April 6, 2017

Greg, this is excellent, thank you.

When I first read it there was no one home and it was quiet and I was talking to my self and I kept saying ‘Wow’.

I would like to pursue a Cover Letter as well now that I had held off on.

When I set this up with Jane I told her the resume first than a cover letter.

As directed. I added some changes that I think are minor or clarify a little more than I put in the worksheets. If you think it’s ok good if not I will go with your recommendation.

I do not see any other changes after this. I did forget a task I had not put on the worksheet as the Wet Process Engineering Manager that was key. You’ll see that added. I led a technical team to implement Laser Direct Imaging for our exposure processing and it eliminated the use of glass and film saving us millions of dollars per year. I can’t recall the exact amount but it was millions per year in glass, film and an entire photo lab that made the glass and film.

I’ll reply to Jane’s email to add the cover letter service for payment.


Tom L.