April 6, 2017


I have just completed my first reading of your comments summarizing the work which you did to SIGNIFICANTLY improve both the content and appearance of my KSA writeup and resume for the OTI Country Representative – Niger position.

I am REALLY PLEASED with your work. I will review both documents thoroughly today, and will likely submit my application tonight or tomorrow morning.

Kindly note that USAID has also announced a Deputy Country Representative position for this role. As you and I have mentioned in earlier communications, I am truly qualified for all aspects of the Country Representative position. However, knowing full well that the competition for all positions, especially good ones such as this OTI position, I will also applying for the Deputy position.

I will review the announcement and send it to you today. Together, we can decide if I can just tweak the resume and KSA for the Country Rep position or we will need different documents for the Deputy role. Since the deadline for submission for both roles is Nov 7 and since the additional work on preparing the docs for the Deputy position won’t be ‘too much’, we should be able to complete both documents in time for me to meet the application deadline.

Once again, thanks very much for the professional work which you’ve done on my KSA writeup and resume.

Kind regards,

Mopoi N.