April 6, 2017

Hi Peter, Jeanie,

I was wondering whether you got a chance to go thru the previous email sent to you and am assuming that you went thru the document thoroughly since I am confident that we have finally reached a point where I don’t foresee major changes except maybe minor changes if needed or recommend.

Frankly In my opinion the resume look great and honestly request your final opinion on the resume as you are the authority and specialized in this field and sure you have gone thru thousand of such resumes like mine.

Further there were many reason why I delayed the process of finalizing or preparing the resume since I wanted to be through or make sure and also this was the first time in my entire life/careers where I needed to prepare a resume or do so.

More so ever and as you are aware by now that I have always been self employed and have never needed to prepare such a document for reasons unknown but in fact do realize the importance of having one ,and was a great learning lesson and did open my eyes when you do write down all the achievements in your life /career.

Frankly it was about time and truly it’s outcome is unmeasurable and the fear and curiosity I have had for many years are finally coming together.

I do hope you understand my concern and would sincerely request you treat this as if the resume were for you.

Once again thank you for your help and waiting in anticipation

Sam M.