is it handed off?

Great job and let me know whats next.

Vasu M.


My changes are very minimal. I can make them. You did a great job!

Thank you very much.

Craig D.


I wanted to let you know that my resume is complete! 🙂

Debra Wheatman ended up being the writer to complete it for me. She was terrifc!!

Thank you for correcting the situation and getting me with a truly talented writer.

Constance S.


I was wondering if you knew of a headhunter that you could refer me, please.

By the way, Freddie did an excellent job with my resume package–thank you for sending my info to her.


Tiffany P.

Dear Jeanie,

Thank you very much for sending me the draft.

I am very happy with your work and it really is so much better than the version I had previously made myself.

As you recommended, I read it over a few times and am now attaching an edited version of it along with changes hi-lighted using MS word track changes.

Reshma P.

Thanks Dan,

The resume is fine as is. Please let me know when I’ll be receiving my cover letter,

Watson O.


Thank you so much. It is amazing! Can’t believe that is really my story!

I plan to spend time this weekend going through the resume and your instructions and hope to be able to get through it all and returned to you early next week.

Susie B.


I just wanted to let you know that everything worked out with Dan.

He did a great job on my resume and cover letter, I couldn’t be happier. I appreciate your efforts in assigning him to complete my resume and cover letter.

Doug P.

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to take the time to circle back to ensure that I communicated how pleased I am with my update resume that Jean completed for me, ahead of time last week.

She did a fabulous job and I look forward to much success with this revised version of my resume.

Kind regards,

Marilyn G.


Thank you for the resume proof. I think it looks really good, but I had a few tweaks in mind. One thematic shift, and then a few minor points.

It would be good if it talked to solution architecture / my being a senior architect more. It does that well, but I’m thinking just a minor shift in focus from management/sales to architecture.

Of course, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about these, or if you want to offer alternative suggestions.

Also, the cover letter looks great!

Thanks for that too!


Brian L.

Dear Greg,

I commend you for your work! I am privileged to have you as my resume writer.

Below please find some general comments, and more appear on the attached documents.

I hope I didn’t miss anything; please resend when ready.

Yours truly,

Avi S.



Thank you Jean, good job. Very much appreciated.

Wish me continued luck.

I have had some great opportunities due to your writing.


Marilyn G


I’m quite pleased with the proof.

I do have 2 minor changes in the attached.


Martha H.


Sorry for the delay. Things are crazy at work since I’ve been finishing up my two week notice. I start a new position Monday…less stress, less responsibility and more money.

Thanks, it looks great!

Russell C.


All good points. You are right about the intricacies of the companies. For lack of a more professional term, it does start sounding a little ‘inbred’. Yikes! But you’re right – it’s about me and I have always thought the important thing is to show steady progression.

I have made a few other notations.

I am glad I decided to invest in this process. Thanks for all of your insight.

Melissa Van O.


It looks good to me; just couple of comments for you to look at after all you are the expert.

Cover letter looks good to me as well unless you think some can be improved.

Haider A.


Good evening! I wanted to let you know that Darlene is a fantastic woman to work with and she did an excellent job revising/recreating my resume!

She took all of the information I provided and created a resume that accurately reflects not only who I am as an professional, but also as a person.

Thank you for connecting us!

You mentioned a few other options regarding my resume format, please remind me of those options and the associated fees.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kind Regards,

Laura D.

Hello Peter,

Thomas Wolfe has finished my resume and I wanted to send it to you along with my original resume. I would like to get your feed back.

I have also attached my current cover letter and would like you feed back on that as well, if I could.

Thanks so much and Thomas was/is great to work with.

Robert R.

Dan, What an incredibly concise, detailed and well flowing resume.

I have made a couple of changes all on the second page.

Warm Regards,

David H.


My goodness!!!

This exceeded my expectation 1000 fold, from the lay out to the wording.

I’m truly impressed and completely satisfied with the product.

Thank you so much.

Lee H.


This looks fine and as far as I can tell – accurate.

Thank you so much for your great work.


Rae T.


Wow! Mow I really might get looked at!

I have made a few suggestions, which are mainly fine conceptual distinctions

between your presentation and mine. . .

I think that when the tracking is removed, the third page will disappear.

You have a great creative job, unique in that you have to take x amount of information
and make it intuitively obvious and impactful.

And each person is unique, similar to how i work at my job.

Thank you very much. . .

Tom Lincoln


Thank you for getting this done for me. It really looks great.

I only had a couple of things.

Do I need to include some additional years of history? I worked for XYZ Company in Atlanta from 1993 to 1996 as a pre-sales technical consultant. Before that I worked for ABC Company as a project manager from 1988 to 1993.

I don’t know if this is important, but it shows just how far back my experience goes.

Please let me know what you think.


Alan M.


This looks very good to me.

I just made a couple of suggestions and changes.

Thank you very much.

Ed DeH.


I have added some comments and made some minor changes for review.

Overall it looks good.


Mahesh S.


You did a great job with my resume & cover letter!!!

Made a few edits though. The main edit is deleting the last bullet regarding my nomination for 2 awards. Showed it to someone who thought the nominations were old and wondered what I had done since then.

I like having them because it illustrates good skills when you consider I was a telecommuter who worked from home in LA most of the time and traveled to SF every few months or as needed. What do you think?

Thanks again for a great job!

Mary G.

Hello Wendy,

Wow. . .it is amazing to see my life on paper! Thank you. The resume looks amazing. I spent some time filling in the questions but have a few more to look into for accuracy.

The graphic designer in me forced me to make a few tweeks graphically, so I attached a copy for your review. I am not sure if font sizes, etc. have a history of attracting or distracting a potential employer, so please give me your feedback. Also, I am a MAC user, and the format made the document go to three pages, so some of the changes (i.e. Font size, reduced a line so it would be on one line) were to shorten it to two pages.

I will be taking your advice and opening a new e-mail account just for resume coordination and I will send out one with a CA address and one with an Atlanta address. . .being bi-coastal allows me be both places!

Thanks so much Wendy. I can see why you are so busy. . .amazing how you are able to screen all of the information sent and really get me.


Karen S. D.


I wanted to let you know that I think you did a fantastic job on Jillian’s resume.

Thank you for all of your help and I apologize for the misunderstanding about the communication.

Peter, I will be sure to recommend your company’s services to anyone and feel free to use me as a reference.


Janis R,.

Hello Wendy,

Things are going well. Out of the rushed resume blitz prior to my Mexico trip (sent around 12), I had responses when I got back that led 4 phone interviews (two have moved to in-person interviews at 3 companies already.

I’ve really just started looking, and the response has been good.

Thank you for the work on my resume – well worth it.

Thanks again,

John L.

Hi Dan,

Based on comments from my mentor, I made a few tweaks but changed very little from your excellent work. Final version attached.

You may tell The Ladders that I am officially delighted by the resume!

Thanks again for all your hard work on this.

Elissa R.

Many thanks Deb,

These read well and provide a true and strong image of what I am and what I have accomplished.

Many thanks for helping me with these documents.

Best wishes

Bertil L.

Hi Wendy,

I’m really satisfied with the result, you’ve done a great job.

It’s been my pleasure working with you.
My wife sends her greetings!


Daniel D.

Hi Greg:

Thanks for your good work!

Attached are the items I noticed.

Thanks Again!

Gordon K.


Thank you very much – I like how you handled my several times with XYZ Company. And believe the third time was worth it – my best
resume yet.

Thanks again,

Susan B.

Dear Jeanie,

It looks great – actually it looks amazing.

Thank you so much, you definitely have the gift.

Best regards,

Janni B.

Hi Jeanie,

I’ve carefully reviewed the revised CV you prepared and it’s perfect !

I don’t need modifications or changes.

Thank you again for your high-quality work, I appreciate it a lot !

I wish you a great week,

Kindest Regards,

Luca M.


The resume and cover letter looks great!

I want to thank you for all the excellent work! I think we’ve got it.


Jim F.


Looks great.

You did an excellent job. Exceeded my expectations. Have a couple of questions that I would like to ask you. When is a good time to call you?

Bill F.


I will probably like to talk about a few more tweaks but the resume was awesome!

I wanted to let you know I took it to my final rounds on Tuesday and got the job – I wasn’t really even looking actively but the resume must have sealed the deal – it was for significantly more money!

I definitely would like to refer you to a few friends …Wharton makes their MBAs use the resume template (during MBA recruiting) I’ve been using for a few years and many still use it.

You saved me so much time! thanks again

Have a great weekend.

Emily S.

Hi Peter!

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding my resume.

First, Dan Doratak did an amazing job and really saw my vision and what I needed. So I wanted to let you know that.

I remember you telling me that your service also offers job finding services and I wanted to inquire about what specifically you offer. Is it a headhunter type service? Please let me know what you have to offer and the fees for these services.

Thank you very much!

Nicole M.

Hi Debra.

Ahhh. Thank you. I feel so much better.

I have just read your documents and am very happy. I quit my job today so it looks like I will have more time to work on this with you, but I need some time to digest both what you have provided, as well as, my new job-less state.

I’ll try to get back with you in the next couple of days. The one thing that I’m not sure about – although it is nice – is the box of strengths in the upper-right. It might be to “artsy” for me. If you have another format that I could also see, that would be great.

I’ll also work on providing clarification for the items you requested.

Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy to see you and I are on the right track.

Constance S.

Hi Jane and Jeannie,

After reading these documents multiple times, I think they are finally ready for prime time.

I want to thank Jeannie for the awesome work on these documents, they look as good as they’re going to get.

The next step would be for you to send these out to a targeted audience based on your Resume Machine capability as discussed with Jane earlier in the week.


Ian W.



Oh my Gosh!!! I think of the hours & hours (I have a whole box of print-outs of how to write resumes, info on companies, sample resumes…..)

You are brilliant!!! I don’t know where you came from…but… you obviously have had an incredible, successful career(s). WOW! …

Well…client just called..I’ll be back with more responses…

Thanks Pierre.

Bonnie B.


Jeanie finished my resume and I wanted to let you know that she did a great job and I was very happy with it.

Would Jeanie be the writer for the cover letter as well?


Dave C.

Hi, Greg,

This version looks really good and I like it a lot.

I would like the following modifications made, and then we can proceed:

Cover letter – The application in PRO is an existing app so I took out the word “new”, and changed “design” to “enhance”.

Resume – A couple of my own suggested changes for the resume seemed a bit too technical and narrow, so I either took it out, or modified them with a broader expression.

I appreciate your help.


Angela H.

Dear Kathy:

Wow, I love it!! Amazing design and thought process!

I have two Quick questions for you.

1) In trying to better understand the “resume grammar”, is it proper to leave out articles such as “a” or “an”?

2) And in some cases, should I include changes to verb tense or are all of the verb tenses correct and I should just leave them all alone knowing you are better at this than I?

I do not want to attempt to correct something that should not be corrected.

Nate S.

Hi Wendy,

Just wanted to pass along the good news.

I received lots of interviews after posting my revised resume.

I found a great opportunity after the 5th company I interviewed with and accepted their offer.

Your help was invaluable in landing the position.

Thank you!


Peter H.


First, I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Jeanie’s work.

She’s a talented and very effective writer whose work exceeded my expectations. Congrats and thank you!

With your permission, I’d like her to do a cover letter and a LinkedIn bio for me.

I’ve already made payment arrangement on your site. Please let me know if you need any additional info.

Warm regards,

Philippe S.


Just wanted to drop you a line to say a word of thanks.

Before I had my resume done I was getting almost NO interest by any employers.

Since you rebuilt it and I reposted it on various job sites my phone has been ringing off the hook with recruiters. I now have my pick of jobs.

I am so happy I made the investment in you and your team’s expertise.

One very happy customer!

Lisa P.

Thanks Dan!

They all look great. I will be sure to tell Peter what a great job you did.

Thanks again for all the hard work.

Best Regards,

Victor G.

Hi Dan,

As usual, you’ve done a perfect job; I like it. No need for another draft.

Just to let you now, ever since you created my resume a couple years ago, I’ve only sent them to four companies. All four companies/recruiters called me and scheduled for an interview.

Thank you and have a great day!

Mark M.


I used your first draft to apply for a Job on Tuesday. I had two interview this week and I received a call this morning with a job offer!

Thank you so much!

Job well done, mission accomplished.

Rakib J.

Hi Greg-

I’ve reviewed the docs, and they look great. I think I added 2 things in red to the resume, that’s it.

I do have a question. What is the correct format for the cover letter when you don’t have a specific person’s name to put in the address and salutation? Do you just use “Dear Hiring Personnel” or something similar?


Eddie Q.

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your e-mail and the lovely work you have done on my CV.

I almost did not recognise myself as I was reading the completed CV.

You have put into words all the things I meant to say but did not how to express.

Thanks very much.

Please find attached the “revised” copy as you requested.

Thanks a lot, do have a lovely weekend and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

Yetunde I.

Hi Wendy,

I’ve read the initial resume draft and cover letter and came away very impressed with the high quality of work.

You did an amazing job!

Per directions, I’ve made changes and supplied answers on the attached document.


Peter H.


I want to thank you again for developing my resume.

I thought I had a pretty good resume to begin with but I was wrong. I now understand the need to hire a professional resume writer to do this for me.

After reviewing my resume last evening, this new resume leaves the reader wanting to know more specific details and I feel this will get me the interview.

I believe this resume took quite a bit of your time to develop and I truly appreciate your efforts.

I look forward to receiving my new cover letter and starting the job search process.

Quite a few of my co-workers are looking for a new position due to our new owners bringing in their own people for current positions.

I would like to forward your contact information if you approve. Please let me know as 2 of my friends read my new resume and want to contact you soon.

Thank you,

Mike T.


WOW, you are very good!

I do not see anything I would like changed.

I completely understand the need to hire a professional to prepare a resume now.

Thank you!

Mike T.


I am ecstatically impressed. Using “track changes” I answered the two questions you had as well as making a few clarification edits.

Overall, it looks FABULOUS!

Thanks so much!

Martie N.


Attached is my revised version with very few changes.

I read, proof read and printed and read again, overall, you did a great job.

Sami A.

Hi Jeanie,

Hope you had a nice weekend as well.

Thanks for the draft, looks and reads wonderfully well.

Kind Regards,

Paul L.

Dear Rosie,

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Thank you very much for the your work.

WOW! You’ve taken my resume to the next level with the succinct and professional craftmanship.

I am sincerely grateful.

Angie M.

Hello Dan,

I have reviewed the resume and it looks great. You did a fantastic job condensing a whole lot of information without leaving anything out.

I have no deletions or additions to the draft copy so if we can replace your copy with the origional resume that I uploaded several weeks ago that would be great.

If I need to do anything on my end to get this accomplished please just let me know.

Thanks again for the great job You did with the information I provided to you!

John U.

Hi Greg

Please see my revisions.

Overall looks good and appreciate your work.

Please provid me the revision, ASAP and we will finalize.


Ram P.


Let me first say: thanks so much for the attention to detail and great job on both the Resume and Cover Letter. I really appreciate it.

Initially, I think I only have a few changes. The most major of these centers around the “Interim VP of Technology”-related verbiage. Although I served in this capacity at StrategyOne during most of my first year, this was not an official title that I held – for us to present it in that way would not be representative of the truth. I think we should definitely highlight the work, but we shouldn’t attribute titles to me that I never officially held. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused in relaying this info initially.

Beyond this, I rephrased a few things in the Profile. Other than that, I think we’re getting very close to a final version.

Thanks again – let me know what you think here. I’ve attached the updated documents with my changes in red.


Johnny L.


Cover letter reads great.

I have to say the process and the resulting resume/cover letter proved to be a wonderful exercise in helping me focus on my strengths.

Thank you!

Bob H.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for resending the draft of my resume. It looks good, I have made some minor changes. I have attached my edits.

I have one question on the size of this resume, is it the standard size. My concern is regarding details. Is there a chance that I will be asked for a detailed resume?


Rao B.


The documents look great. I just make one revision on the resume – it is highlighted.

Regarding formatting, please check to ensure that the formatting is correct. I say that because the ‘Areas of Expertise’ bullets had green lines under all of the text.

All else looks fine, please call me tomorrow so we can discuss.

Thanks again,

Dino A.


I apologize for sending you the incorrect version of my resume. Your promptness as always is greatly appreciated..

Your work product is very impressive.

My only concern is the formatting of the knowledge list in the profile section.

I am relying on your expertise. Please do what you consider to be the best option for me.

Many thanks,

Phillip M.


Greg Faherty prepared my resume. My previous resume was self-written and required the reader to sort through paragraphs of mess just to see what I did.

Greg gave my resume a complete makeover.

He’s an absolute expert when it comes to reading what you do and converting it to language that makes companies desire to interview.

I looked at the end result Greg provided and thought that this is exactly what I do in a language that I could not possibly have created on my own.

For example, I submitted my resume-exactly as prepared by Greg-for a position via e-mail. In 27 minutes, I received a telephone call from the recruiter. ‘I just got your resume and I want to talk to you.’

I don’t know what a reasonable turnaround time should be; but, I have never experienced this before. I know for certain that is happened because Greg prepared my resume. It never happened with my self-prepared document.

I am a satisfied client and have prepared this unsolicited recommendation.

Ken W.


I have read through several times and thought about and additional changes.

The draft turned out very well.

Attached are some minor adjustments or comments.

Ron R.

Hey Donna,

The resume looks great. It is so rewarding to see how my hard work impacted the resume. I made a few changes/suggestions. Let me know what you think.

Thank you again for your help.

Also, the wheels are in motion at xxxxxxxxxx…they are looking to add some people over the next few months to grow the division.

Hopefully my timing is right.

Scott K.


While everyone has the time and inclination to share and pursue the negative side of any business equation, few find the time or inclination to share views on the positive side of the ledger.

I want to share a few impressions about the resume writing process as facilitated by OpsLadders.

First, I had my resume critiqued. The process was professional, thorough and expeditious.

Second, I wanted to be certain of the services to be performed. I had a lengthy conversation about the service that I could expect. This conversation did convince me to pursue having my CV rewritten. As I considered the process of having my resume ‘rewritten’ by a professional, I was riddled with skepticism. That skepticism had nothing to do with the cost, it had to do with the feeling that I couldn’t envision how the myriad of disparate achievements from my career could be brought together on one CV logically and cohesively.

Next, I spoke with Tom Albano explaining my goals and how I wanted my resume to convey my unique business experience. Tom took the time to listen to me and create an exceptional resume. Obviously, the process took a little time and Tom took the time to make it right.

Never did I feel, as I expected to, that my ‘detail? comments were unimportant. We had several beneficial and productive conversations before the resume was finalized.

Even at that point, Tom made clear that if I had a future need, give him a ring.

The entire process of working with Tom was seamless, productive and expeditious.

In these difficult and demanding job seeking times, it is reassuring to know that there is a ‘team’ behind me working with me toward success.

Sincerely yours,

Brian A. V.

Hello Greg,

Just wanted to write and let you know the resume rewrite you did for me worked and I did land several interviews based on the excellent work you did for me in recrafting my resume.

I finally did land the job I am going to be starting soon based on this resume.

Thanks for all your hard work in getting this done for me.


John D.


Thank you for your frank reply.

After additional consideration, I would like for us to go back to the format you believe is most appropriate. I have made one other change (the ‘k’ in Taskforce was missing).

Once this is complete, I think we should be finished.

Thank you,

Thaddeus F.


I think you have done a wonderful job. I have enclosed a reviewed version.


Harvey S.

Dear Dan,

I am very pleased with the quality of the write up.

What I did is to review it thoroughly and provide my comments. From the summary point of view, I just suggest a couple of minor edits. For the sections on General Dynamics and General Motors, I am fine.

I thought we could beef up the Abbott and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company a little bit.

Please peruse the attached comments and let me know your thoughts.

Your arrangement of the subject matter and details are impressive. I like it.




The new resume got me an interview and I got the job!

Thank you!!!

Kim W.


I am so very pleased with this draft. It is very professional and I love the initial impression it gave me at first glance. Love it!

I’m resending you the draft, and I’ve answered your questions within the
comment boxes –

I especially appreciated how you emphasized “global” and “international” expertise to help make my resume pop for potential international employers.

Great idea, and I thought you did it very well.

Looking forward to your reply,

Heather B.

Dear Ms. Wendy Haylett,

I thank you very much for the final resume and cover letter.

It is now perfect, and I am satisfied with the excellect documents.

I have no further questions, and I am sure that this is the final.

Thank you again for your writings.

Nakamas. I


You did a fantastic job of highlighting my experience, skills, and accomplishments.

I believe this resume will open some excellent doors for me.

I have made some changes, mostly cosmetic.

Please let me know if you think any of them are inappropriate, redundant, or unnecessary.

Your next version will be the final one, so I thank you in advance for your efforts.


Michael S.


I think the resume looks great. I made some minor changes like Jacksonville, FL instead of Jacksonville, TX and a minor tweak in the industry background description.

Thank you.

Jon R.


OK… I love it…it is so much more powerful that the first one I got from the other gal.


I have made edits, I hope they are understandable.

Ann J.

Hi Peter,

Just finished the resume process with Deb Whitman.

She did a fabulous job.

Per your email on Ladders I’m linking to you.

Darren C.

Thanks for this, Donna,

What I like best about the resume but even more apparent in the cover letter is that you’ve conveyed me as an energetic, creative person brimming over with enthusiasm.

Don’t know how you managed, but you did.

Perhaps I was so bored with my other letter/resume combo (after seeing it that way for a year) that I couldn’t create something fresh and exciting — despite the fact that I consider myself a professional writer (and a pretty good liar — I write novels, for Heaven’s sake)!

Thanks again,

Laura W.


I have attached a copy of my resume with a few changes highlighted in Red.

Overall I have received very favorable compliments on the format from colleagues, friends and HR professionals that I asked to review it.

Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome, I need to stand out as an IT Professional, especially in this day and age.

I appreciate your efforts, again, it looks great!

Rick H.

Hello Dan,

I have reviewed the resume and it looks great.

You did a fantastic job condensing a whole lot of information without leaving anything out.

I have no deletions or additions to the draft copy so if we can replace your copy with the origional resume that I uploaded several weeks ago that would be great.

if i need to do anything on my end to get this accomplished please just let me know.

Thanks again for the great job.

You did with the information I provided to you!

John U.


I am writing to you with enormous appreciation and admiration for your hard work. I am very grateful…THANK YOU!

I have sent out my Resume and Cover letter to various job openings I have found online and am now just waiting for any responses.

You will be among the first to know if I land any of these jobs.

Best regards,

Jose L.

Thanks Pierre.

I appreciate your efforts.

I was interviewed today on a quality job after applying yesterday.

That’s the magic of the correct words.

Keep a good eye open for jobs in Columbus for me.

All the best,

Foster W.


I have reviewed the documents. I only detected one correction.

I am very happy with what you have done.

I hadn’t written a resume in so long, it is now apparent to me that I needed the help of a resume writting professional.

Rob S.

Hi Wendy,


As far as I’m concerned yes, my order is delivered!

I have actually posted this resume on a couple of my sites and am adding this to the rest of my postings.

So far so good, I’ve had a couple of calls about the new resume and I’m using this new resume on some interviews that I had submitted my old resume too.

Thank you very much for your excellent work J

Michael P.


I was pleased with the first draft of my resume. I turned on the tracker function in Word. Please see the minor changes.

In my current role, there are three directors over the application area because of the number of facilities and staff. As far as the number of staff I supervise and applications supported, that is correct. I did remove the word “all” in the cover letter.

I’m a non-voting / resource on the IS Steering. Is the word “active” member of IS Steering too strong?

As a project manager, the physicians didn’t work for me. We made recommendations and consulted them.

I made some minor changes on page 2.

I had several people review this and they thought it sounded good.

Randy J.


Wow. Nice job rookie! 🙂

One change. LinkedIn summary. paragraph 4 sentence 1. Suggest a period after the word “… experiences”. I will save he resume and cover letter in word format and await the text versions.

I understand you will change my LinkedIn profile …

Thanks very much, Pierre. Have a great evening.

Foster W.

P.S. I’d be delighted to work in Columbus and have season tickets to the Blue Jackets so please keep an eye open for me in your community and surrounding area.

Hi Dan,

I have reviewed the cover letter and see no changes necessary. It fits my needs exactly.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to my resume and cover letter. I appreciate your efforts.

Nicole M.

Hi Dan,

That’s great. Thank you very much, both the revised resume and cover letter are excellent. Looking forward to recieving lots of contacts.


Keith R.


I’ve reviewed the resume and the cover letter. Both are very well done.

You’ve put in a lot of effort in to it and it shows. It’s obvious that you took the time to review my old resume as well as the questionnaire. Thank you.

I only have one change on page two of the resume. The change is in red. I added the word documentation and abbreviated the word database to DB to keep the spacing the same. Access to the application documentation database on the AS/400 was integrated into the QA tracking application so that the programmers did not have to exit the Notes client to access it on-line.

Great job!

Thanks again,

Larry W K.


Thank you for creating a resume and cover letter for me.

I have reviewed both and have attached a few minor edits (see attached).

Thank you!

Caitlin P.


I’m extremely impressed on the improvement of my resume. I couldn’t come close to that. Thank You.

Lee B.


The resume and cover letter look great, thanks for the time and effort put into it.

The only two changes I see is one on the resume itself is that the company name needs a “minor” adjustment, and the second being on the cover letter that we make sure that we know that Cable and Wireless is the name of the company.

James F.

Hi Rosie,

I went over the resume twice and it seems like you have done a marvelous job.

It does not require any changes from me so you can send me the final copy.

Thank you.

Shan M.


Greg has done a great job creating my new resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I will be posting the LinkedIn profile this weekend and start sending out the resume and cover letter Monday.

I am interested in hearing more about the various services you offer to get my resume in the hands of hiring officials and executive recruiters.


Bill L.


Freddie did a super job with my resume…She is currently working on draft corrections.

Can you tell me again how you can help me with linked in and getting my resume in front of recruiters.


Neil S.

Hi Pierre –

I love the formatting, it certainly has a pop now that I never would have expected! …

I’ll have a chance to go through everything in
detail tonight.

Thanks again, it’s really looking great!

Best Regards,

Jim P.

Hello Donna,

I must say THANK YOU for the difference you made with your magic!!!

I have finally accepted a position which I am thrilled about.

After your resume magic I had three options and went on 7 interviews and now finally I can start fresh!!

THANK YOU and if you ever needed recommending…. should I say more?

Kindest regards,

Ana M.

Thanks Dan,

I really appreciate your help.

I just quickly looked at the resume and it looks fabulous.

I am so excited about it. I will review it tonight and get any comments back to you tomorrow.

Thanks again!

Mollye W.


Thank you very much. I was away from email this week-end due to snow etc.

I am totally fine with it as-is.

I think you did a great job and I am very appreciative to have it just when I need it.

Many SINCERE thanks.

Susan M.


Thanks for your hard work. I am very pleased.

I used “track changes” to make edits to the resume. I only made changes where there were inaccuracies that needed correcting. However, in several places, I included a question mark; this meant that I was suggesting a change, but if you, as the expert, know better than I do that what you provided is what I should use, then I yield to you to provide what is best for me.

The cover letter is fine and does not need any changes.

Thanks again for your work. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Bill L.


I got the final product from Freddie this morning and am very pleased with it.

She was very professional and did spend a lot of time trying to understand my needs. I am more than happy to recommend her and your firm.

She also explained the email blast service and I am considering to do it for recruiters and venture capital segments.

Thank you in advance.

Thomas K.

Hi Peter,

You asked me to cc you the email with my revisions to the draft so you could follow the progress, and I failed to do so.

Here is a copy of the email I just sent to Donna.

She has done an awesome job on my resume.

I don’t know how she did it with the information she had available to her, but she did and I am pleased so far!

Patty C.

Dear Jeanie

I am OK with this final revision, please just send me the remaining file (LinkedIn), but believe me you have done a great job in my resume.

Thank you,

Roberto L.


My resume is completed by Jeanie Oscarson and at the moment I have had 4 companies contact me, 3 recruiters out of these – 2 phone interviews with two different companies and well on my way for the face to face interview with both!!

You provide an invaluable service..

Khalilah W.


The Cover Letter looks great. Thank you for all you have done to assist me in my endeavor to find a new job opportunity.

I believe the resume and cover letter you have created on my behalf will work wonders for me now and in the future.

Thanks again.

Chris D.

Dear Jean & Jane:

I want to both thank you for the outstanding and very professional work performed on my Resume !

I’ll be reviewing it in further detail and let Jean know ASAP if minor adjustments or changes are required to make it look even better.

After having agreed on the final version, I’d appreciate also having the Cover Letter and Linkedin Bio to complement my Resume, hopefully I can start 2010 very well prepared.

Once again, thank you for your effort, dedication and attention to detail, it really has made a huge difference on the final product.

Best Regards,

Marc D.


This is wonderful.

I will study and reflect on it over the weekend, and provide my feedback and answer your questions very early next week.

I appreciate the effort and quality you put into this.

Thank you,

Rennie M.

Hi Wendy,

I like my resume and cover letter prepared by you very much!

I have made some minor correction to the text and I would like to discuss with you them, so we can finalize document in less iterations.

When we can we have conversation about it?

Please let me know.


Leszek A. W.

Hi Peter:

I hope you enjoyed a nice weekend!

I am pleased to advise that my Resume, Cover Letter, and Linked in Profile has been completed by Darlene Dassy who did a wonderful job, and I am now confident that I could do a job search with much success!

As I mentioned to you recently by phone, I also want to increase my client base here at my own company right now, and would also like to do a one page biography and a 2nd linked in profile based on the Biography.

I would like to go ahead and just want to double check the pricing with you, and then have Darlene complete this ASAP.

I will give you a call tomorrow or simply advise the costs to me via email for my reconfirmation, so our works can be finalized.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Noel C.


I really like the look & flow of the resume.

There are parts that really captured better than I did the essence. Here are a few things I would like to modify …

Otherwise, I am very happy with the product & would like to review the next versions.


Kris G.

Dear Rosie:

I have not made many changes in the resume. The only thing I have really changed is that I changed the word to Broncos.

I just want to let you know that I am very impressed with the resume and cover letter. They both look amazing!


Matthew C.


I asked and you delivered. I got my “Ferrari” resume. Thank you!

How is your hip? I hope you are in a strengthening phase now.

Thank you for being part of my team. “You ROCK”.

Tell your boss if you have one, that I think you are EXCELLENT! Not only writing but capturing the vision and outstanding communication. Even under unforeseen pressure and extra obligations. Also hats off to whoever paired you with me as well.

Looking forward to the summary and not rushing,

I like your high quality product.


Dr. Michael F.


Wow! Exactly what I was hoping for.

I read the resume several times and emailed it to my personal references for feedback. (BTW, all we impressed!)

I had a question about the opening job title and summary description wording, semantics mainly.

I’ve attached the resume with track changes and comments (yellow highlight area) enabled.

Thank you!

Ed M.

Hello Freddie,

I’ve taken a look at the documents you sent. They both look terrific. I think we have final versions now.

I look forward to receiving the final versions of the cover etc.


Kiran K.

Hi Jeanie,

Thanks for your work!

I believe now I can chose the highlight bullets that are most appropriate to each situation.

And, I think the CV is in good shape now, and appreciate your hard work on it.

I thank you once again, and you are the best!


Samuel V.

Hi Greg,

I apologize for the delay in getting these revisions back to you.

The resume looks great!!!!

I used ‘tracked changes’ for the revisions. I didn’t have many revisions but one of my changes threw the page breaks off a bit.

Most of the changes are in the technical skills section. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Regarding the change I made under EDS for the KYC stuff – I have seen KYC or Know Your Client being asked for in some positions I have been looking at which is why I thought it should be included.

Again, thank you very much,

Katerina M.


It looks awesome! I made some minor changes as you will see.

Thank you,

Joe B.


I love what you’ve done so far! VERY impressive.

I edited just a few things, and wrote in a bunch of stuff from the produce business I owned in Florida.

I’ll be looking forward to see what you do with it!

Thanks for your hard work!

Paul H.


This looks great. Thank you.

I am going to look at it in more detail over the weekend on my home computer- but just wanted to let you know that I am really pleased!

Have a good weekend.

Kate H.


Dan delivered a draft resume today.

It looks real good – a couple of tweaks and we’ll be complete.

Does Dan also do the cover letter and Linked-in work or is that someone else?

Mike M.

You’re awesome Donna.

Hope the travels were safe. Thank you again so much. If I have any questions, I will most definitely reach out.

You’ve been such a pleasure to work with.

Kindest regards (and have a great day!)

Beth C.

Thanks Donna!

I’m finishing up the worksheet today and will send it over with everything else you’ve already got. Glad that you are excited!

The last time you did my resume I got an offer that was one of my favorite and most fulfilling jobs of all time so hopefully it will be the same this time 🙂

Clara F.


I am so impressed!!! There were only a few changes. I look forward to the final document!!!


Khalilah W.

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