I have just completed my first reading of your comments summarizing the work which you did to SIGNIFICANTLY improve both the content and appearance of my KSA writeup and resume for the OTI Country Representative – Niger position.

I am REALLY PLEASED with your work. I will review both documents thoroughly today, and will likely submit my application tonight or tomorrow morning.

Kindly note that USAID has also announced a Deputy Country Representative position for this role. As you and I have mentioned in earlier communications, I am truly qualified for all aspects of the Country Representative position. However, knowing full well that the competition for all positions, especially good ones such as this OTI position, I will also applying for the Deputy position.

I will review the announcement and send it to you today. Together, we can decide if I can just tweak the resume and KSA for the Country Rep position or we will need different documents for the Deputy role. Since the deadline for submission for both roles is Nov 7 and since the additional work on preparing the docs for the Deputy position won’t be ‘too much’, we should be able to complete both documents in time for me to meet the application deadline.

Once again, thanks very much for the professional work which you’ve done on my KSA writeup and resume.

Kind regards,

Mopoi N.

Hi Greg,

Looks great the first time !!!

I have read it a few time and have my changes in Red (Track Change – ON).

Please update as appropriate’thnx

Regards & Thanks



I want to reach out to you and tell you that Jeanie did a wonderful job on the resume.

I also paid for an intro letter.

Any idea on when that will be finalized?

Regards and thank you again.

Bob Mc.


I LOVE what you have put together for me with the federal resume and private sector resume.

I will start using it immediately. I was under the impression the text Only Version was for both the cover letter and resume.

I want to know a little more about your Corporate Recruiter resume services as well.

Thanks again,

Steveson S.

Hello Dan,

All I can say is WOW! I will go over in depth once I get off today and have comments if any for you in the morning.

So, once that part is complete is that where the cover letter and update to LinkedIn come into play?

You took all that data and turned it into an awesome product!

Thank you,

Shawn W.


The resume looks good. I am signing-off on it.

Thank you.


Jeremy H.

Hi Pierre,

I made a couple of changes (in red)- one I need you to edit the content – you will see my note.
All updates are in red

As I had mentioned, let’s use the key word arrangement that you put together. I like it much better!

Wording is great.

If I added too many words, please see if they fit or we can change them so the content fits correctly.

Thanks again!

Looks great! Yeah! Finally.

Rosalie P.

Good Afternoon, Pierre,

Overall, this looks good.

This process is interesting – the resume reads so much better.

After review, there are some minor changes I would like to make but it appears that I can save and enable editing to make those changes on my own.

Please advise if there is a different process we should follow.

Also, I would like to discuss the additional services available. LinkedIn info as well as working with/identifying recruiters, etc. that may assist me in connecting with a position that I may otherwise not come across on the traditional job boards/online career listings.


Bradley T.


I’ve been meaning to email you sooner but I have been busy job searching.

I reviewed the resume, cover letter and linkedin profile information. Everything looked great.

I updated my linkedin profile and have started to distribute my resume.

I’ve received some positive responses to my resumes and have landed some interviews.

Hopefully, this will be the first step in landing my next career.

Thank you very much for all your help in putting this all together.

Patricia A.

Hello Peter,

Would you mind sending me information about the “resume blast” option you mentioned when we talked about my resume review?

What do you need from me? what type of organizations and or recruiters will receive it?

By the way, Pierre did a great job redoing my resume.

The statements in your site are true.

The number of calls increased after your organization assisted me.


Jorge O.

Dear Greg,

The resume looks terrific. I have made a few very minor changes for your review.


Joe C.


First of all – thank you so much for the great job done on my resume. It is a dramatic improvement from where I started and I believe it will help me in my job search immensely.

If I were to order a cover letter what would be the turnaround time to get it back?

Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you,

Lijana M.


Thank you very much for the LinkedIn profile and cover letter.

They are both fantastic and you really did a superb job.

Thank you again,

Frederic R.


I have the cover letters and resume and just waiting on the linkedin profile and I am very pleased with Jeanie’s work. It’s Exceptional!

Glen J.


I reviewed my resume and it is AWESOME! I very very much appreciate the effort, time and dedication you have shown and provided. Thank you very much!

I would like to add a cover letter to the services that I had ordered. Do I need to contact Peter for the billing?

Thank you again,

Frederic R.

Dan/ Peter,

Attached are my comments/redline edits of the first draft.

Overall, all I can say is ‘WOW!’, great improvement articulating accomplishments over previous versions.

First, my comments are mainly to generate dialogue for my own education and not criticism.

I’m trying to gain an understanding why you chose certain phrases/titles. Our ultimate goal is to land and interview.

Secondly, I see numbers where normally I’d see them written out, is this due to space constraint? Or is that ‘accepted practice?’ Again, I’m trying to educate myself.

Otherwise, a few minor corrections and I think we are there.

Thank you for the great work and I look forward to your responses.

Ron L.

Hi Peter,

Wanted to let you know that Greg Faherty did a terrific job on my resume and LinkedIn bio.

Thank you for recommending him.

I will call you tomorrow regarding resume distribution options.

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

Richard M.


Items need to be addressed

1. HIPPA-should be HIPAA
2. Server 2003-2013-should be 2003-2012

Other than that this is one excellent looking resume!

Thank you very much.

David G.

Thanks Peter/Jeanie,

My new resume was key in helping me land my new job.

I will be having my wife update her CV with you soon.

Can you send me a formal receipt for tax purposes?


Andrew S.


It looks just a little better than mine? :o)

I’m really pleased! I made a couple of changes and added some comments.

I used tracking in MS Word. Please take a look.


Mike G.


I reviewed the linkedin profile revisions and the cover letters – They are AWESOME!

Thank you so much for doing an exceptional job!


Dave B.

Hey Dan,

I have received both the cover letter and resume both excellent thank you.

I will contact you if any other added information need to be added.

Once again thank you.

Desmond B.


I took a quick glance today (will review much more fully later) and at first glance I am delighted!!! THANK YOU!

I’ll get you some cogent feedback in the next day or two, but I wanted to circle back and tell you how “right-on-track” this is for me.

I am so glad I contracted your services!

Holly McG.

Hi Peter,

Tom Albano has completed my resume and my Linkedin profile and did an excellent job!.

I will give you a call on Monday to discuss the additional services with regard to recruiters you provide and the cover letter.

Best regards,

Joann M.

Hi Peter,

I wish to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the work Tammy Chisolm has completed for me.

She is truly a professional!

Ginger R.

Hi Jeanie,

The resume looks great, thank you for your diligent efforts!


Dave B.


I reviewed the resume and made some comments and edits which should be visible using Word’s Track Changes function.

Except for the technical information corrections the rest of the comments are just questions and suggestions for discussion (you’re the experts).

The rest of the document looks fantastic,

I am impressed.

Let me know what you think.


David B.

Hi Jeanie!

Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry.

I received the draft and after a quick scan, I thought it was very good. I will be taking a closer look at it today and get back with you over the weekend with respect to any questions I may have and we can discuss on Monday.

Have a great weekend and thank you again for your diligent efforts.


Dave B.

Hello Kathy,

Thank you again for the wonderful work you have done with the resume! Katya and I have made some minor additions and i am attaching the latest version hereby.

Katya has started a new job at Fresco Bank Ltd a month ago in the same capacity as her previous job.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Anita S.

Hi, Greg;

I really like what you’ve done.

You’ve really captured what I couldn’t seem to get right. I used track changes in Word so you can easily see the edit’s I’ve made. I also added one comment.

Thanks a lot.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Brenda S.


Very nice job – professional, good looking and accurate.

I would be interested in the pricing for a LinkedIn profile update.

John L.


I think you did a great job of capturing my experience, value and expertise and I appreciate your hard work and attention to detail.

Please let me know if I can provide further clarifications.

Thanks again,

John L.

Hi Jeanie,

That’s perfect!

Thank you for the nice job.

Now, I’d like to ask Peter about my LinkedIn updating.

How does it work and what about the cost?


Flavio R.


Looks great.

I was away this weekend and didnt have a chance to read through it carefully but will do later or tomorrow.

Thanks again!

Ilene M.


I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for assigning Peirre Daunic to assist me with completing my resume.

Peirre is a true professional, and a did a terrific job.

I enjoyed working with him very much, as his communication was excellent.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Pierre’s willingness to work with me until everything was 100%.

Truthfully, he started fresh and very little revisions were needed. I would highly recommend Pierre!

Once again, I am very grateful for you working with me until I was satisfied.

Best Regards,

Leslie J. M.

Happy Friday Greg!

This looks excellent. I made a few comments in red.

Thank you,

Kristine G.


Looks great !!

Thank you,

Brent L.


Your support has been absolutely world class in terms of quality and speed of delivery, hugely appreciated.


Daan de K.

Hi Dan.

Just a quick note of thanks!

I used your resume for 2 jobs and I was hired by both companies!

Many thanks and have a great day!

Kelley C.

Dear Peter/Dan,

To say that I have enjoyed and greatly appreciated the work which Dan and I have so done together, under a very serious time crunch, is an understatement.

I am also grateful that after I had spent a considerable amount of money on various combinations of Federal and non-Federal resume writing firms, I seem to have finally found one that, I believe, will truly help me advance my career with the Federal Government. That Federal resume writing firm is yours, and my resume writer is Dan!!!!!!

As I have mentioned to Dan, resume projects going forward will not be rushed—especially now that we have successfully completed the first project.

We will begin the new phase of normal turnaround time for a Federal resume with resumes for the first 2 of the attached 4 announcements.

Have a great day.

Mopoi N.


I received my resume from Tammy today.

She did a wonderful job.

I was crying when I got my resume because for the first time I felt hopeful about my job search.

Thank you and Tammy!

Jennifer L.


The resume really look great. I have only made two changes:

1) added my training in change Management and Leadership
2) added skills and combined Frameworks and Architectures.

I am perfectly fine with the resume.

On the cover letter have I have a question.

Should we indicate that I am willing to relocate and travel (30%). I have planning to relocate to Georgia or North Carolina.

Thank you very much for you help.

I am only attaching my resume with mentioned updates. Let me know the next steps.


Ravi L.

Mr. Newfield/Dan,

It is my pleasure to have worked with Dan on this venture and rest assured, I will pass along the recommendation and refer family and friends to your services.

Most recently I showed my Mom and Dad the final products and they like what they see.

Tim R.

HI Peter,

Attached please find my new updated resume – thanks to both Jeanie and yourself for a job well done !

Please advise next steps and time line for both the cover letter and LinkedIn Bio as described below.


Vince A.


This is great and thank you again for masterful work.

You were able to achieve exactly what I had hoped to with my profile and resume’.

If there are any feedback cards or surveys you need me to do to assess your work or services in general please pass them my way.

Tim R.


This is awesome…

One comment is the justified paragraph format is that standard? With all the bullets and items that don’t take things to the margin it makes the document look like there are too many spaces in places…

I also have some comments in the reviewed document at first I wanted to strike the address but you can ignore that comment.

Again thanks and the Cover Letter I have no comments on.

Brad F.


First impression – Wow!!!!!

You did a good job pulling out the HR experience. In addition, thank you for your recommendations.

The resume represents me. I can not wait to put it to the test. XXXX will be the first for the HR generalist 2 which is an entry HR opportunity. 🙂

I specifically sent you the job description to capture some of the key words. ….

Rachel G.

Dear Pierre,

All is fine with your draft [of my bio]; no modifications needed, very good!

Kind regards,

Christian W.


Thanks for making the changes.

I have reviewed the resume to see if we missed anything, nothing jumps out at me.

As we say, here in Texas – ” I think it’s done, we can stick a fork in it “.

Would you please save the document without the reference to the version #, and also save it in a PDF format?

Meanwhile, I will get to work on the changes you’ve suggested to my Linked In profile.

Nydia G.

Hello Greg –

Resume looks great!

3 edits attched are in bold red.

No edits to CL.


Andre’ B.

Hello Peter,

I would like you to know how happy I am with your services.

Pierre Daunic did a great job with my resume and LinkedIn page.

Thank you!

Elana S.


I received my completed resume re-write from Jean Oscarson last week and was very pleased with the final version.

Please have the LinkedIn profile done for uploading onto their site and was wondering if this has been completed or do I need to get in touch with Ms. Oscarson for that information?

Thank you for your help.

Chris C.


Can you check the font size of the bullet points-other than that we’re done and ready to post it up on LinkedIn and call it a complete job.

Thanks again, Really appreciate the great work and attention to detail!

John M.

Hello Peter,

You did a great job on my resume last year. I am referring your services to a very close friend of mine Barbara C. I have her on the email distribution, so would you please reach out to Barb and take care of her resume.


Altaf H.

Dear Peter,

I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a new role as Chief Operating Officer for XYZ, Inc..

I will be traveling to San Diego often from my home in Northern California when not visiting plants and offices in Singapore, Germany, China, Mexico , Japan, USA and Brazil among other places.

Kevin B.

Thanks Greg!

Looks GREAT (but would like to review one last time before we call it complete)

I also signed up for the LinkedIn template. Is that something you’ll send me?

John M.

Hi Greg,

Attached is my revised Resume in track changes.

I really am very pleased with the version you provided but have made a few additional tweaks.

Thank you,

Pat D.

Hi Gregory,

You did a great job!

I only have very few comments/changes.

Carlos H.

Dear Greg,

I want to thank you for your work on my behalf.

I received an offer today for employment as Director , Manufacturing Operations from Dunkin Donuts in Florida .

I couldn’t have done it without your help


Tony C.



Thank you for putting so much into my resume and excelling at what you do! The results surpassed my expectations.

I was able to spend some time reviewing the resume & CL. Feedback is attached.

I’ll be on travel all next week and unable to work on this further (in case we don’t finalize things this week and you don’t hear from me).

Thanks again,

John M.

Hello Pierre,

I went through the draft resume.

I am very pleased with the resume. I just added few things to it under computer skills.


Rosalyne W.


A remarkable job!

I know this wasn’t an easy project for you.

Thank you for your hard work.

No changes necessary.

I hope you are staying well and best of luck to you in the future!

Valerie B.


It’s perfect !

I honestly was very shocked at first when I had been told the cost of all of this because I did not think there was much you could do to a resume.

After having seen the work you’ve done, this was worth every penny and it’s absolutely incredible.

Thank you so much Tammy!

Faryal A.

Hi Peter,

I loved the resume that Jeanie helped put together for me!

I am very proud of it now.

Jeanie was such a pleasure to work with.

I’d now like to hire your firm, and specifically Jeanie, to help me develop a cover letter and update my Linked-In profile.

Can you direct me as to how to make this happen as soon as possible.


Paul D.


My first response is WOW! Very impressive.

I noticed you did not include the date of my graduation from Oklahoma Christian or Capella. Intentional?

Thank you for a great job.

Warren P.

Jeanie, Peter,

Please note my new email address 🙂

Many thanks for all of your efforts, I really appreciated it.

As a result, I have now been offered a job with XYZ Company.

I have also made recommendations to my friends and colleagues to use your services; first class!

All the best

Anthony L.


Thanks for the resume.

All and all it looks pretty good. I am impressed you could make sense of that mess of a worksheet that I gave you 🙂


Victor L.,


I’m very happy. Great job.

No further edits.


David M.


I made some changes in the resume. I use Word on the Mac.

There was 1 compatibility issue and of course it does not tell me. What else is new:-)).

I appreciate the work and creativity.

Arnold F.

Thanks, Greg.

It looks fantastic.

And everything was correct :-)).

James H.


I appreciate your help. Attached is the version of my resume that I sent to the open position this morning. I made some changes but overall it retains the revamped look and feel you gave it.

Thank you for your hard work.

Thanks again,

Colleen F.

Hi Peter, (About Pierre)

Hope this email finds you well.

Just wanted to let you know that I just accepted an offer with an incredible company for a VP position!

Thank you for having me work with Pierre, as he helped me develop a strong resume that really spoke to my strengths and accomplishments.

Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be contacting you to help me update my Linkedin profile!

Best regards,

Joanne S.


Thanks for the first proof.

It’s looking good. I only have a few items for review or correction. My feedback is in red in both attached documents.

Let me know If you need any additional information.


Mark P.

Hi Greg,

This looks great! Very impressive.

I am hopeful that it helps me land a job soon.

I have noticed that a lot of the jobs I am considering mention P&L management skills. Is it necessary to add it to my resume? Is it implied from my background?


Charles W.

Hi Greg,

It looks great. I did have to make one minor change, which is noted in track changes, otherwise I think it looks really good.

I’ll want to proof read it again, and have another 3rd party (wife) proof read it as well. I didn’t make any changes in the cover letter. I think it’s good as is, but again I’ll want my wife to proof read it as well.

Take a look at the change I made in the resume and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Kelly H.


I have finished reviewing and editing the resume – well done.

I do think I purchased the cover letter, bio and linked in profile as well…..when should I expect those items.

Thank you.

Howard N.


The resume looks great.

I made a few corrections, nothing big. Here are the attached files.


Larry B.

Hi Greg,

Attached you will find a copy of the reviewed resume.

On your first pass you did an excellent job and for that I thank you.

There are a few minor changes for you to incorporate.


Matthew M.


GREAT job on this !! I am very, very impressed with the quality of the work.

This is fantastic. I think that you did a great job of turning the CV into a shorter work.

I have made a few crrections of facts; and am sending back to you for one last look.

Is there anything else that you would recommend adding? deleting?

If you can let me know about this, then I will appreciate it.

Also, after you get this back to me with any final changes, I will be ready to go to the next step.

Probably for this, I will be contacting Jane again–though it may take me a few days this week to get back to you all; I am quite busy M and Tu.

Thanks again,

Jo G

Thanks Mr. Newfield,

Still with the military no new job yet.

Also thank you for introducing me to Dan he did a great job on my resume and CV Letter.

Very happy with the outcome.

Need to discuss LinkedIn options at some point.

Michael T.


You have done some wonderful work!

Thank you!!

Marty P.


Thank you!

I continue to tweak and revise along the way. Your keen eye for details is greatly appreciated!

I will contact Peter this week regarding updating my linked in information.

Thanks again,

Joanne S.


What a pleasant surprise to wake up to a resume of this quality!

I shared this draft with my wife and her comment, “Finally, a well written resume that sets you apart from the group,” summarizes it best.

I have attached my comments and please recognize I “speak” as a novice when making the comments.

Thank you so much!!!!

Roman Z.


It has been great working with your company so far. Dan Dorotik has gotten my resume done, but I have decided to get a linkedin makeover done.

How do I need to go about getting that started and done?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Have great day.

Brian F.


Just read it and I love it! Thank you so much!

Question for future purposes when I do the advance program do I come back to you for that tweak or how is that handled just so I know proper protocol.

Thanks again Pierre! I pray that I can fill up my practice ASAP with more quality, steady, clients with this beautiful resume!

Wanda S. 🙂


This looks great I like the content.

Here is the last of the resume I think.

I guess the box is the best solution. I am not sure the format changes overall in order to accomplish the additional field nuance are for the best, but I understand.

Thank you,

This looks great, honestly.

Susan L.

Hi Jane,

Hope you’re enjoying what’s left of summer.

I’m wholly satisfied with the work that I have received from Dan on my resume and I would like to explore the possibility of having more work done.

I believe we spoke before about updating my LinkedIn profile and a few other options.

Can you please let me know what services are available to me?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Yasmine F.

Hi Pierre,

First of all, thank you for the resume – it looks great!

I have made some changes based on your comments / questions and I think that it is ready to go out.

Attached is a copy for your reference (please let me know if you have any further questions / comments).

Unfortunately I haven’t seen a job posting that suits me yet but as soon as I do I will send it to you so that you can assist me with a cover letter.

In the meantime I’m going to circulate my resume to my friends and family (and my husband’s colleagues).

Thanks again so much for your help!

Danielle H.


I am very very happy with the work that you have done and I want to thank very much for your assistance.

I promise to introduce others to your services.


Sahr L.


Really nice work.

Thank you.

Joseph A.


We need to change the cell number to xxx-xxx-xxxx. I have to say you have done a really good job with this and i am very pleased.

Good job !!!

Greg K.

Hi Greg,

I first must thank you for the work that you have done!

I am most impressed by the cover letter and your ability to string together my experiences and put them into my resume in a most meaningful, powerful, and attention grabbing way without hyperbole!

I have very minor changes on the cover letter and the resume itself as attached using Track Changes funcitionality in MS Word.

Fred R.


The draft looks really good.

I have responded to your questions in the attached document.

If you have any questions, let me know,

Andriette T.

Hi Jeanie,

This is great — thank you.

It is now ready to be prepared for the LinkedIn ‘document’; and I have also arranged with Peter for a cover letter to be created.

Please let me know if there is any further any information you need from me to help you.


Amy F.


I think you have done such a great job, and really done justice to the roles I have worked in — thank you.

What a difference you have made!

Amy F.


It looks outstanding!

I cannot thank you enough for your time as well as your patience throughout all of this.

If you need a recommendation, endorsement and/or testimonial, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ian S.


Jeanie recently did my resume and I want to pass on a referral.

His name is XXX XXXXX (email attached) and he is currently a CIO at a recently sold company.

Can you reach out to him and give him the information he needs to get started.

BTW, I did get a COO job within 60 days and the resume certainly helped so thank you.

Dan A.

Hi Jean,

You did a great job! It looks fantastic.

I made some tweaks in red.

Some of the values changed based on a reprojection we just completed for the year end and will be more accurate.

I have paid to have the resume, cover letter, Linkedin Bio, and Executive Bio.

I will review the cover letter next. Please advise when the other two will be complete.

Lastly, Paul had mentioned a mailing service to recruitment companies.

How can I proceed with that?


Brad G.


I think it looks really good.

I really like your career notes section.

Great idea.

I think I am satisfied with everything.

Glenn G.

Hi Dan,

I looked the resume over and it looks great. I also noticed that you removed my 1st job from the roster,

I was debating that myself so I’m glad that you did that.

The resume has more flow now and shows better growth from job to job.

I have no further changes and can run with this version.

Thanks so much for your effort and good work!

Pasquale P.


Wow !!

This looks really good… I responded to your comments in the resume…

I’m excited about how my LinkedIn profile will look after looking at this.


Demi G.

Hi Peter,

I received my resume back from Greg and it looks much better than what I could have definitely done.

You asked me to call you once I get the resume and was wondering what would be a good time for you to have a chat.

Thanks and Best Regards

Dwaraka I.


It looks great and I wanted to express my appreciation for doing an exceptional job.

Tony T.


Thank you for the revamped CV and also for your valuable suggestions which I will follow.

Will let you know of the results.


ILidio G.

Hi Pierre,

I wanted to let you know that I have found a new opportunity, I greatly appreciated your assistance in writing my resume.

I have left CBRE and joined a consulting company, great match with Big Four culture plus Information Technology recruiting.

I am now earning the salary I had with Big Four, four years ago, which represents a 20% increase to my salary at CBRE.

Kind regards,

Rita K.

Hi Greg,
I am VERY pleased with the work that you performed. So pleased that I would like to have you write me a winning default cover letter in addition to my linked in profile. Is this something that I can pay an additional to have you prepare?

I have marked some changes to dates and a couple of clarifications which I have done in red and with strike through an attached.

Again, thank you.

Derek S.

Hi Pierre,

This resume looks awsome!!!

The only correction that I would make is the following: “As a case in point”..(.this major oil company is looking to purchase one million barrels of oil per month for a 1-2 years with possible rolls and extensions. …

I am in agreement with an additional version for flexibility etc.

I like how you have the begining of that set up..wouldn’t change anything.

Once again, I more than appreciate all of your support and work into this.

Just let me know the next steps..thanks so much and have a great weekend.


Christine M-E.


Thanks – who is this person? I’d like to hire him.

Your writing and organization of my resume did an amazing job of capturing my work history and putting it into a context that makes a great impression.

I think it’s a really nice format and like the progression.

There are a few minor changes that I’m thinking about and will forward along later this evening or early tomorrow.

Again, thanks for a great job.

Doug D.

Hi Greg,

Here are my comments.

I used Track Changes.

Great work!

Anthony G.

Hi Jeanie,

Everything that you composed was very well done.

I am very happy with the look and the content of each component.

What you did really is a work of art!

Thank you very much for all you have done, and,

I’ll let you know how the job search goes!


Rocky S.

Hi Jean,

You did a fabulous job on this resume.

Thank you very much!

I made a few suggestions, though I’m not necessarily set on making them permanent changes. I will defer to you and your expertise on these things.

I appreciate all of the time that you have taken on this, and all of the thought that went into it.

I didn’t feel that I had a lot to include on a resume, but, you have made much of what I thought was mundane work experience, sound more substantive, and of value…thank you for that as well!

I look forward to the final draft and/or any final suggestions you might have.

Thank you!

Rocky S.

Hi, Pierre,

I wanted to let you know that I have found a position with a company in San Jose Calif.

The job is exactly what I was looking for.

I know that the resume you created for me was the key to obtaining this job.

Thank you very much!

Joanne W.


Wow! I look at this and have to remind myself I did all this!

You did an incredible job.

Pierre, I wish you the best of luck.

Maybe we will cross paths again one day.

Best of Luck!

Eric E.

Hello Greg,

Thanks for sending the resume for review.

Attached version has my changes for your review and revision. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again for sending a great looking resume. The cover letter looks great as well.

Altaf H.


When I spoke with you on the phone, there was one group of executives in Bay Area that you wanted me to join.

What was that group? It slipped out of my mind.

BTW, Greg Faherty did a great job on my resume.


Sam S.


I forgot to let you know that the resume was completed by Greg.

It looks great.

Thank you very much.

Jim C.

Hi Jeanie,

I apologize for the delay, but I wanted to get some additional feedback on my resume from a few family members, as well as thoroughly review it myself.

I would first like to say that your work is excellent! Well written, great format, and it paints a much better picture than my old resume.

In fact, the more I look at it, the more impressed I am with what you have done.

So, thank you!

David H.


Thank you so much! I can’t view the resume in the right format right now.

So, I am not sure what changes were made. I will be able to see it better on my computer on Monday.

As for the LinkedIn, it looks great!

Thank you!

Maureen O.


You are the best! If you ever need a referral or anything from me, please let me know!

I appreciate you very much! I hope to keep updating my résumé in my future role with you to keep it up to date & I hope we stay in contact.

Thank you again & bless your heart for your help!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mark H.


I’ve made a few comments. But, I love it.

I was afraid that I would not recognize myself. but you’ve done a great job!

Robin K

Hello Gregory,

This is an awesome job! My resume is more elegant and readable in a very short time.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Kindly feel free to contact me if you need any further information.


Lokesh R.


My new resume is already reaping dividends. I applied for an opening with the California Automobile Association of America (AAA) at their corporate office in Walnut Creek, California for a newly created position, Enterprise Data Governance Manager.

I submitted my application on April 30th, had a telephone interview with XXXXX XXXXX, HR Recruiter today. I will have a 2nd interview with XXXX XXX, Executive Director Insurance Product Management & Analytics on Wednesday, May 15th. I will keep you posted.

Jerome C.


Thank you so much for doing this for me.

I’ve already begin shooting this out to all my contacts and will continue to apply to as many jobs as I can find.

I’ll definitely look into the resume distribution services as well.

Thanks for all your help, this looks great!

Tom P.

Hi Dr. Daunic (Pierre),

Your work is very impressive! You have done an excellent job at displaying my credentials.

I am extremely excited at what lies ahead.

Thank you so much for your hard work and also getting back to me well ahead of schedule 🙂

I’ve attached another copy with comments.

Aside from that everything else looks amazing!

Again, thank you thank you, thank you!

Best Regards,

Vendell S.

Dear Peter,

I am so impressed with the resume Tammy wrote for me. I only hope I can live up to the document – it makes me sound so good!

I am interested in having Tammy create a cover letter, Linked-In profile and a bio.

Will you please let me know how to proceed?

Thank you

Terri H.

Hi Pierre,

Thank you! Looks great to me, given I am looking to make a move to the Southeast US.

I want my resume to stand out as an applicant who is not even in the local area, and I think this document certainly places
the focus on what I do well.

In fact, when proceeding with this career service, I wasn’t sure if I should make my focus employee relations or risk management.

Let me know if you would suggest any additions or corrections given the safety/risk management functions. At this point I still want my focus to be employee relations.


Matt S.

Hello Greg,

I am very happy with the resume, with some minor changes attached using track changes.

At what point would you recommend including references- or would that usually be done only on a conditional offer, as it is with some states?

Thanks so much for your help and have a great weekend,

Best Regards,

Mary D.

Hi Pierre,

I read through this latest version and you’ve done a great job of pulling in my changes.

I will take another look at it and send you any suggested modifications and suggestions.

Thanks so much!

Joanne W.

Hello Pierre,

I must say that your drafts seem to inspire and invigorate me.

Thank you for the pleasant side effect 🙂

Please find attached draft 2 with some additional notes and removing some items to help save space.

Thank you for your continuous effort,

Indira F.


I have reviewed the resume and appreciate all of your work.

I appreciate all of your efforts on my behalf.

Thank you,

Nathan W.

Hi Jeanie,

Wow, the resume looks great! It is a night and day difference from the resume I was thinking about distributing. Thank you!

Now that the resume draft is finished, will you begin working on my Linkedin profile?

I am looking forward to updating the Linkedin profile and preparing my resume for distribution.

I am very pleased with your work and I look forward to your feedback. Thank you!


Daniel E.


I sent out my previous resume a total of 53 times, resulting in one phone interview, no in person interviews, and about 10 flat our declines, over three months.

With my resume re-written and customized by Dan, I sent it out 49 times, had only 3 declines, 4 phone interviews, 1 live presentation, and a job offer in less than a month!

Proof is in the results.

Dan’s version of the resume clearly worked better.

Thanks Dan, I really appreciate it


Everything looks great thank you.

I will connect with you and write you a recommendation on LinkedIn, just can’t do that yet as I am connected to too many people I currently work with.

Thank you again for all your help.


Matt T.


Thank you!

It all looks amazing!

Malissa S.

Thanks Jean,

I made a few edits (in red and in some cases with strike throughs or additions/replacements) in the attached.

I think once they are changed, it will still fit on the two pages. Let me know if you are OK with these.

Thanks for your help. Good progress!

I was impressed.You packed a LOT of info into two pages.

Thank you,

Neil C,

HI Jeanie,

Thanks for getting this to me.

I am very happy with the way this has come together.

I was able to make a few changes for my interview last week.

I am attaching some edits for you to take a look at for final review.


Kathy F.


I thought it would be a good idea to share some of what has been happening with me the last couple of days.

I have actually gotten 3 hits off my LinkedIn profile in the last 18 hours alone.

All seem to be senior or executive positions. 1 with a company I know very well in the PLM space and the other two seem to be leadership positions at a high level.

So things are moving along nicely.

Thanks for the boost.

Steve D.


This version looks very good. I have attached comments, and one area that does not read quite right. With these corrected, we should be complete.

I looked at the LI draft. I need to review it in more detail, and I have a few questions about the mechanics of LI that you mentioned in your preface.

I am pleased with our progress on this project.


John L.


This is excellent.

Need a couple of changes which I’ll get to on Friday, but big thank you.


Chris V.

Good Morning, Tom

I reviewed my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn bio and all looks fantastic!!!

Thank you for all your hard work.

I am extremely happy I hired Career-Resumes and very satisfied that Peter assigned you as my writer. Your writing skills are superior!

Thanks so much, again.

Kind regards,

Veronica O.


Thank you for the work!

I have only few comments.

Please see the attached.

Adrian B.

Hi, Jeanie,

Great job on the resume and cover letters.

I laugh to think that when you synthesize down what I have done over the years, it actually makes for a good ‘career’ story.

Thanks for doing that for me.

Donna DeR.

Hi Peter,

I am “over the moon happy” with Jean and my new resume.

It has even worked on it’s first mission. I have moved straight to the decision maker with a company.

But, I do not want to stop or more to the point, I don’t want to have only one employer looking at me.

As I think about sending a blast out to recruiters and or employers in my field, how can we keep my resume off the desk of my current employer????

Also, you mentioned the Bluesteps.com?? As a sales guy, are they worth a look? Attached is Jean’s work. I am so proud.

Let me know your thoughts,


Joe B.


Thank you very much! These look great.

I have some minor changes but I am comfortable handling on this end.

What is the procedure now for the linkedIn update?

Thanks again.


Michael O’D


I made a couple of minor changes. Please review them, otherwise this is great!

Thank you

Jacqueline B.


Looks great! Thanks so much.

People will be aware of all the skills I have to offer.

Laura C.

Afternoon Dan

I must say, this is amazing!!!

How you got all of that stuff into 2 pages is unbelievable. I read over and over again that you really should not go beyond 2 pages, but had no idea how to get it all in there.

I have attached my copy using the “comments” feature. I was thinking that for the Section Admin Officer we could use Branch Manager because that is in effect what I did everyday (managed the day to day activities). For Unit Head, I put it as Office Manager. A Unit is like an office within the section (or branch). It is not easy to take our lingo and put it into the “private sector”, but you have a gift for it.

Again, the comments that I put in are just that, comments. Beside some more accurate information than I originally supplied, They are my thoughts. if you don’t think so, then so be it.

Thanks again Dan. I say again, excellent job.

Neil B.

Hi Jean:

The first draft was really amazing.

You did an amazing job distilling everything I sent to you and making it make sense and making me sound great.

A world of thanks.

Matthew B.

Hi Wendy,

It looks awesome. Makes me sound like I should be running a company somewhere.

I only hope I can live up to how I look on paper. LOL

Just a couple of minor changes/comments then I would say we are done.

You have been a great resource and done a great job. Thank you so much.

This will certainly reinvigorate my job search and be a valuable tool when marketing myself as a consultant.

Leslie L.

Greg, this is excellent, thank you.

When I first read it there was no one home and it was quiet and I was talking to my self and I kept saying ‘Wow’.

I would like to pursue a Cover Letter as well now that I had held off on.

When I set this up with Jane I told her the resume first than a cover letter.

As directed. I added some changes that I think are minor or clarify a little more than I put in the worksheets. If you think it’s ok good if not I will go with your recommendation.

I do not see any other changes after this. I did forget a task I had not put on the worksheet as the Wet Process Engineering Manager that was key. You’ll see that added. I led a technical team to implement Laser Direct Imaging for our exposure processing and it eliminated the use of glass and film saving us millions of dollars per year. I can’t recall the exact amount but it was millions per year in glass, film and an entire photo lab that made the glass and film.

I’ll reply to Jane’s email to add the cover letter service for payment.


Tom L.

Hi Jane,

Trust me when I’m telling you I’m already sponsoring your services.

On a very pragmatical point of view, the return on investment to me has been really impressive, 18 days!

Here in Italy, most of the people are asking me ‘how did you get it?’…and my answer it is quite linear:

‘Willingness + Methodology + Investment’

Investment means You.

This is to say, I’m already sponsoring your services, and this simply because the CV really worked, forcing you to deeply analyze who you are and where you want to move.

Thank you very much.

Your mission is a gift for the people.

Luca DeA.

Dear Tom and Jane,

Great news: I’ve found a new job in Switzerland!

I’ll be the deputy CFO of multinational company, really amazing!

Your support has been strategically addressed and my new CV worked very well!

I want to say thanks to you for your brilliant service!

You guys rock!

Luca De A.

Hi Jean!

Yes, love it!

Made a very minor addition regarding company rev for a couple employers and ask a question about showcasing my promotion at current employer.

Other than that, this really does capture my skillsets and well worth the wait.

I have a lead on a job and look forward to sending this out after we discuss.

Joe B.


Thank you Greg. You’re a master in writing!

***Thank you!***

Harikrishnan T.


Thank you……I appreciate all your work and spectacular adjectives

Mike P.

Hi Jeannie,

Good news to report. Last night I ran a virus scan on my computer and reinstalled “java”. It seemed to resolve the issue of being able to see the resume.

It looks absolutely fantastic.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this. I made only a few edits for your final review and implementation.

Then this is good to go.

Thanks so much!

Mary N.


Thanks for the wonderful document you prepared. I proposed few changes incorporating few additions. Attached find v1.

Have a good weekend,

Thanks again,

Thirumal H.

On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 7:23 PM, Thirumal H M wrote:

Thanks for timely response. Let me go over it in detail and respond. Once again thanks for all the tips.

Hi Greg,

This is very well done, thank you. I have only two comment I put in line.

You are the expert and will know if my questions are valid or not. When you have a minute review my 2 questions and get back to me.

Mostly I think this is complete as is. I will get back to you on the cover letter.

Again thank you for your work on this.

Vincent McG.

Hi Greg,

Everything looks great – thank you!

My comments are attached.

Voja S.

Hi Dan,

The resume is fine. I don’t require any other changes.

What about the cover letter and the Linked-in profile ?

Greg M.

Hi Wendy.

Thanks for all of your hard work. I really appreciate it.

I look back on my old resume and now realize why I received no responses.

All I have to do now is take it for a test drive.

Thanks again.

Dave P.

Dear Jean,

The resume looks great. I could have never pulled it off.

I have attached my comments. They are all aimed at avoiding confidentiality issues or accuracy questions.

I know I signed up for a cover letter but don’t remember if I signed up for linked.

I think I may have said I would wait and decide after the resume was done. In any event,

I would like to have my linkedin page done. Please let me know the cost.

Thank you.


Ken J.


Great first draft!

Just made some minor adjustments in the attached version.

Do you think their would be value into also doing an executive summary?

Linda B.


The cover letter is very professionally written and targeted for my job interest – I love it.

I like the thank you letter as well, it is a nicely written fresh approach to the types I’ve used in the past.

You already know I love the resume.

I feel sensitive to the bio, and I need to do more review on that today – it’s the whole LinkedIn glasshouse thing.

Thank you for your response to my questions on matrix v. matrixed, and for helping to answer all of my questions.

Again many thanks for all of your hard work, the results are excellent.

Yours truly,

Lynn M.

Hi Wendy.

WOW!!! Nice job. Looks a lot better than I had expected!

I was at a job fair on Tuesday and was eyeing other resumes trying to get an idea of what mine would look like. I saw nothing that even came close to what you have done!

Awesome job!!

Here is my draft with corrections. Any questions just let me know.


Dave P.


Thank you for all of your hard work on my resume. Please let me know when you would like to begin the linkedin bio.

I would also like to inquire about the cover letter and thank you letter, please ask Peter about the rates we discussed previously.




Lynn M.

Dear Greg,

Thank you very much for the rewriting of my resume and the cover letters.

It is much more impacting and clear!

Kind regards,

Arnaud E.

Hello Dan,

I just had a chance to look at the resume and I have to say, you did a wonderful job.

I cannot thank you enough. I could not have done this on my own.

Now I will not feel uncertain of not knowing if I am good enough to obtain an Executive type position because by way of resume.

I know I will at least get my foot in the door to get the interview.

I will be contacting Peter again to have a cover letter and my linked-in account updated soon and I will request you to do it.

Thanks again and hopefully, we will be working together again soon.


Candare G.


Came out fantastic. I’m very happy.

Hope people aren’t spooked by three pages. Thought too much would be missing by reducing to two. We’ll see.

But thanks so much, you were great.

Having done this, how easy and how much would it be to do a standard cover letter?

Scott P.

Hi Peter,

I used your services back in 2010 for a resume.

I continue to get great compliments on the content and the format.

I will keep you in mind if I need to update it in the future.


Jerry B.


I am pleased with my resume that Tom Albano wrote.

I would like to move forward with a cover letter.

What are next steps?

Iggy K.

Hi Greg,

Attached is a markup, as requested.

The resume is fabulous ‘thanks for your work on this.

I apologize for taking a while to get to this , I had a death in the family and had to go to Australia – I just got back.


Ray F.


I appreciate your fast reply.

I will spent time on the draft the next two days.

First glance was impressive, thanks.

Maarten R.


Attached is my resume with minor changes. I’ve highlighted the changed in a bold format with yellow highlighting.

It looks great and look forward to seeing the final result.

Also I did order the Linked In profile update. Is there something you need from me to provide the details needed for the profile?

Again, look forward to seeing the final product.

Scott W.

Hello Peter,

I really appreciate you having Darlene work on my résumé.

The finished product is very impressive.

I am on my way to Atlanta for business and will be headed to Aruba from Atlanta.

Would it be possible to connect at some point the week of the 24th?

Thanks again,

Jared G.

Greg –

Thank you for sending me my re-written resume. I have attached the resume with a few corrections. Otherwise it looks great.

I do not have any changes for the cover letter.

My only general comment to add is that I am looking in my next job to have more of a “thinkers” position instead of a “doers” position and I wonder if a few words up front about my innovative and created solutions to complex problems should be more highlighted (along with the tactical results you have clearly outlined)?

Thank you again Greg!

Lynne R.


The resume really looks good.

I am very pleased. You have done a great job on this!

So moving on……………. Now that the resume is complete, the next question that I have. “What is the timing on the the LinkedIn profile?”

Jeff D.


I hope you are doing well. Greg has now finished the resume along with the Bio and linkedin profile.

He has done a great job. Everything is reflected in a much better way than it used to be before. I don’t know if you have had a look at his work or if you need to do in order to close this work.

I would also like to ask you for a formal invoice since I will need to declare the expense.

Sam B.

Hi Wendy – was delayed by “bad back” episode

Attached are my few edits – very much like the format and verbal impact.

You are very good at what you do.

Dan M.