April 6, 2017

Afternoon Dan

I must say, this is amazing!!!

How you got all of that stuff into 2 pages is unbelievable. I read over and over again that you really should not go beyond 2 pages, but had no idea how to get it all in there.

I have attached my copy using the “comments” feature. I was thinking that for the Section Admin Officer we could use Branch Manager because that is in effect what I did everyday (managed the day to day activities). For Unit Head, I put it as Office Manager. A Unit is like an office within the section (or branch). It is not easy to take our lingo and put it into the “private sector”, but you have a gift for it.

Again, the comments that I put in are just that, comments. Beside some more accurate information than I originally supplied, They are my thoughts. if you don’t think so, then so be it.

Thanks again Dan. I say again, excellent job.

Neil B.