April 6, 2017


I am pleased to say that I have no requests or suggestions regarding the cover letter and LI profile.

Your instructions on how to use the profile at LI were correct and comprehensive, and I have used slightly modified versions of the cover letter (tailoring them to the position, as expected) twice.

Although I believe I know the answer, just to be sure, there are no protections on any of the documents, correct? Hence, I can perform my own modifications should I wish to do so.

Perhaps it is a question for Peter, but there was another item that I purchased, something to do with the formatting/file type in which the documents exist. The purpose was to prevent me from being stymied if uploads and/or copy and paste options weren’t allowed by the host. Know what I mean? If one of you could shed some light on this I would appreciate it.

Other than the above, I consider the process complete, and am pleased with the results.

Ken H.