April 6, 2017

Greetings Dan and Good Morning,

How else can I best describe how one person has finally clearly understood who I really am as a complete person and the value I am able to deliver “WOW”.

I will now look at it on my laptop to see what it looks like.

Attached is what I see on my new Apple laptop. Per the first attachment I’m not sure if it is reconfiguring your original font layout and uncertain if it is changing anything what you are seeing from your end. if you could send me a print screen of what you see or advise to see exactly as you see it.

This is my first new Apple product and I hate it.

Overall, I love it but I want to be certain silicon Sally hasn’t chosen to change/reconfigure your original masterpiece.

If the attachment I have resent you is what it should look like then I would say we can continue to move forward with the cover letter and whatever else needs to be completed for LINKEDIN.

Thank you,

Maurice G.