April 6, 2017

Peter, Dan,

Thanks for your help on this. I used this resume in a few of the job applications, and was quickly contacted by HDR Engineering. I interviewed with them on Friday, and accepted a job offer this morning.

I’ll have a 45 minute commute out to Ann Arbor every day, which isn’t super exciting, but I deemed it worth it for this job. All of the opportunities closer in to Detroit had responded that

I was overqualified for their available position. The exception to that was in the automotive sector, which I wanted to avoid altogether.

I start on January 30th as a Substation Project Engineer at HDR. As I already have some background in management and business, they’re planning to give me a small staff of engineers to oversee once I get up to speed on the work.

Thanks again, and I’ll let you know how the job goes once I start.


Josh B., PE