Hi Peter,

Hope you had a safe and happy holiday (you too Jeanie). Just a quick note to tell you what a GREAT JOB Jeanie did with my resume. I really enjoyed working with her and am very happy with the resultant product.




Very impressive!

I’ve made some subtle changes and filled in the blanks. If you have any further observations, please let me know.




It looks like you really put a lot of effort into the resume and I really appreciate it! YOU ARE REALLY GOOD!!!


Hi Lynn,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I appreciate you sending through the finished resume and draft of my cover letter. I think both look great and I have proofed them several times. The only change I see is the area code on the cover letter. It should be the 585 one, like on the resume.

I think you did a great job and I really like your opening paragraph on the cover letter, it’s an attention grabber. I’ve decided to use the resume e-mail distribution service from Career Resumes. I will let you know how it goes and how successful your work is in obtaining interviews. Thanks and I look forward to you sending the final versions of both.

Best Wishes,



At first glance, it looks plain terrific! I’ll take the weekend to go over it in detail and get back to you. Thanks.

Jan A.

Hello Lynn.

I am still reviewing my resume (which looks beautiful) and anticipate only minor changes to the content that is there.

Ellen Davidson


Thanks. I received the update and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a review. I appreciate your efforts to turn this around so quickly. I’m looking at using this next week at the Service Academy Career Conference in Dallas, TX. This should help greatly.

R. Bill


First, I want to thank you for some terrific work in putting this resume together & Yes, I am very interested in doing a cover letter. I strongly agree that it is very hard to explain what I did in the military to someone who has no military background, so I’m sure a cover letter will help.

Cmdr Bill Lewis

First, I just want to say thank you. You have done a great job on both the resume and the cover letter. Thanks!!

Robert J. Kennedy


Great job! You have really captured my capabilities without any overstatement.

I am very comfortable with this portrait of my experience and skills. I have highlighted minor edits using the tracker as you suggested. I would like to talk to you regarding my Smith and Wesson experience. I originally thought I would only provide you with my procurement management experience because I am targeting Supply chain position&am second guessing that decision. There are several other management positions that I held that I dropped to shorten my resume (Customer Service Management, Licensing and Sales Management and Quality Management). Perhaps I should put those back in?

Can we talk sometime on Monday afternoon?


Doug Markham

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for the fantastic resume. I have never looked so good on paper. I am really impressed with the way you captured the large volume of information I sent to you. I found one minor correction and a couple questions.

That’s all I found. This is a very nice looking resume. I want to thank you again. I feel really good about this document and am anxious to get it out there.

Oh, by the way, I do want you to do the cover letter. When can I expect to see it and when it is complete, how do I include it in a mass e-mail campaign with multiple addresses?

Anyway, I hope you are having a great weekend and thanks again for your help.



I am having sucess with my resume already. I have made three versions of it with very little changes but that serve as in industry, financial, and out of industry non-financial. Thank you for the job you did. I may still be in touch on having you take a stab at the financial version.


Mike Head

Good Job!

You are right on your schedule. After reading my resume several times &it got better with each reading &Please have Peter bill my credit card for the remainder of the balance. I owe an additional $310.00. If he needs my card number again I will e-mail it to you or him, just let me know. I have sent this draft out to several people to comment on. Funny how confident you feel when your resume is “On Target!” I will talk to you again, when you return from your &I’m sure well deserved &vacation.


Hi Donna,

Great news. I have landed a position with a wholesaler / asset developer here in the tri-state area. I wanted to thank you once again for the resume. I am very pleased with the end result and talk constantly about you and the service you provide. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you ever need one.

Thanks again

Peter Byrne

Dear Lynn and Peter,

I would like to thank you again for helping me with my resume. Thank you again for doing such a good job.


Mr. Newfield,

I have to tell you how impressed and pleased that I am with the work of Laura West and your company on my resume. She not only was very thorough but is just a super person to work with. You are quite fortunate to have such a great person in your employ. Too often, we aren’t told how well we do or how valuable we are, please take this time to let her know what an asset she is to your organization. You can bet that I will be recommending your company to my associates in the future. Thanks again for your personal attention and assigning a very talented writer to my project!


Cathleen Voss


There are no changes to be made. I think you have done an outstanding job and I am quite pleased. Andrew has listed my resume on flipdog and headhunter. Hopefully, we will get some responses. I can’t see why we wouldn’t, even I am impressed with what I have accomplished. Thanks a ton for all of your hard work!


I would like to thank you for the excellent work and professionalism! I also appreciate the effort and the help.

Carlos Alexis Sermeno

I have never before felt so much that I have truly received my moneys worth. You are good people.

Wayne Whitfield

Hi Lynn,

What a week to be thinking about resumes and cover letters, but life does go on.

I wanted to let you know I reviewed the cover letter and found it be absolutely great! Thank you for your assistance and work on my resume and cover letter. Also, I am going to take advantage of the resume distribution list provided by Career Resumes. Now that I have all the pieces together and have been studying all the information available on interviewing and negotiating, I am in full search-mode. It’s been a long time since I have been actively in the job market and it’s rather intimidating.

Again, thank you for your help and experience in resume writing.

Best Regards,

Cheri Derryberry

Hello Denise,

I am very pleased with your interpretation of my skills, strengths and experience. I am amazed at how well you were able to capture my personality as well as my career aspirations merely through reading the questionnaire. Many friends and colleagues have expressed to me that while my intelligence and wide knowledge are quite amazing, the quality that they most appreciate about me is my engaging personality andability to see humor even when faced withthe most stressful situations. As you can see, I have just found 2 corrections to be made. I am looking forward to receiving the final product and start putting it to use. I have great confidence that this resume will get me job offers quickly.

My very best regards,


Everything looks awesome, and I am very pleased. Please call this the final and post it. Last night I went to a job fair and took the last rough you sent me as my resume. You’re right about the three page being the best, I saw a lot of people taking their time to look everything over, and the awards section really caught their attention. Thank-you very much.


I am amazed at what you have written. It fits me perfectly. I cannot express how pleased I am. I do wish to speak with you next week concerning what ideas you may have for doing an email campaign. I understand from Jane that you would be just the right person for me to discuss with my job search options. Thank you very much.



I just wanted to say thanks for all of Kelley Smith’s help in rewriting my resume. I had always thought that my old resume was great. But after Kelley rewrote my resume, I can now see that my old resume was nothing more than average. I am confident my new resume will jump start my job search. Kelley did an outstanding job!

Randy S.

Dear Mr. Newfield,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with Jane Quick & Kelley Smith, with respect to my resume rewrite. I tried several “free resume critique” services, and Jane Quick provided the most value-added, insightful comments, thus I selected career-resumes.com to prepare my new resume.

I have been working with Kelley Smith on the new resume, and am very pleased with her work. After receiving the first draft on Monday, I forwarded it out to some colleagues for their input. I was quite pleased when a PwC colleague called in from Germany to tell me how great the new resume is and what an impact it made on him. This from a man who, when he saw my personally-prepared resume a few weeks ago, said “its doesn’t do anything for me”! Kelley has done a great job with the new resume!

I have recommended Jane and Kelley to a number of colleagues in the past couple of weeks, and learned that at least one colleague selected career-resumes.com to write his new resume. Many thanks for such a great service!

Best regards,

Karen Donovan

I am fine with the document as you have drafted it, thanks for doing such a great job. I have used it several times now with great results. I am on the slate for three great jobs, one in Paris France, one here in SF and one in the Mid west. All are great opportunities. Your help came in the nick of time! Several of the Search Firms commented on the quality of the Resume.

Ray S.

Dear Denise:

Thank you so much for my final resume! It is so different and tremendously improved from my original resume. Wow! Its great! You’ve managed to list my experiences and qualifications in such a way that properly conveys my true abilities. I’ve done many resumes since college but nothing ever came close to this. I can only imagine where I’d be today if I had this kind of resume 15 years ago! The resume you have done for me is one of my main ingredients for my new career. I am very impressed and quite honestly, also very intimidated by my own new resume.

I must admit that I dreaded having to complete yet another questionnaire especially one as detailed and lengthy as the one(s) from Career-Resumes. But, it was worth it! Denise, you are certainly gifted in what you do! Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted on my job search!

Warmest Regards,

David W., St. Hilaire

I have reviewed the resume and have a few small comments. I was extremely impressed with the quality of your work! You got a lot on three pages and capture who I feel I am. I will call you this evening to discuss, thanks for the great work.


Dear Peter,

Donna Allen provided me with a first draft of my resume yesterday. I wanted you to know that I was extremely pleased with the quality of her work. While we still have a few adjustment
to make, I have no doubt that it will be a high quality, polished piece of work- just like you promised on our first call.



I have looked over it here rather quickly, the only thing that I saw that needed to be changed was under Professional Experience was the Arizona changed to Arkansas. I will look it over in detail this afternoon, but from what I see so far, I definetily would like you to write me a cover letter. I am really happy with what I see so far. Go ahead and do the cover letter, and I will let you know if I see anything or have any questions on the resume. Again, I want to thank you very much, I wished I would have known about your company sooner. Let me know when you have the cover letter.

Thank you,


Dear Rosie,

Thank you very much for your e-mail. I am very happy, I got the job with Disney. I received several compliments for my resume. Thank you very much for all your help. I am very satisfy with your job.

Best Regards!



This is to verify receipt of your worksheets and communications.

They are already helping me to focus some thoughts. I enjoyed our conversation, and I would like to thank you for being prompt and especially for your encouraging and useful remarks. You cannot know how much hope is put forth, when someone offers to help after rejection. I honestly had no idea how muchsearching for a postion had become so sophisticated &out of touch. This is difficult to admit for someone who is in trend work! Thank you very much for your time. I think you are well suited for your profession.


B. H.


WELL you are not going to believe this. I just got a call from a recruiter in LA who is doing a search for a major Japanese company in the PC business. I sent him my new resume over the weekend and here he is! They are interviewing now and are seeking a VP of Manufacturing in Southern CA. Range starts at $150K with bonuses, perks and such. Now if this keeps up it is a very sound testament to your skills in writing and presenting. I was completely surprised to get a call this fast. It appears this was what was missing many months ago when the silence was deafening. The lady is a PRO for sure!


Hi Donna,

I promised I’d let you know when I found a job. Well I have finally landed! I am now the national housing manager for the travel division of StarMed, a nursing staffing company. It is a great job! The job market is tough right now, but I feel my resume brought me more opportunities.

Thank you again for a great resume, and I will recommend you to others in the future.

Dotti F.

Dear Denise,

My resume and cover letter are awesome! I just faxed them over to a doctor’s office to become his medical administrator and he called about 5 minutes after I sent it. It is very important that you know that I already sent my old resume over there two weeks ago and never even got a phone call. My interview is Thursday morning. Thank you so much for everything!! I would recommend you to everyone and anyone!!!!


Jennifer S.

Wow, what a writer! How long have you been doing this?

As I read and re-read your letter, the value of having you write the resume AND accompanying letter popped into my head. First, you can step back mentally, assess my career accomplishments and my skills from a distance, and then summarize from the general to the specific (something I and other job seekers find hard to do).Second, you can condense the information into a powerful, persuasive and readable document. (You also remind me how my writing skills have declined since graduate school!)

I love it. I didn’t make any changes in theletter itself, but filled in salary information and that I am NOT open to re-location in the supplemental paragraphs.

Thanks for your excellent work, Jeanie. I enjoyed working with you and expect my telephone to ring off the hook after recruiters and employers see these documents…and, if they don’t, I know how to find you!


Hi Denise,

I have reviewed the resume. I am impressed..For once someone was able to put into writing what a person in the emergency service field does. I had my resume done 2x in the past by professional companies. Needless to say they were not that good. At the time I thought they were great but now looking at this …I am grateful.

Go ahead write away a cover letter..I could only imagine.

Thank you again.

Tom L.


I want to thank you for all the work that you do, I have gotten several great comments on my resumes over the years. You are the BEST! This one looks great! Thank you.


WOW, TERRI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU.

It’s on its way to CEO friends for review and comment. After I make any minor changes, would you be the person to create the ASCII Text version? I will need one. Please go ahead and write the cover letter.

My secretary service will handle the printing issues. I would like a little more first hand information about the PACKAGE TWO EXECUTIVE DATABASES. Should I call Peter?


Dear Denise

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the wonderful resume. I just landed the job I have been looking for and was complimented many times on the content and layout of the resume. Thank you very much!!!


Bob Czajka


Both the resume and cover letter look great. Thank you for you hard work. Its been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

Thanks again

Jon S.

Hi Terri,

Just who is that woman? Wow!

So that’s why I could never do that…we’re talking about me? Funny isn’t it. One either gets tongue-tied and meek or boastful and self-aggrandizing when approaching this formidable task. A CV was much easier for me to create… so cut and dried, without extrapolation to merits.

Is there a time limit to when a decision about any of those packages must be started? I probably need to research the potential of actually finding positions open for someone such as me. I don’t know the need for someone with my background for some of those companies, but I suspect it is pretty slim.

I am interested in a quote to create a scannable version. I had no trouble with the format since I have experience with page set up. I have the paper that I want to use here so I’ve got that covered.

You did a spectacular job and I’d like some of your business cards so other people I network with can have access to your expertise.

Best Regards,


Dear Peter,

Your organization fortunately gave Sherri Morgan the task of drafting my resume and cover letter. Sherri is, in my opinion, superstar. This isn’t about getting responses to the resume. I’ve just gotten started sending it out. This is about a perfect stranger understanding who I am, what I am seeking in terms of a second career. This is about Sherri, who was caring, considerate, articulate, and patient, yes, very patient. No matter what questions I had, she answered them. She thoughtfully reviewed my comments on both the resume and cover letter and incorporated them with no hints of any pride of authorship or feeling that she was the professional, I was not. More importantly, her work is of the highest quality. So, in summary, Sherri has all the attributes of a professional I would like for my staff. Here’s the clincher – should, for some reason, I not get a response to the resume in 30 days, I would look forward to working with her again.


Jeffrey K.

Hey Rosie!

It looks awesome! Thank you so much for getting this to me early. I hope you will get some referral business b/c a lot of my co-workers were really impressed! I made a few changes after consulting w/ some co-workers and old managers. If any of my changes look bizarre, please change them accordingly! I’m gonna attach my changes! Thanks again!


Well, I am impressed, I thought I had a fine command of the written word. I have made one change on one word, noted in blue. I changed “bill” to “build.” Please feel free to bill my credit card for the balance at this time, and let me know of any next steps. Also, you will receive a call from a friend/colleague, Steve M. I have given you a high recommendation.




Just a quick word of thanks for the resume project. I believe the finish product turned out fantastic. Kelley Smith is an excellent writer and a pleasure to work with.

Thanks again,


David T.


Great Job, though I’m not surprised. Worth the wait and all the suffering with this small CPA who’s abused me all through tax season. Might even have to take him to the Dept. of labor for the 90+ hours of o/t he owes me. Your thoroughness should free me from such undeserved pettiness. Will need to go over a few minor details. Don’t expect any big change. What impressed me the most was how you put together such a fine package and without even mentioning my best skill. I think I must have mentioned ProSystem fx for Windows a few times, the tax software package I feel I’ve spent my life on. To my credit I guess that I get a full 2 page resume as good as I’ve seen in the resume books at Barnes and Nobles and without my best software skill program on it. As to the cover letter, I have one but I’ll look it over. What I’m more in need of is coaching through the job search, interview process, negotiating, sending out the resume on line and where to send. I have an extensive list of contacts I’ve been saving, but this resume is so good I need to consider how I market it and to whom I market it.

Jim E.


I am very pleased with the results!I have one change that is my error. I told you the software was Act 4. It is in fact Act 4.0 for Windows. You will see the change in red. Please make the corrections so that I may archive the corrected document with you, and please forward the completed final document to me.Thank you so much for youroutstanding contribution to my career. I truly appreciate what it takes to complete a project such as this. I am certain as a result of your effort, that I will land an opportunity that will make me happy. When I land this position, I will email you to let you know. Again, thank you so much and it was a pleasure working with you.


Dotti Fortune

Dear Laura,

I want to thank you for doing an excellent job with my resume! The both of you really made me a believer in the formatting andyour choice of words.The resume andcover letter are first class and do exactly what they are meant to do, get results!Although I entertained the idea of changing industries, it became apparent my real worth was to continuein the building products industry. Iwill be accepting an offer on Monday thatwill potentially double to triple my current income. This is an incredible opportunity and one I’ve worked for all of my life. Thanks again to you Laura and Career Resumes for your advice and professionalism.


Sean Stewart, Parker, CO

Dear Mr. Newfield:

I wanted to thank you for the resume your company and Joanne Kowlowitz put together last December. Within one month I was offered my current position. I truly believe that without your service I would not be here at my new organization. Thank you again!


Terry F, Vice President


Just a note to express my thanks for the great job Denise did on my resume and cover letter. Although I got off to a slow start, I’m forging ahead and have been placing everything on any web site I can find, along with the sites you suggested. I can’t say enough for the help the both of you provided. Now I just hope all the hard work will pay off. Thanks again.

Best regards to you and Denise.

Ken Hissong


I would like to take a few minutes and send you a note on how pleased I am with Terri. She did an excellent job creating the image I was looking for on my resume. If you ever need a reference for Terri McCabe please do not hesitate to contact me, again she did an excellent job.



Dear Jean:

My Kudos!!! I hardly recognized myself. I made some date changes, notably in the Easylink Section and adjusted the University info. Dates were my mistake not yours, when laid out as you did I realized that I needed to match them up better and so went back to the evals and found the correct dates for each.

When we started on this, I really didn’t see how anyone could be worth 500+ dollars just to format and reset information I already had. Boy was I wrong!!! You are absolutely wonderful, I hardly recognize myself in this resume and I am absolutely delighted by your work.

I owe ya’ kiddo & the grand tour!!!

Sending back the changes as an attachment, again thanks for the great work and truly professional results.

Best Regards

Bruce S.

Hi Donna!

My resume has yielded fantastic results. Although I haven’t accepted an offer as of yet, I have several opportunities. I have been thinking about contacting you to discuss my resume, but have been tremendously busy. Perhaps toward the end of this week. I am currently working with 2 companies on an independent contract basis and may want to tie these into my resume at some point. Hope all is well. Thanks for the email. Have a wonderful day!



Just a note to express my appreciation to you and especially to Teri McCabe for the outstanding work she accomplished on my behalf. I am very pleased with the outcome of my resume and the truly excellent cover letter. I sent the package to a local head hunter friend who knew I was getting professional help on the resume. He said that he was tremendously impressed, especially with the cover letter, and that whatever I paid, it was worth it! He said that if a CEO saw this, He felt certain that I would, as least, get a conversation. Teri did an exceptionally fine job of extracting from the data and our conversations the focus of my intentions, the directions I desired to follow and just what I wanted to communicate. Again, I appreciate all the help.



Good afternoon Denise


Who is this guy? I am duly impressed with the format and the perspective you were able to create/provide based on the information I supplied you. I realize now that this is a fabulous investment, in comparing my original resume with this version – like night and day.

Thanks again,

Andy Murray

Dear Donna:

I just wanted to let you know that since getting the resume you completed for me out on the net and to prospective employers, I have gotten more response in two weeks than in the previous year with the old resume. I really do appreciate your efforts and I will keep you informed as to my continued success.

Thanks again,

Ken A.


Laura did a great job – didnt recognize my abilities and I would have hired me!!! We are progressing to the next stage and having the firm manage my campaign.

Ann E.


Overall, I think that the resume you generated is very professional looking and impressive. I was shocked at how well it looked. I’ve never seen anything as good as this and I’ve reviewed a number of resumes. Most of my comments and questions are more because I’m no expert and want some insight as to why something was done rather than making a true correction. However, there were a couple of dates that need to be changed. I’ve outlined the resume comments and questions below and believe that I’ve identified the area within the resume so that you can find it. I’ve also highlighted corresponding areas within the resume. General Comments:

1. The format is excellent. You are absolutely correct in that it is easy to read, and a quick synopsis jumps off the page with key words that the prospective employer is looking for. I think it’s quick and to the point while showcasing what needs to be conveyed in the first impression.

2. Concerning the military history – I agree with your comments below. I like this format and will only include page three of the resume when appropriate to the job / company to which I am applying. I think this provides some flexibility. However, what do you think of a short paragraph on page 2 just letting the prospective employer know that there was 7 years of military history before the 10 years with LZB?

3. After seeing what you can do in comparison to what I’ve done in the past, I certainly do want you to write up a cover letter. On the cover letter page and in your last email you ask about the type of search that I’m conducting. Hmmmm. I’ve been checking select company web pages for job postings, I’ve used a few placement agencies, and utilize 6FiguresJob.Com for my primary internet search. I’m not sure if there are different cover letters based on how I search for a position or not. Generally, when I find an opening that interests me, I have either 1) sent an e-mail that acts as a cover letter and attached a resume or 2) mailed a cover letter enclosing a resume. I’m definitely not interested in doing the mass mailing or emailing method. I guess the “fill-in-the-blank” type of cover letter is what I’m looking for. Please give me an idea of what to fill in where, possibly by providing a draft / dummy letter. Can you also give me some ideas as what to pull from an ad and re-write it to fit the cover letter. So I guess that I know I want you to do a cover letter for me, but I’m not sure that I’ve been of any assistance in writing it.

Best Regards,



To let you know, you have one happy customer here! Job done on time and in excellent fashion. In fact, the entire experience working with Kelley was outstanding. She is tremendous to work with – a very quick read who clearly knows her business…and has a sense of humor. Bravo! Now, tell me about add’l services – cover letter, etc.


Tom N.


I have had a chance to go over the draft and I must say I am impressed. The overall appearance of the format is very appealing to the eye and easy to read. I love the opening, it is precise and to the point. Thanks for doing a great job, I am very impressed.

David V.


Opened the attachment at the state workforce center today with no problems. Thanks for your diligence yesterday and Peter’s help in getting me a copy. The feedback I received today was that it was very professional and what they would expect to see for the levels I am pursuing.

Thanks for your support and guidance.



I must say that I am very satisfied with the work you have performed on my resume and with the expedient manner in which you completed it. I am now off on my search for what might be out there in the job market. I will let you know how things go and what type of reaction I get from the resume.

Thanks again,



I just received the final draft of my cover letter reflecting the changes I wanted. The cover letter is very factual yet captures the essence of what I was trying to get across to potential employers. As you know our company was recently closed as part of the internet "melt down" and so a timely response was needed and you certainly came through for me.

You and Peter went above and beyond what I had expected when I retained the company’s services. Thanks again for your interest, responsiveness and feedback every step of the way.



You have been on my list of things to do ever since school got out… and, yes, my road is paved with good intentions.

What do we tell you? About six days after Tom’s resume was posted on the Internet, Raytheon called with a comfortable offer for him as an electrical engineer… He has taken it. However, the calls and contacts continue. Your company’s ability to canvas is mind boggling!! What is still feeling good is the handful (at least six at a time) of recruiters who are seriously recruiting Tom. He has explained that at this point he must have an offer that is too good to refuse and they still look. Was the investment worth it? You bet! If you ever need a letter of reference, Tom will submit same.


Kathy S.

Aloha Jane,

Just a quick note to share with you the outcome of my career search. I have been offered five positions of employment since last speaking to you. I am sure you like to get feedback about placement results on behalf of your clients. I was offered and have accepted the position of Executive Vice President with a development/construction firm in the Atlanta, Georgia area. My resume attracted the attention of the Owner and CEO who arranged a visit and interview on the mainland. Though my career experience and the strength of the interview were the deciding factors that resulted in my being hired over the other 18 prospects, the owner stated my resume stood out above all the rest.

I thought you might like this information, along with my thanks for your efforts.

Best wishes,

Bruce Gleissner

Mr. Newfield,

I wanted to extend my thanks to you and your writer David Haas for completing my resume so quickly.

Mr. Haas did an excellent job
and I will certainly contact you again when it becomes necessary to update my resume again.

Thank you,

Michael P.


You did an excellent job writing my resume and now it’s due for an update. I had a great year and I want to strike while the coals are hot. Please send the forms I need to complete for you to add my newest position. Thanks, I forward to receiving your usual excellent product.

P.G. – President


Great….no changes necessary. FYI….I have an interview on Friday for a CEO position….they are the only people outside you and me who has seen the resume…apparently they liked it….. Regards,

Steve G.


These are very well done and much appreciated. Just one final question on the linked-in bio. Will the title make a difference when people do a global search (i.e. should I list Managing Director or Principal, Healthcare or a more specific title that pertains to my last job/position. Advantages/disadvantages? I will let you know when my linked-in profile is updated. I think Peter wanted a recommendation on linked-in re: your work and he was going to link me in to his network as well. Outstanding work. I will gladly recommend you to others.


Rob B.


You are the best! This is perfection! I am so blessed to have someone as experienced and talented as you to help me. Thank you,

Linda M.


Great job on both the resume & the cover letter. I’m very pleased with your work. Thanks very much. Best Regards,

Randy F.

Dear Darlene,

Thank you for sending these to me. I imagine it’s quite common that people who receive the cover letter and resume don’t recognize themselves on paper. They look very professional, of course. Kind regards,

Anna-Lisa S.

Rita, I want to thank you for the wonderful and impressive job on my resume. Best Regards,

Randy S.

Good Morning

All looks very good. Thank you for such a nice job. I guess it makes a great deal of sense to work with professionals. Mr. Newfield had discussed with me some of your resources as it relates to a mailing of my resume to executive firms, head hunters etc once my resume is complete. As I have always believed most of the good jobs are never advertised. Can you shed some light on this and let me know what you think.

Pat McG.

Hi Patricia,

Attached is the second draft of my resume. You did an awesome job! Wow, I could not have done this at all. It looks great! I have made the changes you requested. Please review and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you again, soon. Thank you!

Ginger R.


First of all thank you very much for job well done. As per your instruction I reviewed the documents and made very few changes. … Thank you again for identifying my expertise and portrait me correctly. A great job!!!

Amit N.