Hi Donna: It’s been about 4 weeks since we talked and I have received 3 letters of interests from recruiters and employers regarding positions that I have applied to. So, this letter is just a formal way of saying thanks for your help with my resume. Now, all I have to do is manage the interviews. Thanks, Jeremiah



Yes, I do know Windows 2000 and XP….I would love to send this out first thing in the morning. Truly appreciate you going above and beyond even with the technical difficulties. Also, appreicate you catching the redundancy in the resume. You are a gem amongst jewels to work with!!

Gabe B.


Thank you for being so prompt in returning my resume and cover letter. I know that the first day back after vacation can sometimes be very hectic and I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I think you have done an excellent job at capturing who I am and in describing my professional experience. I have made just a couple of edits and would be happy to get your opinion on them. Also, for some reason, the bullet formatting is erratic in the version you sent me. Would you mind sending me a PDF version of the final resume along with a Word copy so I can see how it is supposed to look?

I must say I am very impressed. I almost feel embarrassed returning a document with so few edits, but I think you have done an excellent job. I would be happy to refer you and Career Resumes to friends.


Scott H.


I apologize if you have already received a copy of this email but something went wrong with my email when I tried to reply to your message. As I mentioned in that message, I really like what you have done with the structure and content of my resume. I think you have done a great job characterizing my professional experience. I have made a few edits, some for errors which may be the result of different versions of MS word.

Thanks again,



Both documents look great. I think I can handle any further tuning and proofing. In general, I as very pleased with the result. It’s a big improvement and I believe it does a much better job of representing my capabilities and accomplishments. Thanks for the great job.


Hi Ilona,

There were only two or three adjustments. It looks great Thanks.


Diana L.


This is to express my total satisfaction with the work done by Jeanie and to confirm that I equally subscribe for the one time storage fee of $25.00 for possible future revisions.

Joost W.


Thank you so much for the resume and cover letter! There really is not anything I would change! There are a couple of wording changes that I can make, but the whole document captures the spirit of what I wanted to say in my resume. If you want I can e-mail you back with the minor wording, but otherwise I would say that you were able to give me a stellar document the first time around! Let me know how you would like to finalize the resume and letter and I will respond quickly.

Thank you again!

Erik C.


Thanks…received and reviewed the letter. No revisions at my end…..great job in writing! I thought I had writing skills, but you are exceptional in
communicating ideas clearly, without hyperbole.

Once you’ve made final revisions on the resume, we’ll have a package ready for prime-time. You’ve done a super-job, exceeding my expectations. Once I have final package from you, I assume I’ll be dealing with Peter to scope and execute a mailing. Also assume you’ll be supplying Peter with text letter and resume for an electronic mailing?

H. Richard L.


I thought it looked very good and I’m quite pleased with it – and excited to start sending it out! Thanks again, and let’s get this thing polished and ready to go…

Todd S.

Hi Ilona,

Sorry for the late response I have been very busy. Anyway, the cover letter and resume look great I am ready to start posting them.

I have attached my resume with some minor corrections for you to look over.

Let me know if you have any questions.




Thanks so much for the resume. I am very happy with the quality of your work.

Brent K.


I read the resume, it looks great!!!

Thank you very much.

Katherine M.

Dear Peter:

I have reviewed the first darft, as I noted to Ilona itwas quite good. I have sent it back to for some very minor corrections. As for the letter, it was equally impressive. I am loking forward to reviewing the resume as a final product. As for other services, at this time my funds are very limited.

Take care.

Jules P.


Donna and I hooked up a while back and she gave my resume a perfect little update. It looks great and she completed it very quickly. Thanks again for your help. Hopefully the NEW resume with help me land the “job of my dreams”. Unfortunately, there were no job listings for “Prima Princess” .

Thanks again.

Christina B.


All I can say is wow!!

Jules P.


Thanks so much. It looks great at first glance, with a few dates that are off. I will fax you with the specific changes later today, Thursday.

Jon R.

Thanks Ilona !

That is a wonderful resume. I am really glad I took up your services. I am hoping it’ll fetch me some great interviews. (other questions in between…) Once again, thanks a ton. I will be recommending your services to some of my friends as well.

Frank B.

Hey Ilona –

If I ever get around to meeting you in this life, allow me to bow down to you. Simply stunning ! Astounding ! I just love the direction in which you are going with this. I feel so good, with the way you have repositioned me. Such a fantastic and fresh perspective.

Great job !

Pranav R.


Thanks for making my job so much easier. I have seen your work on my husband’s resume and as we put it, its like having a designer perfume made
out of an off-the-shelf deodorant. The changes are drastic and the price no longer seems as steep as it did, considering the quality of work.

Archana P.


Again, thanks so much for all the work you’ve re-created on my behalf…these resumes would surely land an interview..

As one who can observe the details of anything under a microscope, your talent lies in observing through written information, then compiling it to make enough sense for the prospective employer to follow through. Though this technology doesn’t allow a ‘thank you’ face to face, you can be quite sure how much I appreciate your efforts.


Dear Joanne,

Many thanks for your keen insight and penmanship!

Kind regards,


Dear Peter,

Just to let you know how pleased I am with Kelley’s efforts and her sense of urgency in completing the resume and cover letter in the time frame I was working around.

This is to inform you as well that both products can be kept in storage.

With many thanks,

Evelyn G.


I am very impressed with your work. Thank you.

Attached is the resume with my revisions. Let me know if the statements are strong enough for Encore.



Hi Tammi,

The resume not only looks great but it’s got me excited about looking for a new job. The focus was exactly what I was looking for. I will review the resume over the next day to see if there is a need for any adjustments, but I don’t think there will be. The Cover letter looks great as well. Thank you for your help, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Best Regards,
Brian R.l

Thank You Career-Resumes.com!!!

Three weeks after sending out the resume that Rosie St. Julian wrote for me, I now have a job! Out of 50 resumes sent, I received 7 interviews within two weeks of sending them! I got 4 job offers, with 2 offers that I ultimately had to choose between. Here it is three weeks later and I have just put in my notice and I begin work at my new job on June 1!

Thank you guys for your service. It was the best money I ever spent!!!

Kahne O’B.

Jeanie –

Sent the resume and a customized version of the cover letter in Arial type font to the Chairman of the Board of the company that is interested in me. He said “Your resume is extremely interesting and very impressive”. I have an interview now scheduled for this Friday morning in New York City.

I can’t think of a better way to compliment you on your work than the above statement made by the head of a major national company! It doesn’t matter what you and I think of it, but when a major employer thinks the resume is so positive then you should be very proud of your efforts on my behalf! Please make sure that you send a copy of this email to whomever you report to — I want them to know how great a job you did for me!

Marc W.


I wanted to drop up a quick note to let you know how excited I was to see my new “professional” resume. After years of unitizing the same old strategy of updating the text in the same format, I felt it was time for an overhaul. I realize that an effective resume is essential to get you into an interview. Conversely, done wrong it can ruin any chance you may have had.

I am at a point in my career where I have built a strong and progressive story. I needed someone to help me sell it! After our discussion ,you had directed me to your resume “expert” for my professional field. I have to say Sherri completely redid my resume and hit a home run. She used the information sheets I sent and built a solid document. She was extremely easy to work with through the final tweaks.

All the key works and actions are now right up front and she was very good in creating a focused paper that speaks to multiple industries. Specific and tailored but not pigeon holed. She has written this document in a way that makes a reader sit up and take notice. That’s what I call effective. It describes more what I can do for a company rather than tell a company what I have done for others. That gets you an interview and that is the primary importance of the document.

I’m sure you already know how effective Sherri is as a consultant and writer, but I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the out come. Maybe she can come on the interviews with me?

Thank you for your professional help and I will be in touch shortly about further recruiting opportunities.


Jim M.


Just wanted to thank you for your writing skills and hard work on my behalf. I knew that I interview well but I haven’t seen some of the higher end opportunities, which I think was due to my resume.

Your version of my resume helped get the interviews for some of the better opportunities, during which I was able to sell the whole package.

I start my new position as VP – Internal Audit with an outstanding offer that’s 50%+ over my previous base salary.

Thanks for all your help and I will be in touch in the future to update my resume if you are still willing.

All the best for the future and I hope you don’t mind if I pass along your name to others that may be interested.


Thanks, Jean.

I have opened the document and will go through it carefully for errors, etc. I am absolutely thrilled with it before changing anything and know this is an excellent resource for me in the future.

Really, it’s just excellent.

Will get back to you,


Hi Jeanie!

Looks great and definitely more appealing than mine. Will review to finalize and revert in due course.

Thank you for working hard !

Speak later,

Kind regards,



Thanks for the resume preparation, I am happy to take it from here.

I am pleased with the outcome, I could not have done what you accomplished and shall be recommending you.

Best Regards


Hi Rosie

My resume look 100 % better , thank you .

Yes , I would like for you to do my coverletter.

Ron S.

Thanks for the draft…it looks great!


I have highlighted couple of things on there very minor corrections. Apart from those minor corrections, I absolutely love it.

I have attached the form for your review.

Katrina F.

Dear Joanne:

First, a very happy Friday to you! Hope you have a fun weekend planned. Second, thank you so much for the draft copies of my resume and cover letter. Your strategy is apparent and in my opinion, quite well articulated throughout both documents. Though I have marked a few minor changes (see attachments), I can not emphasize enough how impressed I am with your work; well worth the investment!

Please take a look at the attachments. As I said, you should find the changes minor. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I look forward to the “final” drafts and the opportunity to send them out to the marketplace. Thanks again for all your help. Have a great weekend.



You have done a fantastic job on my resume; thank you. I have not purchased the cover letter ffer…yet 🙂 Once again, thank you for your time and energy on my behalf.

Robert M.


Thanks for the great job! I think the presentation is terrific!

Patrick B.

Dear Rosie,

Thanks for all your help–the document looks great.

Anthony M.

Hi Christine,

I’ve attached the edited copy as requested … only a few minor adjustments, overall I’m *very* impressed – what a transformation !!

I’ve highlighted changes in red, as well as turning on ‘track changes’ ….I’ll leave you to adjust formatting once the edits are complete …



Hi Jeanie,

Just let you know that I got very good feedback on my resume so far – so it seems that you’ve done a very good job.

Thank you!


Thanks Christine.

I would never have developed a resume like this on my own. You are a pro!


Hi Peter:

First of all, I just want to thank you, Laura West, and Career Resumes for helping me put together a top-notch resume in March of 2003. I received tremendous response to it internally at XXXXXX as well as externally from recruiters. I have also had several colleagues express interest in using your services based off the results that I received. Just so you are aware, I was able to find a position that was perfect for me, and I am now extremely happy with my the direction my career is currently headed in.

Even though I REALLY want to remain in my current position, I feel that I need to have my resume updated just in case I need to move on either due to job change or elimination or any other reason.



Thank you very much – looks excellent. I have proofread and added my comments.

Kind Regards,


Great job summarizing a long work history and great focus on results! While I made several comments and some edits, they are tweeks, not of major substance, though still important to the final product. Some were cases where I was not clear. Hope these help. After you implement these changes, I think we will be done or almost done.



I did a quick once over out of anticipation. Very INCREDIBLE re-write! I will look at all the details and instructions you provided and get back to
you sometime on Sunday. Thank you so much!



I just completed and sent the completed worksheets and signature fax to Jeanie as you requested in your initial email.

I must compliment you on the thoroughness of your worksheets. They really challenged me to think about my career in a different way. I look forward to working with Jeanie to develop a winning resume that will help me secure a position where my skills will be of value.

Thank you again.


Your work got me three interviews and three job offers.

The last one was the best, and I have taken it. I will retire from the Indiana State Police as a Captain with 25 years, and will go on to work with the Indiana Department of Revenue, Criminal Investigative Division on January 5. The selection process had over twenty applicants but only the top seven were interviewed. Those interviewed were chosen from their resumes. Thankfully I was one of those seven.

You did a great job for me and the fee you charged turned out to be a great bargain. I have sent your name out to several of my colleagues; I hope this will help repay the good work you did for me. Thanks again,


Thank you and Jean for putting a great face on my resume…. I’ve never looked so good on paper!

Mark P.


I wanted to drop you a line to thank you on a job well done. I am more then impressed with Donna’s work. She is an excellent writer, and I would recommend her and your firm to anyone in need of clear, concise, and most importantly, positive writing.

Having been in marketing for quite some time myself, I have an eye for what sells. This resume sells itself; excellent work.

Donna was kind enough to mention a recruiter I should talk to, which I intend to do. Perhaps if you know someone I should talk to as well, that would be most appreciated.
I have several friends, all of them are very intelligent go getters, that I know would benefit immensely from your services. Consider your sales job on them done.

With gratitude,

Brian K. G.

Thanks Lynn,

I didn’t realize you put comments in until I started to. I have replied to your comments and added a few of my own. Please let me know if you have any questions. This should be the last of the changes. there are just a few things I am unsure about.

Thanks again. I think you did a great job!

Theresa R.

Hi Jeanie,

Thank you for the first draft, I was extremely impressed with the style in which it has been written. I can now see even more clearly why Peter Newfield said what he did about my original document. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into the document to date.

Peter R.

Got it! It looks great. Thanks for the hard work. I’ve made some corrections, but following your suggestions I will look at it again tomorrow morning and send it immediately. I really like it. This is much, much better than what I had. If you could do the cover letter before Monday, then go ahead and do it please.


Very nice work Jeanie!

Please, find attached my suggested edits, both in marked up and clean versions. Please, let me also know how much a cover letter would be.

Thank You,



You are wonderful. I just glanced at both documents and they look good. I will review them in detail over this weekend, but I am excited about the quality of your work.




You’re good.

This is the best resume/cover letter work I have had done for me by a professional ( I have used several over the years). I am very pleased and will recommend this company to other colleagues.

Randy L.


This is excellent!

Yes, please write me a cover letter as well. I only made 2-3 minor changes and highlighted them in yellow.

Outstanding work…. Thank you.

Randy L.

Hi Jeanie,

Got the draft resume. Looks impressive! There are only some minor changes I will need to incorporate. I am heading out of town later this morning and will be back Sunday. I will send my comments to you on Monday and decide on the cover letter.

Good Job!




You are the greatest. This is absolutely wonderful. I sincerely thank you for all your effort and look forward to recommending your services to my friends and colleagues.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Suresh D.


Thanks. I sent this resume to a job I was underqualified for (on purpose) and they called. Lynn, I am very happy with your work.

Kurt K.


I think the draft looks great. What a huge improvement over what I put together. I’ve made a few changes, but, I think you did really great work. I take it it’s okay to leave off my General Electric experience?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again,


Dear Jeanie,

I think this now provides a very complete summary of my qualifications and achievements.

Money well spent.

Thank you very much for your professional and creative work.



Thanks for the help with revisions. Looks good. If there are any changes I think that it will be minor and I can do it. I couldn’t have done it on my own…especially in the time period provided. Now on to the next steps and sending these out and getting a new job.

Thank you again.


Hello Lynn,

On the behalf of the Brooks family we would like to say think you. For the outstanding job that you did preparing my resume. And the good news is I got the job on Friday. With the signing bonus and six-figure salary with three weeks vacation. They told me during interview that the resume was well put together, and highlighted my strength and abilities. So now I’m back in the corporate sector as a Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Goldman Sachs. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!for the job you did

Thank you,

Kenneth B.

Hello Sherri,

I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position thanks to the great resume that you put together. I received many calls and in 60 days I had 8 leads, and two offers for "C" level positions. Thanks for a job well done. You took my complex information and developed a simple but very effective profile, which delivered excellent results. Please update my file with the following new information.

Thanks again,

C.S. – President, COO


The resume and cover letter have exceeded my expectations. It is more polished and is a much better presentation of my skill sets. I believe these documents are a great tool to get my on my way to a new life. Thanks for all of your hard work.


D.F. Davis – Sales & Marketing Executive


Donna, Just a note to let you know that I have secured a position with Harvard University’s Real Estate Division. As an officer of Harvard, I will be managing an office in the Longwood Medical Area. I start on Monday. Thank’s to all of you for your prayers. IT WORKED!!


Hi Donna,

Just wanted you to know that I had an interview today with Harvard University. They have a position within the real estate division. It is to open an office in the hospital area of Boston. Harvard is affiliated with all the major hospitals. They will need people to assist faculty and students to find suitable housing within and around that area of Boston. This will be done with their portfolio or private housing options. If I secure this position, I will be an officer of Harvard University’s Real Estate Division. I will be responsible for this new office. The best part is that I will be able to attend school to further my education at the expense of Harvard as part of the benefits program. I was told by the Assistant Director that she was very impressed with my resume. She said it was well written and defined my qualifications in detail. I thought you would like to know that I receive many compliments regarding my resume. I am waiting to receive! a call for a second interview. As you can tell, I am really interested in this position. I am very qualified for this position. I feel that being a part of Harvard will allow me to finally have stability within my field. I am realistic to the point that there are a number of applicants, however the interviewer said that she does not want to fool around and that she is very interested in me. I should know something within a week or two. I’ll let you know. Thanks again for a job well done with my resume.

Dotti F.

Hey Jeanie,

I had 3 long meetings today and have not been able to spend as much time on reviewing my resume as I had wanted. I am going to review it again tonight and get you comments by tomorrow afternoon. I have a 9:00 meeting in the morning. I am applying for a job that closes on Monday, March 3. What is your turnaround time on changes? I don’t think there will be that many but am just wondering. Thanks. You are a wonderful writer.

I have showed the resume to friends today and they were impressed. I am very lucky to have connected with you.

Thanks again.

Elaine F.

Hi Lynn,

Attached is the doc file I have made changes to per our conversation this morning. I would like to thank you for the re-work you did on my resume. You have condensed it down, made it very readable, and is an excellent presentation of my work experience.

Thanks & Regards,

Stan D.


I just accepted a VP of sales position in North Carolina and wanted to thank you for your powerful and compelling resume which you so skillfully constructed. I am confident that your resume helped open the door to this new and exciting opportunity. I will stay in touch annually to ensure my resume stays current especially in these economically turbulent times. Please pass along my thanks to Peter. I don’t have his email address.

My warmest regards,

Ron H.


Hope this transmission gets to you. You did a very good job on my resume and the cover letter and I am pleased with what you have done.

I made a few revisions and I would appreciate your fresh thoughts. Is there another word you can think of other than "Ignited" revenues? I cannot think of one at this hour of the day but I just have this image of firing off a rocket with that word.

Everything you have written is factually accurate. The resume really has a very new and different spin on it based on all the information I sent to you.

I guess in a town where things are generally so understated, one has to abandon all modesty and put he peddle to the metal. This resume has a lot more of a high energy image to it now and that is what is needed.

I appreciate all that you have done. Look forward to any final thoughts you may have.


Cliff G.

Hi Peter,

I’ve just finished up with Jeanie on my new resume and cover letter.

I am totally blown away, to say the least!!

Kudos to Jeanie and the outstanding job she has done for me!!

I’ve attached a copy of my wife’s resume, Sharon K. Your critique would be most appreciated.

Her contact numbers are on the resume.

Best regards,

Bruce A.B.


I wanted to let you know that I successfully landed a very exciting and promising opportunity. I was very happy with the finished product and it clearly contributed to my success.

My family and I will be relocating to Southern Ca. where I accepted a position as the EVP/CFO. The company is involved in various types of real estate development including residential track development, home building and retail properties. It is an exciting opportunity with the ability to participate in the results and equity of the company. I am not sure where we will reside
with my office in Ontario, Ca it could be Pasadena Hills, Anaheim Hills, or the Chino Hills areas.

I had also ended up being the lead for the CFO slot at XXXXXX Properties, a public office REIT and my name was beginning to surface at other companies as well.

I hope all is well for you. If you need a reference for senior exec types, please feel free to use me on a selective basis.

James G.


Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that I am very impressed with the quality of work I have received related to the resume, cover letter and thank you letter proofs.

I have a few minor changes to the documents and will have them back to you for final revisions tomorrow morning.

Thanks again for all of your hard work. If definitely was reflected in the product you sent me.

JoAnn W.


Attached are my revisions. The draft was very close and clearly a document that I can be very proud of. Thank you so much for your help on this…


Kelley O’Reilly


This is magnificent. You truly are an artist with words.

Best Regards



Thanks for the great Resume. I think a friend of mine will be calling to get one done as well. I did not keep a copy though of mine in the computer.Can you e-mail it to me again. Thanks. Also we will be in Deer Valley Wednesday the 8th. Any thing we should know to save us all the first timer there mistakes?

Joe T.


Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did on my resume. My best wishes for Christmas and happy New Year.


Gerardo L.


Looks great! Thanks so much!

I made some minor edits, but please use your best judgment on what to use. Looking forward to the final.

Tom L.

Good Morning Donna,

I think this looks great. What an improvement. I will review it in more detail this morning and get back to you with edits, if any. If you don’t hear from me, no news is good news.



Generally, looks great. I am thrilled at how good it is and would not have been able to do this myself.

Ken Nemeth


Attached are my corrections to the resume (I used the tracking mode in Word).? The cover letter is excellent. Could you create a cover letter designed for executive search firms/head hunters? I want to solicit this audience as well.

Your work is outstanding — I’m glad you’re working for me!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Bruce S.


I like the format you used and the resume reads really well. Is there anything else you will need from me?

It has been a real pleasure to use your service and I will glady recommend it to anyone .

Thanks again and wish me luck,


Dear Vivian!

I can’t thank you enough for writing my resume! I just got an offer for a wonderful position right here in Columbus, Ohio!?

This happened much faster than I expected and I feel that your words helped so much! I noticed that many of the people that I interviewed with at this Company had different things highlighted on their copy of my resume. So.. it looks like we had the RIGHT STUFF!

If you ever need me for a “testimonial”… feel free to contact me. I landed the job within a month of receiving your draft! Even better… I don’t have to start until after the holidays!

I AM SO HAPPY and SO GRATEFUL for all your help and encouragement!

Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving…. I know I will! I have so much to be thankful for and you are on my list!

Thanks so much!

Julie Schmitt


The resume looks fabulous! You did a wonderful job! Thank you very much!!



Thank you very much for the excellent job you’ve done on my resume. I can finally say what I’ve accomplished in my career in short, concise sentences. And, it delivers the message with a punch.

I’ve made a few changes in the resume while the cover letter is perfect.

Thank you again,


Dear Jeanie,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the excellent job you did putting together my resume. Although I’m in marketing and writing is my forte, I was having a hard time selling myself on paper!

You did a really great job distilling all the information I sent and developing what I think is a dynamite resume and cover letter. So far, I haven’t received any calls or inquiries via my posting on some Web sites, but I will say the number of people actually looking at my resume for a more in-depth review has increased dramatically.

For the first time, I feel like I really have a great resume. Thank you!

Angela M.

Hi Joanne,

I received both the resume and cover letter. Thank you for the excellent work. Perhaps in a few months time, (when I actually decide to apply for some appetizing positions) I will inform you of my success rate in receiving an interview due to your work.



Dear Donna,

Thanks for all your hard work. You truly have generated the look I desire. Just as little kudo to you, I showed this draft to a close Money Manager friend of mine from Payne Weber. She thought it was VERY well done. Smiles 🙂

Thanks again. Please call or email me with any other questions. I look forward to the next draft.



Hello Rosie,

Beautiful job! I am very pleased. Looks and reads professional. I really like that cover letter. I will be pleased to recommend you to others in the future. This process has been fast, efficient, easy to follow, and professional. Thank you.


Sharry J.

Dear Kelley,

I was able to send out 47 resumes yesterday (nothing today, due to studying again) and I received responses from about 10 – 12 of them, including phone calls from at least 5 of them. WOW – what a difference !!!!

Thanks again,



I want to pass along serious kudos to you and Sherri for the guidance and the end product resume and marketing letter. The response has been nothing short of powerful. Not only to the jaded search firms call but the internal company executives comment as well.

My advice to your prospective clients is make the investment now!!! If only my 401K had this type of return.

Warmest Professional Regards,

Richard L.

Lynn –

You’re the expert so we go with your version. Everything looks great with both the letter and the resume so you can make them “gold.” You did a great job!


Bernadette S.

As far as Joanne, I am extremely pleased and happy with Joanne’s (Career-Resumes) work. The resulting resume (and cover letter) is clearly far beyond a mere cleaning up of the old version. My own work efforts with Joanne took close to 3-4 days between information and editing etc., but it has been a very informative, enlightening and productive experience for me. I am also far better prepared now for interviews as a result of the ‘information’ package provided by Joanne. First time I’ve ever consolidated everything together like this. Going forward, Career-Resumes are permanently in charge of ‘my’ resume.

Thank You.

Peter W.


NICE JOB &Only a couple of small changes. Also, when I printed it, several vertical lines showed up on the right side of the page. I would like the months placed next to the employment dates unless you feel it is not appropriate. I left the Wells job on 8/14/2001 (I believe this was on the questionnaire to you. Did you put present for marketing reasons? I did leave on good terms. Let me know if this should be changed).

Also, no need for a cover letter at this time&Thanks!!!


Jeannie —

First and most important, thanks for A GREAT JOB. Looking over your draft, I realized how “vanilla” my self-prepared document is — despite my endless tinkering.

My suggestions to the resume and cover letter are attached — nothing earth-shattering, really, more like wordsmithing and a couple of typo’s that slipped through. I look forward to your response.

And again, THANK YOU.




Everything looks great. I don’t have any edits that I need you to make. I will read through it several more times today but I think everything is in order.

Thanks again and send the cover letter when ready.




So far great job! Couple of thoughts and included most of the information you requested. What are the charges for a cover letter?? Lastly, when can I get the final proof? I have a few “opportunities” that I would like to send this out to as soon as possible. Please advise and just give me an update.




Great work! You sure know how to pack a lot on two pages with style.? I do have a few comments that I marked up with “Track Changes”. Most are straightforward, a couple are general. I’m sure you’ll let me know if you have questions.




Laura West has completed all her work on my resume and cover letter and has done a great job. Many thanks for sending her my way. Kindly let me know the additional itemized costs in addition to the one below. I appreciate all your help and guidance. I have now gone from a BUICK to a MERCEDES resume.


Veronica M.


I have just reviewed draft number 2 and it’s exactly what I want. Thank you again for doing such an excellent job on updating my resume and for doing it in such a timely manner. I have been recommending your service to people that I know, and I am sure that quite a few of them will be contacting your company shortly.

Best regards,



WOW! Denise said I wouldn’t be disappointed and actually I’m blown away and so is my English major wife. Thank you for all your help, I just have a couple of minor revisions and it looks like we’ll be ready to go.

Brent H.

Thanks Lynn:

My wife wants to go ahead with your service and I am forwarding the URL to someone else. I told them that having my resume written by you and Donna was the most important and best thing I did in regard to a new position. You may also be interested to know that largely as a result of your resume, I got an interview and I am currently a vice president in a major tertiary care medical center in New York State.


Dear Peter,

Good to talk to you yesterday. Got Lynn’s final resume draft and three flavors of cover letters, i.e., for companies, recruiters, and VCs. Excellent work. I’m too close to myself to write about myself anymore and I’ll forever be indebted to my good friend and old Cray colleague, Terry S., for putting me on to Lynn, and you. I showed the documents to my wife who’s been a corporate communications writer (and 10+ plus books she’s ghost written or co-written over the years … she’s now a life-coach workshop leader), and one of the best editors I’ve ever met. And she said it was excellent work. THAT, Peter, from Caroline, is very high praise. So I’m delighted with Lynn’s work. We both are.

Duncan O.

Hi Lynn:

I just did a brief review and it looks great. I will proof carefully and get my edits (if any) back to you by tomorrow COB. I&I may want you to do a cover letter for me, also. I believe
what I need is a general letter for a resume-broadcast campaign? Let me know what you think.


Ann R.


Thanks for your work on my resume. It looks fantastic. I have proofed it and the changes I suggest are tracked in the attached document.

Chad B.


My sincere appreciation for a great job. I know we got off on the wrong foot due to the email problems, but the quality and creative writing you have delivered has exceeded my expectations for a first draft. With only minor corrections/edits this is great stuff, and a quantum improvement over my "other" attempts to create an exceptional resume on my own. I will gladly recommend you to my colleagues and associates. Thank you, I know you rearranged your schedule to spend time on this to complete in less time than usual. You do great work!

Jean O.

I knew you would do a great job. I put some additions in red. Please let me know what you think. Do you have any recommendations on Executive Search firms? Though I will relocate anywhere I would prefer to stay in New England because of family network. My wife would love to move up to Maine. Thank you for your effort. After reading the draft I would give me an interview.




I’m just returning from travel, and have printed the resume for the first time today. It really does look great; on-point, clear and concise.

You’re obviously spend a lot of time combing through the plethora of stuff I sent you and have done yoeman’s work in getting t together.

Can you spot me a few days to read and digest what you just sent to me? I’ll have any revisions to you by Monday at the latest.

As for the invoice, please debit my credit card for the balance. I haven’t decided on the cover letter, but will let you know when/if I have any revisions.

Thanks a million,



Viv just sent me my resume and cover letter. She did a great job. What a difference!


Joe K.



As you can probably imagine, shelling out hundreds of dollars for an unknown quantity is slightly unnerving. However, you have created a masterpiece! I have made minor changes. Can you give me some idea regarding final turnaround time? Again, great job!

Bill S.


Thanks very much for your work on my resume and cover letter. I showed it to a couple friends this morning. They liked both the content and the format. Especially the cover letter. Both people I showed it to this morning read over the letter and turned to me and said “Bill, this is you!”

I have attached the same documents back to you with my comments. Please be sure to view the comments, as I inserted a few of them in the document. I have a few other questions for you, not in the document:

Font and format:

I thought your choice of font was interesting. It is good, and people seem to like it very much, but it is not one that I would have thought to use. Is this a font that you use for all the resumes you work on? Will this translate well, if I have to cut and paste this format into an online resume processing system? Do you have a recommendation for what I should do in those circumstances? Should I have a plain text version of my resume as well?

Other prospective clients for you:

One of the friends that I had look over my resume was asking for your contact information. Is it OK for him to contact you directly? or should he go through the main number?

Settling up:

What do I need to do to settle-up my bill? Should I call the main Newfield number? or can you process my credit card?

Bill G.


I can’t thank you enough. The resume is great. I had *help* from outplacement (Lee Hecht Harrison) and the rewrite you gave me is so much stronger and better, I wish I’d enlisted your help months ago, it’s *that* much better. Truly. I can’t wait to tell you my real results, and hopefully a new job.

Friends, including a VP recruitment for a major NYC retailer, who I showed the before/after were really impressed. And she’d OK’d my earlier version. I think you’ll be hearing from a number of my friends, including those from outplacement with mediocre, run-of-the-mill resumes, written by outplacement engines…

I feel good, facing August and a tough market, with a better resume.

Thank you, and Peter.

Sarah 🙂

Dear Sir,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know of the success I’ve had using the resume that Lynn Andenoro helped write for me.

Using my old resume format I received exactly zero calls and no interviews out of approximately 123 direct mailings.

Then I hired you to write my resume. Using the detailed information I provided, Lynn Andenoro worked collaboratively with me over several weeks, and ultimately delivered what I considered a stunning, out-of-the-box resume. Most notable was Lynn’s "challenge-context" presentation format that fit extremely well with the executive-level positions for which I was interviewing.

I refocused my direct mailing and, using my new resume, received a 9.3% response rate resulting in four executive-level interviews with major technology and aerospace companies here in the Washington, D.C. area. The series of numerous, intensive interviews at the executive vice president level spanned three months. On Monday one of the companies telephoned
to make a tentative offer over the telephone, with the expected final offer being made in a few days.

I had confidence in my communication skills to seal the deal once I got in the door, but my old resume, I can now see, was a hindrance. I don’t want to think about those 123 lost opportunities that I foolishly squandered.

Thank you for your help. You can bet that in future as I’ll ask your advice on how to incorporate the expediencies of my new position into future resumes.

Best wishes,

Tony V.


Great! – At first review this is a masterpiece — thank you…

Peter M.


I just wanted to let you know that I received my first call back on my new resume. I sent out the resume 7/20 and received a call today – I have to do a phone interview and they want me to go to Virginia to see them.

Thanks, you did a great job.

Dave D.

Dear Lynn,

Last fall (I think) you prepared my resume for me. I wanted to report back that I landed a new assignment and will be starting it on August 5th — in no small part due to the great job you did! The interviewing process lasted for almost 4 months. Thanks again!

I do have a problem now. While successfully backing up my work-related files on my current company’s network, I lost the resume and cover letter you did for me. However, I did remember that I paid for the service where your company stores my resume for future updates. Could you please forward a copy of those files to me?


Vince B.


WOW. WOW. WOW. I’m impressed. Yes, there is a little tweaking, but…WOW. I’ll get back to you in the morning.

Janet K.

Hi Terri,

I was very impressed with your writing skills, job very well done. The letter of introduction is outstanding. I am very anxious to get started. Thank you very much.


Dear Lynn,

I was very pleased with your work on my resume. Very tightly constructed with challenges, responsibilities and accomplishments neatly drawn together. I have very few changes as you will see on the attached. I did make some changes to more correctly state my current work experience, including eliminating the annual EBIT numbers which are proprietary. Thanks so much for your professional assistance. I look forward to the final draft.


Dear Mr. Newfield:

Just today, I received the final drafts for both my resume and cover letter(s) prepared by Joanne Kowlowitz and I have to tell you, I am extremely please by the final results. I may be a rare find, but I actually enjoyed the process of filling out the resume worksheets (including the international history) and after completion thought…”who the hell is going to be able to take all this information and get it into a resume that will be organized and be a true reflection of who I am and what I have accomplished…”. Well, Joanne Kowlowitz did it.

It is important to keep in mind that I started out (very briefly) with Jeanie Oscarson, however due to her family situations I was handed off to Joanne to assist in the development of my resume and cover letters(s)…and as far as I am concerned, I was handed over to the right person. I would also like to add that, without question, Joanne did 95% of the work. No doubt in my mind. After reviewing my worksheets, placing a phone call to me and asking a couple of key questions, Joanne had a strategy of what needed to be done and how she was going to do it…and the bottom line…she did it!

Please pass these words of praise onto Joanne and I would like you to be aware that I have told a couple of people about the work she did for me. If I find these individuals are interested in updating their career history, I assume they would contact you directly, so they can work with Joanne? Please confirm.

Thank you…you have one very pleased customer on your hands.

Tim D., Vice President and Managing Director


You are SO GOOD at this!!!&details. The document looks GREAT, and I appreciate your patience in helping me develop appropriate quantifiable results&your prompting. Attached are my edits. Let me know if you need anything further. Thanks for everything and have a great day.



I wanted to drop you a note and share with you what I fine job Jeanie did writing my resume. I have gotten many compliments and have already received some call-backs.? I have recommended your organization to several colleagues who are getting ready to have a new resume composed.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Michael F.


The resume looks fantastic&I am very happy&and I will recommend you to all my friends. My special thanks for working so late last night.



Hi Pete:

Just to let you know the resume crafted by one of your distinguished writers has landed me 3 top level interviews with international companies in Mexico.

Currently I am in conversations with all 3 companies assessing the best opportunity for me. Your resume made it possible no doubt about it.

Pete I need my resume and cover letter translated into Spanish. Could you refer me to a professional that can do an excellent job at it? I would appreciate your assistance with this matter. Thank you.

Warm regards,

Manuel G.


Your work is absolutely excellent!! I am very impressed with the resume and the cover letter, and would be most happy to provide a testimonial to this effect if you wish.

I’ve attached an edited a “track changes” version of the documents. Please modify accordingly, but please don’t make a change where you disagree with my input…your product clearly demonstrates that you know what is right and what is wrong.

I checked out the website and I will be wanting a targeted search with most of the frills. I priced it out and oh my, it is high, but I am convinced it will be worth it. I hope the quoted price includes both the cover letter and the resume.

When the resume and cover letter are in final form, please tell me how I should proceed.




I am impressed. This is so good I would hire myself! I think you did an excellent job. My minor changes are highlighted in red.

I would feel privileged if you would like me to be a reference for your work. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism. You see I think American business is beginning to loose this trait. At any rate…

I certainly would like you to write a killer cover letter for me.

I also am interested in the targeted email campaign to recruiters and specific companies and would appreciate speaking to someone in your group about this. Let me know on this one. Believe me I want this resume to go to the decision makers but understand that we need to send a good amount of this resume out to unsolicited people. I need guidance please.

One question I do want to ask you or Peter is, “Having read this resume where do you think Lew F. belongs in terms of job title and industry/company?”.

Looking forward to hearing from you on my questions and the receipt of final resume.

I’m excited.




First of all…there is no commission for the salary increases attained with this new resume you prepared for me? Just kidding! I have accepted a new job. I will now be the Plant Controller for KPG. About two weeks after you finished my new resume the position came open. They are in the same building as my current employer (also a former part of Imation). I applied, interviewed, and was offered the job. It’s a $20,000 increase in my base pay!

I would also like you to know the Human Resources manger of KPG (Kodak Polychrome Graphics) said it was the best resume she had ever seen. She has been employed by 3M, Imation, and now KPG. Also, the Controller of KPG in Connecticut said it was the best resume he had ever seen and was keeping it in his file for future reference.

There is another accountant in my office who will be contacting you within a few months. She is currently taking the CPA exam and will probably start looking in the next year for a new job. She is going to be transferring into my job. She saw my resume and was definitely interested in having hers prepared.

Thanks again! I didn’t think this would happen so fast. This is just a stepping stone to my next job as CFO.

Paula T.


I want to first tell you that I am very pleased with the work done by Donna Allen. I sent out the new resume, received calls and some interviews. You were certainly correct in your advice that I would not be able to write a really effective resume on my own.

My wife was similarly impressed and now would like a consultation regarding her resume. She is a Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner and Administrator. I am attaching a copy of her CV and we would appreciate the benefit of your evaluation.

Thanks again.

Bruce C.

Hi Lynn.

First off, let me say that when I decided to go ahead and get my resume professionally written, I really did not have particularly high expectations and that I was probably going to waste my time and money. I was very pleasantly surprised. You did an outstanding job. My yardstick was simply that I would hire myself after reading what you created.

Paul B.

Hi Donna –

Just to let you know, I’ve been busy with interviews… YES, Interviews! The resume appears to be working. Folks seem clear about my background, but not put off or intimidated. I haven’t had time to do much about the cover letter, but have used parts of your draft in notes. I’ll let you know if I land something.

Thanks again for your help!


Hello Lynn,

Thank you for the resume and the cover letter. You did a terrific job. I feel less hopeless. I only made three minor corrections. As you recommended, I used the highlight function. The corrections are in red.

Agnes C.


I wanted to pass a note along to let you know that I have accepted a position with Microsoft in Redmond to manage the outsourcing partnerships and business in the US.

Thanks for having put together a great resume.

Geoff C.

Terri –

My gosh, girl – you are amazing! I am thrilled!!! I feel like I’ve got Wonder Woman on my side. Even I didn’t know I could account this good! I need to take another day to review the resume – the first couple of times through triggered a few minor changes. I will scour it tomorrow and get back to you before close of business on Wednesday 4/24. Thank you so much for your great work. I really appreciate your help, and I’ll be in touch.




I REALLY like my resume now. I think you have done an excellent job here… teasing out all of the excellent accomplishments I have obtained in my life… and really forgot.

I have made some formatting changes, that put the resume in a from I prefer (not much) and if you could edit this one more time, paying particular attention to the first page, that I did not take all the ZIP out of it you put into it.

Well, done.



Hi Donna,

I hope your vacation was fun and relaxing. I know it’s hard to get back into the swing of things after some time off. I really appreciate you getting all my stuff together so quickly. I love the resume and cover letter. One of my friends commented on how great it looked. She does the same thing as me and was interested in looking at mine to get ideas.

Thanks again.

Christina C.


Your work is excellent, thank you. You had mentioned that there is work left to do. Other than a few type o’s and a little rewording that we can correct, I think we are done. Please comment. And if I do send it back for more work how would you like to exercise document control? I.E.: I make changes and highlight them in Yellow so you know exactly what was done?

I do like your work and would like for you to do a cover letter so I can use it as a template.



I think that most of the formatting and typographical corrections have been made. After making some slight changes to the corrected resume you sent on Sunday evening, I let it sit in the drawer all of yesterday to think and re-read. You have done a very impressive job and worked “resume magic.”

I think that we are pretty much there in terms of generating a final resume. One question that I have regards the use of italics under the first two career descriptions and not after that. Is there a reason why those two positions utilize italics and the other don’t? Should the formatting be consistent throughout and either use or not use italics on all career positions? What is the resume ettiquette?

When I made the spelling and formatting changes, I forgot to turn on the “track changes” function. Therefore, I did a “compare docs” to caputure the changes that were made. You may need to do the same thing, but I’m hoping that the highlighted changes will be apparent to you.

Other than that, I appreciate the work you have done and can’t wait to see if it does the job.




I wish to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the work your firm has done, and specifically, the efforts of Vivian. The creativity and impact of the CV far exceeded my expectations. The process was reinvigorating for me and the results are likely to be quite positive. Again, job well done!



Great job Jean!

I want to hire myself!

I made a few changes and have asked for your opinion in certain areas. As far as a cover letter: Do I need one? When I was hiring people, I never saw one and it had no relevance on whether I hired someone? I think a cover letter is a custom document based on the job description? Maybe you can do one and I can edit per job description? How much?

Again, great job Jean. I will send you some business!



Where do I hire this guy??? The resume looks brilliant, I guess I have been way too close to my accomplishments to look at them objectively. Thank you for this wonderful document. I made some changes and filled in the two places you needed numbers. I will forward the updated copy back to you on a separate email.

Jay L.

Dear Rosie,

I am sorry that it has taken so long to get back with you regarding my resume proof. I made a couple of comments, but otherwise I am very impressed with your work. I thought I was a decent writer, but I see I have a lot to learn. Thank you very much for applying your expertise.

Anna B.

Hi Jeanie,

Thanks again, this is great! I made only a few comments at the end of the body of the letter. Let me know what you think. The resume is fine, but let’s go back to the original tense format you originally had. We can wrap this up then! Thank you so much – I could have NEVER written about myself like this even though I’m a marketing person!

We are all breathing a sigh of relief today. These terrible people are off the streets and we can all stop looking over our shoulders. Talk to you soon. Have a great Friday.

Angela M.


Very impressive!

The attached file has some minor changes made it in. I don’t know if I should ask you or Jane, but I’m interested in the E-Mail Mailing Campaign – but I have a couple of questions about this.




I am reading this thoroughly today. I am sending a focus letter for each job I submit to. I will also be doing a 900+ email blast to executive recruiters and specialized recruiters oriented toward my interests. I put the letter at the front of the same file as the resume at the suggestion of an executive recruiter and Phd Human Resources professional. This way the person receiving it open one file and must see the cover/focus/lead letter first.

My initial impression is very good. Thank you for your effort. I am reading a job description and then modifying my focus letter and resume. A sample for a disaster recovery sales position is attached. The recruiter was quite please and immediately forwarded to the company. However, the market is still slow and the company has not responded.

I will send my further thoughts and changes today or early tomorrow when I have some concentrated time to digest what you have done.

Thanks again for your efforts in my behalf,


Brent K.


You are the best…believe me. Its been fun.



Received the final version of my resume and cover letter. Joanne did a fabulous job! I would certainly recommend your services to others.

Dick W.

Hi Joanne!

Great job! I answered your question about CSCE disaster recovery capability. Please change the header so that the resume fits on one page. Thanks for the quick turn around and a very professional document. I really appreciate your efforts and enjoyed working with you

Have a nice well earned vacation!

Warmest regards,

Ben C.

Hi Jeanie,

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did with my resume. Its nice to finally have a resume that speaks to and show my abilities and accomplishments. I have made a couple of small changes but nothing major. I also would like to find out how much a couple of the services would be. First the cover letter, second salary history and references, and finally the targeted email campaign. I believe I’d like the cover letter and email campaign but I have to see if it fits into my budget. Thanks again for your help! Please let me know if I can do anything else to help you in finalizing the resume.

Have a Great Weekend!



Thank you so much!!! everything looks great. This is the best resume I have ever seen in twenty years in the car business.

Thanks again,


Hi Jeanie,

Thanks again for the draft document! Looks great! My wife was asking who this "great guy" is you are writing about, she would like to meet him…

Kidding apart, I really think that you did an excellent job to capture and highlight very appropriately my credentials. Nevertheless, I have a couple of comments and questions, which you will find summarized in attached document, called quot; CarResDraft Critique". In addition, I attached also your draft with a couple of minor revisions, primarily of editing nature.

Look it over and if you like we can discuss over the phone. If you feel confident to be sure how to take my comments and suggestions, I am looking forward to receiving your revised draft. Let me know, by when you can get it back to me. Does tomorrow late afternoon (8/12) sound acceptable to you?



First off let me say &THANK YOU THANK YOU & because I had to run out this morning to the interview, I did not have time to track the changes and send it back to you For revisions (my fault)

Here is the copy with my edits &just to be sure it works &final

Thank you again you did a terrific job!!

Paul D.


The cover and resume are excellent. Thanks for a great job!

Rick B.

Thanks Peter.

Joanne has been great to deal with – I am a very happy customer. Thanks again for your firms support!



With some luck, and this high-quality resume, I will be sending you another thank you note with an email address at my company.

Thanks again,

Tom B.

I would like to express my appreciation for the help I recently received with my resume. By working collaberatively with a resume writer familiar with my line of work and current recruiting practices, I was able to turn an old resume into one with more energy. The preparation worksheets provided by Career Resumes motivated me to do a very thorough review of my past experience, and uncovered good accomplishments that I had forgotten about. Using this information, the writer was able to provide an unbiased view of my past experience, its relevance, and what to highlight. Thanks to Career Resumes, I now have a better resume than before!


Richard P.


As of right now, I am thrilled at my decision to hire you folks.

I will speak with you tomorrow.

Chris L.


I got the proof and I’ve had a chance to read it over very carefully. I have no changes to your proof. It looks great! Thanks!

Best regards,

Greg H.

Dear Mr. Newfield:

I have always thought that God made bosses so someone would have to hear the bitching. They ought to hear the good too. Laura West has done a great job on my resume, and I feel much better using hers than mine. You were right on your “sales presentation” to me when you said, “I couldn’t do your job, why are you trying to do mine?”

I am a lot of things, but I try not to be an ingrate. Thank you and Laura West.


Chandos T.


I read the final copy. Thank you, it looks great! You are a real Pro. I took the liberty to make several adjustments. I am sending this for your files. The adjustments are in bold and in the “Financial Research” section. Some are just further clarification and some were just clerical. If you feel anything would detract or add please let me know.

Thank you again,

Robert B.

I wanted to compliment the great job Kelley Smith did in preparing my Cover Letter and Resume recently&like me wonders if they shouldn’t just try and save money by buying a “how-to” book on this matter and do it themsevles. When I saw my finished product I quickly realized that I wouldn’t have presented my accomplishments and various experience as clearly or effectively as Kelley did.

I can clearly see the difference between a PROFESSIONAL doing this vs. a do-it-yourselfer trying. It is a first class presentation! I would defintely recommend Kelley to anyone who needs a cover letter and/or a resume produced!!

Steve E.

Hi Joanne,

Once again I find myself in a position to have to thank you for a wonderful job. The work you have done for me has given me a great sense of confidence in my ability to market myself in this very completive economy. Thank you for all your help and I will let you know how my job search turns out.

Joe R.


It was a pleasure working with you and Laura. She prepared a great resume and cover letter. Thank you for helping me in my job search.

Best regards,



This looks great and I would very much agree that it is very clear and concise and appreciate the quick turn around you provided!

I will also need the cover letter to be updated since the original cover letter and resume were synced and the new resume and old cover letter do not really make sense together.

Thank you,


Look Joanne your work is amazing!!!!!! you did an incredible job I am very happy, it is perfect.



Looks fine.. :* thats a big kiss for a job well done.

Patrick K.


Thanks so much for getting this to me before your planned vacation (hope it is still on). You are the expert! With your 16 years experience, do what you think is best and I’ll acquiesce. I think there is one typo on page 2, finance & operations consulting, 2nd bullet: wholesale does not need the /.

Thanks again. I would recommend you to anyone!



Good morning Joanne,

I really have to compliment you on the wonderful job you have done on my resume. This is truly an excellent document and has given me a new sense of confidence in my ability to market myself. Thank you!!

Best regards,

Joe R.

Hi Peter,

Hope you had a safe and happy holiday (you too Jeanie). Just a quick note to tell you what a GREAT JOB Jeanie did with my resume. I really enjoyed working with her and am very happy with the resultant product.




Very impressive!

I’ve made some subtle changes and filled in the blanks. If you have any further observations, please let me know.




It looks like you really put a lot of effort into the resume and I really appreciate it! YOU ARE REALLY GOOD!!!


Hi Lynn,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I appreciate you sending through the finished resume and draft of my cover letter. I think both look great and I have proofed them several times. The only change I see is the area code on the cover letter. It should be the 585 one, like on the resume.

I think you did a great job and I really like your opening paragraph on the cover letter, it’s an attention grabber. I’ve decided to use the resume e-mail distribution service from Career Resumes. I will let you know how it goes and how successful your work is in obtaining interviews. Thanks and I look forward to you sending the final versions of both.

Best Wishes,



At first glance, it looks plain terrific! I’ll take the weekend to go over it in detail and get back to you. Thanks.

Jan A.

Hello Lynn.

I am still reviewing my resume (which looks beautiful) and anticipate only minor changes to the content that is there.

Ellen Davidson


Thanks. I received the update and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a review. I appreciate your efforts to turn this around so quickly. I’m looking at using this next week at the Service Academy Career Conference in Dallas, TX. This should help greatly.

R. Bill


First, I want to thank you for some terrific work in putting this resume together & Yes, I am very interested in doing a cover letter. I strongly agree that it is very hard to explain what I did in the military to someone who has no military background, so I’m sure a cover letter will help.

Cmdr Bill Lewis

First, I just want to say thank you. You have done a great job on both the resume and the cover letter. Thanks!!

Robert J. Kennedy


Great job! You have really captured my capabilities without any overstatement.

I am very comfortable with this portrait of my experience and skills. I have highlighted minor edits using the tracker as you suggested. I would like to talk to you regarding my Smith and Wesson experience. I originally thought I would only provide you with my procurement management experience because I am targeting Supply chain position&am second guessing that decision. There are several other management positions that I held that I dropped to shorten my resume (Customer Service Management, Licensing and Sales Management and Quality Management). Perhaps I should put those back in?

Can we talk sometime on Monday afternoon?


Doug Markham

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for the fantastic resume. I have never looked so good on paper. I am really impressed with the way you captured the large volume of information I sent to you. I found one minor correction and a couple questions.

That’s all I found. This is a very nice looking resume. I want to thank you again. I feel really good about this document and am anxious to get it out there.

Oh, by the way, I do want you to do the cover letter. When can I expect to see it and when it is complete, how do I include it in a mass e-mail campaign with multiple addresses?

Anyway, I hope you are having a great weekend and thanks again for your help.



I am having sucess with my resume already. I have made three versions of it with very little changes but that serve as in industry, financial, and out of industry non-financial. Thank you for the job you did. I may still be in touch on having you take a stab at the financial version.


Mike Head